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10 Best Juicers for Beginners – Healthy Life Start At This Point

Why is it important to eat fruits and vegetables daily? Well, the nutritional contributions they contain help us to keep in shape, and, above all, be healthy. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are excellent sources of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Juicing reduces cancer risks, boost the immune system, remove body toxins, help lose weight, and aid digestion. Does juicing appeal to you, but you’ve never used a juice extractor, also called a juicer machine, before? Then you need one of the best juicers for beginners presented in our comparison table and review.

We’ll help you find your ideal model, use it wisely, and get to know it more and more. The type, capacity, power, speed, materials, size, and warranty are essential criteria we used in cherry-picking these products. These features ensure the products are effective, healthy, and safe for making fruit juice. Read until the end to find out more!

Quick Summary
  • Editor’s Choice: Mueller Austria SD80A
    "Our winning centrifugal juicer features. 34 oz capacity. 1000W powerful motor. Exquisite design."
  • "Offering a high value for money. Easy to use. 27-ounce jug and a 50.7-ounce pulp collector. 3-inch feed chute."
  • "This is a traditional manual juicer. Budget-friendly. Transparent bowl. The grooves allow the pulp to be collected."
  • Best Certifications: AICOOK GS-336
    "This is a fast fruit blending machine with adjustable speed. ETL, FDA  certified. 13,000 to 21,000 RPM. Low noise level."
  • Best Masticating Juicer: AOBOSI AMR520
    "The model is a high-end slow-masticating cold-pressed juicer. Reverse function. Bonus brush. Safe for kids."
  • Best Pulp Collector: Hamilton Beach 67601A
    "This is a heavy-duty juice extractor. Large pulp collector. 800 W power. Affordable price."
  • Best Warranty: AMZCHEF ZM1501
    "Here’s a slow chewing juicer. Low-speed motor (150 watts) at 80 RPM. 7 spiral chewers. Lifetime warranty."
  • Best Basic Juicer: BLACK+DECKER CJ650W
    "This motorized machine comes with a full range of features. Self-reversing cone. Dual-purpose. Cord storage."
  • "There is rarely any fruit the Little Bees model cannot juice. Ideal for travelling. USB rechargeable. Available in 5 colors."
  • "It is a manual model which specializes on greens. Easy to clean device. Sturdy material. Compact and portable."

Top 10 Juicers for Beginners Review 2021


Mueller Austria SD80AEditor’s Choice

  • Type: centrifugal
  • Capacity: 34 oz jug, 68 oz pulp collector
  • Power: 1100W
  • Speed: 2 speeds, 12000 – 18000 RPM
  • Dimensions: 15.25 x 8 inches
  • Materials: BPA-free plastic, culinary grade stainless steel
  • Warranty: 2-year limited

More features: noise level below 60 dB, Italian made micro mesh filter, overload protection system, anti-drip function, 3-inch feed chute


Like we earlier mentioned, some of the necessary criteria to consider when choosing juicers for beginners are capacity, power, speed, materials, size, and warranty. Thankfully, the Mueller Austria SD80A meets all these conditions, earning the top spot in our review, and the choice of the editor.

What are our favorite features? To extract juices from fruits and vegetables, Mueller offers you a large 34 oz capacity centrifugal juicer. At first glance, this device attracts users with its very elegant design in stainless steel. It incorporates a power of 1100 watts, more robust than some large centrifuges. In just a few seconds, you can have a delicious cup of juice ready.

Also, it is a very versatile two-speed device. The first speed, ranging from 12,000 to 15,000 rpm, allows the pressing of sweet fruits. And the second speed, which goes from 15,000 to 18,000 rpm, is ideally for harder fruits and vegetables. Regarding maintenance, most of its components are easy to clean.

Moreover, its cutting disc is made of stainless steel and is surrounded by a micro-mesh filter. And apart from its very wide feeding channel, it incorporates a safety locking arm. Also, it is equipped with a protection mechanism against overloads. Its anti-drip function prevents spills.

