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10 Alternative Vehicles for Older Women

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Have you recently sold your car because you don’t want to drive anymore? Or maybe you want something to get around that isn’t a gas-guzzling car? Are you looking into other forms of transportation?

Alternative options to cars have come along in the last years and older adults are a huge demographic for this market. These vehicles typically are smaller than cars, don’t use fuel, and are an economic way to get around.

Let’s take a look at alternative forms of transportation specifically for older women.

What Are Alternative Vehicles?

There are various vehicles that aren’t cars and are excellent alternatives to get you around.


Electric bikes have become quite trendy, and many big cities all around the world have placed e-bike rental stations where you can rent a bike by the hour.


They have also become popular with the older population as e-bikes are easier to use than traditional bicycles and require less strength and physical effort. Many bike stores sell e-bikes now.

Electric Scooters

Another addition to city streets is electric scooter stations where people can hop on and off to get around town. These electric scooters have become an easy and affordable way to get where you need to.

electric scooters

More older women are turning to these little scooters to get around short distances. They do require balance and some physical fitness to operate.

Motor Scooters

Motor scooters have been around for quite some time, think the iconic Italian Vespas. They are mostly gas-powered, but the newer ones on the market are electric. They have higher speed capacities than e-bikes and e-scooters.

motor scooters

They are a great alternative to get around cities and also can be taken out on main roads.

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are not a new invention. In fact, they are practically a staple for senior citizens and those with mobility issues. They are typically designed and built with older adults in mind.

mobility scooters

Electric Tricycles

Tricycles are a safe and effective way to get around and with their three wheels tend to be steadier than bikes or scooters. They often have a basket or some space to carry items.

electric tricycles

Why Get an Alternative Vehicle?

Maybe you don’t like to drive anymore? Maybe you want to be more environmentally friendly? Maybe your needs have changed, and you don’t go very far anymore? Or maybe you want an alternative option along with your car.

There is a variety of reasons why you would want to purchase an alternative vehicle.

  • Safety
  • Economical
  • Environmental

What to Look for in an Alternative Vehicle

Evaluate your needs to determine what is best for you and for your lifestyle. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Speed – How fast do you want your alternative vehicle to go? Do you want to drive it on main roads or only in bike lanes?
  • Easy to get in and out – This is important especially if you have mobility issues.
  • Easy to drive and operate – Your new ride should not be complicated and have too many maneuvers or gears to operate.
  • Small size – The size will determine how easy it is to handle and store when not in use.
  • Low Weight – This is important if you will need to carry it inside when not in use.
  • Visibility – How easy is it to see when out and about? Is the vehicle visible to other drivers? Does it have lights, reflectors, or both?
  • Safety – How sturdy is the vehicle and what are the special safety features?

Alternative Vehicles for Senior Women

Here is a list of alternative vehicles on the market today that are perfect for women over 60.



The Evolts-O3 electric bike is specifically designed and built for seniors. It has all the safety features to make riding comfortable and easy. It has 3 speeds, and you can choose to go from 5km/hr to 20 km/hr. It has a large LED speedometer and a wide comfortable seat.

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JADE Comfort Cruiser from e_JOE

JADE Comfort Cruiser from e_JOE

The JADE Comfort Cruiser is loaded with top features that high-end electric bikes have. This e-bike is stylish and modern and offers best-in-class performance. You can reach a top speed of 25km/hr and 45km distance with this little machine.

NAKTO City Electric Bicycle CAMEL

NAKTO City Electric Bicycle CAMEL

The CAMEL 26″ NAKTO City Electric Bicycle for women comes in white or black and features a useful plastic basket at the front. This affordable e-bike is really attractive and hints at a vintage feel. We like it!

3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

This 3-wheel mobility scooter is stable and easy to navigate over smooth surfaces and up and down inclines of nine degrees or less. The swivel seat and contoured backrest are height adjustable and covered with a supple black vinyl for greater comfort and easy cleaning

Each scooter includes a sturdy front tiller basket, a high-intensity LED headlight and horn for added safety.

E-Wheels EW-36 3-Wheel Scooter

E-Wheels EW-36 3-Wheel Scooter

The E-Wheels EW-36 3-Wheel Scooter is designed for style and performance. It’s one of the fastest mobility scooters on the market today. It also features a deluxe seat and plenty of storage. We love that it looks like a traditional motor scooter. Ride in style!

EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

The EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter is the perfect blend of scooter and bike. It’s a great option for older adults who want the added option of a comfortable seat. It features wider and bigger tires than traditional kick scooters which gives it more stability.

EWheels EW-29 Electric Trike Scooter

EWheels EW-29 Electric Trike Scooter

The EWheels EW-29 Electric Trike Scooter can be operated as a regular trike by just pedaling, or as an electric trike with 100% electric power by just twisting the hand throttle. You can combine pedaling and electric power at the same time. This ride can reach speeds up to 15 mph and travel up to 20 miles on a single charge.

EW-29 electric trike scooter features a low step-thru steel frame for easy seating, a front storage basket and large rear storage basket. Features also include a LED front electric light, electric horn, electric battery indicator, forward/reverse switch and oversized seat with backrest.

Vanraam Maxi Comfort Tricycle

Vanraam Maxi Comfort Tricycle

The Maxi Comfort tricycle from Vanraam is easy to get on and off and ride. It has a lower center of gravity that makes this tricycle feel more comfortable than the conventional ones. The lower sitting position places lesser burden on your back, shoulders, neck and wrists.

It is offered with traditional pedals or with power assisted pedals. You choose!

Elettrica from Vespa

Elettrica from Vespa

Vespa is one of the leading Italian motor scooter brands in the industry. They have kept up with the trends and are offering a fully electric scooter. The Electtrica keeps the traditional and iconic Vespa look and adds the modern functions to get you around in style.



This motor scooter from Super SOCO is made for comfort and ease of riding. It’s one of the most advanced scooters out there and comes with all the latest and greatest features.

Do you own an alternative vehicle? Do you plan to buy an alternative vehicle? Which one is your favorite on our list? Do you have one to recommend? Tell us in the comments below.