What could be better? We feel the device could be better if it came in a more compact design. At a weight of 0.9 kg, it is very lightweight. But it is less compact than some centrifugal juicers. However, its dimension of 15.25 x 8 inches makes it bigger and may not be very space-saving, especially while planning to take it on a trip.

  • Type: centrifugal
  • Capacity: 27 oz jug, 50.7 oz liter pulp collector
  • Power: 700W
  • Speed: 1 speed, 14000 RPM
  • Dimensions: 10.4 x 7.4 x 12.7 inches
  • Materials: BPA-free components, 304 stainless steel, titanium cutting disc
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: custom cleaning brush included, extra-large 3 inches centered feed tube, safety locking arm, dishwasher-safe parts

Breville is a renowned household appliance brand. Its BJE200XL juicer makes it easy to prepare fruit and vegetable juices. You just have to choose the right ingredients and place them in the large neck.

Why is it special? Offering a high value for money, with the Breville juicer, you will have delicious drinks in just a few seconds. Easy to use and convenient, this compact, yet large, juicer has a 27-ounce jug and a 50.7-ounce pulp collector. A functional and robust, the device offers all the power and efficiency expected of a juice extractor. Its 700-watt motor operates the filter basket. This allows the juice to be extracted efficiently. Besides, the body is made of stainless steel, and the cutting disc is made of quality titanium. It is therefore perfect for fruits and vegetables, but also ideal for nuts.

The compact Breville juicer is an efficient and practical device, ensuring optimal extraction. We like the fact that the materials are free of BPA, includes a custom cleaning brush, and the parts are dishwasher-safe.

What are the flaws? Admittedly, the juicer is compact. This leaves us wondering why it’s ending up with a weight of 9.68 pounds (4.4kg), that’s almost five times the weight of the first model. This weight difference will considerably add up to the shipping fee.


Drizom Citrus Lemon Orange JuicerBudget Pick

  • Type: manual
  • Capacity: 12 oz
  • Power:
  • Speed:
  • Dimensions: 5.65 x 5.18 inches
  • Materials: BPA-free components, silicone, stainless steel
  • Warranty: 100% money-back warranty

More features: flip-top design, 4-in-1 model, garlic grater included, dishwasher safe, anti-slip base


The Drizom Citrus Lemon Orange Juicer is a simple, manual model that comes at a very low price. It may not have the same characteristics as high-tech models, but it provides maximum convenience.

What we liked: The Drizom is a traditional manual juicer with a colored groove press and a transparent bowl to receive the juice. The grooves allow the pulp to be collected without mixing it with the juice.

This very colorful little juicer will allow you to squeeze up to 0.4 liters of fresh citrus juice. Its transparent bowl will allow you to see how much juice you got with the fruit you had on hand. One of its advantages is the fact that the pulp and the juice are separated, thanks to the grooves. This way, you will have the choice to drink your juice without pulp. To savor the pulp, you only have to mix the two. Since you will have to press down on your orange to extract the juice, the juicer has a non-slip grip. This will prevent your bowl from moving and splashing on you.

This manual rotary citrus juicer will be perfect for those who want a simple object that will not clutter up their kitchen with a long lever.

The cone has a very specific shape that allows it to extract the juice from your citrus fruits with formidable efficiency. The bowl below has a large 12-ounce capacity. It’s lightweight, thanks to its plastic construction. The ABS material is guaranteed free from BPA. It has a spout each on opposite ends. We also like the fact that it has a built-in measuring cup.

What is not ideal about it? The Drizom model is not a multipurpose product. We can’t really call it a general fruit juicer per se. It can only juice citrus fruits. However, it has a ginger greater, and you can use it to separate an egg yolk.


AICOOK GS-336Best Certifications

  • Type: centrifugal
  • Capacity: 37.1 oz jug, 67.6 oz pulp collector
  • Power: 400W
  • Speed: 2 speeds, 13000-21000 RPM
  • Dimensions: 11.57 x 7.95 x 12.28 inches
  • Materials: BPA-free components, 304 stainless steel
  • Warranty: 2-year limited

More features: under 60 dB noise level, non-slip rubber feet, ETL, FDA certifications


We consider the Aicok slow –chewing juicer a quality juicer for beginners. This is thanks to its low noise level, stable and non-slip feet, etc. These features make it possible to prepare fresh and delicious fruit juices easily. It also has a sufficiently large feed chute.

What we liked: This is a fast fruit-blending machine with adjustable speed. It is equipped with a very powerful motor that can complete 13,000 to 21,000 rotations per minute. This helps it to extract juice from fruits and vegetables at record time while also minimizing the risks of oxidation.

In terms of sound resonance, this centrifugal device is equipped with a mechanism, which greatly reduces noise and vibrations. It produces below 60 decibels of noise. This makes it quieter than any other juice extractor. But that’s not all; it’s also easy to assemble and clean. It’s equipped with a direction control command. This function allows the direction of movement to be controlled, thus preventing clogging.

Safe to use, it has the certifications of top industry regulators and standards organizations. It is FDA and ETL-certified.

What negatives must you be aware of? The machine can throw the pulps around the machine. This makes it a bit messier during use, although it is easy to clean. Still, you would have to unplug the machine, disassemble all the 6 parts, and let them rinse in water.


AOBOSI AMR520Best Masticating Juicer

  • Type: masticating
  • Capacity: 32 oz
  • Power: 150W
  • Speed: 1 speed, 80 RPM
  • Dimensions: 14.4 x 11.7 x 11 inches
  • Materials: BPA-free TRITAN food-grade components, 304 stainless steel
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: bonus brush, safe for kids, less than 60 dB noise level, smallmouth design

In the AOBOSI AMR520, we have a masticating type of juicer. That is, it chews food, rather than grind. This model is safe for kids and is notably silent. Find out more about it!

What stands out? The model is a high-end slow masticating cold-pressed blender. The Aobosi Cold Press blender comes with a juice extractor with a reverse function that extracts the juice while maintaining its pure color and flavor. Thanks to its design, it doesn’t splash or spill. Hence, you can take advantage of all the content of the fruit.

Besides, the pulp does not bind with the juice, and it has very little foam, making it a producer of high-quality juice. You can get up to 20% more juice with it. Maintaining it is simple. You can clean it by easily disassembling it for cleaning in water.

It rotates at 80 RPM and has a safety lock. The Reverse function helps to avoid device blockages and facilitate cleaning. It’s made of antioxidant materials (BPA-free) that can be washed by hand or machine.

What cons did we manage to find? At 80 RPM, the Aobosi model is a slow juicer, no thanks to its 150 watts motor. However, this turns an advantage in the noise level, which is considerably lower than other models. Also, this speed is considered very high for a masticating juicer.


Hamilton Beach 67601ABest Pulp Collector

  • Type: centrifugal
  • Capacity:
  • Power: 800W
  • Speed: 1 speed
  • Dimensions: 14.4 x 11.5 x 7.8 inches
  • Materials: BPA-free components, 304 stainless steel
  • Warranty: 3-year limited

More features: 3-inch feeder chute, extra-large pulp collector, removable parts dishwasher safe


Hamilton Beach offers a very functional juice extractor to its customers with its 67601A model. The goal of the manufacturer is to make the preparation of juice more accessible to everyone. And this is what the juicer offers.

What makes it special? Let’s start with its lifespan. The Hamilton Beach 67601A is a heavy-duty juice extractor with the best pulp collector in this review.  Despite its somewhat classic design that lacks aesthetic appearance. In terms of performance, it incorporates a power of 800 Watts. This is largely sufficient to extract juice from fruits and vegetables.

Also, in addition to its extra-large pulp collector, it has a wide feeder chute. This can accommodate ingredients with a width of 3 inches. However, to avoid intensive use, it is advisable to pre-cut food. Also, note that most of its components are dishwasher safe.

What cons did we find? The juicer has it all in terms of motor power, material quality, warranty, and the internal components. However, it lacks aesthetic appeal. So, it’s not the best product if you want something to add elegance and beautify your counter space and entire kitchen decor.


AMZCHEF ZM1501 Best Warranty

  • Type: masticating
  • Capacity: 23.6 oz
  • Power: 150W
  • Speed: 1 speed, 80 RPM
  • Dimensions: 14.57 x 7.32 x 11.42 inches
  • Materials: BPA-free components, stainless steel
  • Warranty: lifetime

More features: available in 2 colors, less than 60 dB noise level, one-button disassemble, 7 segment spiral masticating system, intelligent protection chips


Would you like to enjoy a healthy juice drink every day while effectively preserving the nutrients, colors, and flavors of the ingredients? Then, the Amzchef ZM1501 cold press blender is the best choice for you!

What are its best features? This pressurized juice extractor has a modern, compact design and has one of the best values for money. It has a feature that helps it minimize the effects of oxygen and heat.

The Amzchef ZM1501 is a slow chewing juicer that features a low-speed motor (150 watts) at 80 RPM. It has 7 spiral chewers to obtain the maximum juice performance, and minimal oxidation, while reserving all the nutrients, minerals and enzymes.

Also, it has a security lock design. In a matter of minutes, and effortlessly, you can have it disassembled and assembled by pressing a button. So you can make your juice daily without worrying about cleaning. It is very easy to clean, thanks to an included cleaning brush. Also, the pieces are dishwasher safe. It has a reverse function to avoid getting stuck.

Its weight is less in relation to other models, and it has a very ergonomic and compact design. Also, its operation is super silent. It has a motor that emits less than 60 decibels. Regarding the capacity, it includes a 700 ml glass for the juice and a sizeable 1-liter container for the pulp.

What could be improved? The feeding channel could be a bit larger. However, it is somewhat small, and in some cases, you will have to cut the food beforehand. Meanwhile, this small channel ensures it does not take up so much space in the kitchen.


BLACK+DECKER CJ650WBest Basic Juicer

  • Type: motorized
  • Capacity: 32 oz
  • Power: 30W
  • Speed: 1 speed
  • Dimensions: 9.3 x 7.7 inches
  • Materials: BPA-free plastic
  • Warranty: 2-year limited

More features: dual-purpose, self-reversing cone, cord storage, dishwasher safe


Black & Decker is an American brand that meets the needs of consumers by offering them good-quality household appliances. It has a good reputation in terms of quality, value, and creativity, as can be seen in the transparent BLACK+DECKER CJ650W juicer.

What are its best features? With this model, the brand tries to seduce us with an ultra-practical fruit and vegetable juice extractor. This motorized machine comes with a full range of features, such as the self-reversing cone. Its 30-watt motor extracts juice from a wide of vegetables and fruits. It is also equipped with an on/off button to operate efficiently.

The machine has a comfortable handle and pour-spout with a drip-free design. This makes the device usable as a pitcher. Also, its plastic design makes it easy to clean while ensuring optimal durability.

What could be improved? The bowl design could have been better if it incorporates a pulp collector. Also, it doesn’t have a speed controller. So you cannot adjust its power according to your needs.


Little Bees USB Electric Safety Juicer CupBest for Travelling

  • Type: motorized
  • Capacity: 14.3 oz
  • Power: not specified
  • Speed: 1 speed
  • Dimensions: 10 x 3.2 inches
  • Materials: BPA-free plastic, stainless steel
  • Warranty: 1-month limited

More features: portable, USB rechargeable, available in 5 colors


The Little Bees Juicer has the look of a water bottle, but it’s way more functional than it looks. The portable motorized juicer is available in 5 colors. It is battery-powered and USB rechargeable.

What makes it stand out? There is rarely any fruit it cannot juice, provided you can cut them down to size. A multifunctional device, you can use it as a baby food container, juice maker, smoothie bowl, powder mixer, and a teacup.

It has a safety setting that will prevent the device from spinning, except the base and cylindrical cup are correctly installed. It looks like a small-capacity juicer, but the cylinder can hold juice up to 14.3-ounce capacity. It can make juice for two to three cups. The juicer has a set of 6 durable and sharp blades and has a one-touch operation, which makes it very simple to use. Equipped with a high-speed motor, it finishes juicing in 20 seconds. Finally, it features a USB rechargeable 2000 mAh battery that can do 20 rounds of juicing.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? It could have been better if this product came with its charging accessories. It’s rechargeable, but the package doesn’t include a charging cable.


The Original Healthy Juicer Lexen GP27Best for Greens

  • Type: manual
  • Capacity: not specified
  • Power:
  • Speed:
  • Dimensions: 7 x 5.5 x 12.5 inches
  • Materials: BPA-free components, polycarbonate, stainless steel
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: easy cleaning, great for everything leafy and greens, portable

The Lexen GP27 is different in mechanism to most of the rest of the products in this review. It is a manual model that turns vegetables and fruits into juice with the drives of the metal hand crank. With this, getting a juicer doesn’t cost more than a few tens of dollars.

Why did it make our list? Thanks to the long handle, the Lexen Juicer Manual Healthy Juicer helps to grind even the hardest vegetables like raw red carrots. You will just have to use more of your strength to put pressure on the vegetables. And when they get stuck, move the crank in the other direction to get everything through.

With this extracting device, you can prepare all your fruit, vegetable, and grass juice. For flawless stability on the worktop, it has two fixing systems and operates with a power of 240 volts. It is easy to clean and easy to assemble. You can juice with this device even if you don’t have enough time. In just a few minutes, you can manage to make tasty fresh juice that can give you pep throughout the day.

What could be better: The product comes at a relatively high price for a manual juicer. Most manual juicers cost well under $50, but you’d have to pay more for the Lexen GP27. It costs three times the price of the BLACK+DECKER 32oz Citrus, an electric model.

Things to Consider

Choosing a good juicer for beginners is not easy. However, if you follow our guide well, you can get by quickly. We will guide you using various purchasing criteria that you will take into account. This section mainly includes the features to consider to buy the best juicer for beginners. Being a juicer for starters, we’ll also offer useful information on how to use and clean it, and how to replace missing parts, in our frequently asked question section.

Juicers for beginners vs. juicers for pros

The significant difference in juicers for beginners and juicers for pros is the sophistication of the features and the ease of use. A juicer will be easy to use if it has a one-touch operating button and parts which can be easily removable for cleaning. Manually operated juice extractors are also recommended for beginners. You only need to cut the fruits to size and use the provided crank lever. Some other models, like the Drizom Citrus Lemon Orange Juicer, doesn’t even require the use of a lever. You just have to cut the citrus fruits into two, open the flip top, close, and then press it down for the juice to extract. For the lovers of electric appliances, slow masticating juicers like the AOBOSI AMR520 and the AMZCHEF ZM1501 are also easy to use. They also help you learn how to operate juicers in general.

Features to consider before you buy a juicer for beginners

For this part, we will limit ourselves to the essential points to be able to meet the expectations of a large number of consumers. Without further ado, let’s find out the essentials to consider before purchasing an easy-to-use juice extractor.

Planned use

Each type of vegetable or fruit is different (soft, hard, dry, herbs, etc.). You have to be clear about what type of fruits, vegetables, and foods you are going to use your device to blend the most. In the end, you have to choose it based on the planned use to guarantee satisfaction in the purchase.

Are you a lover of everything citrus? There are models with a groove press, and a design specially made for citrus fruits. An example is the Drizom Citrus Lemon Orange Juicer. And if you want a model that can blend and juice various types of fruits and foods, choose a centrifugal model with a powerful motor. An excellent option to consider is the Mueller Austria SD80A. With a 1100 watts motor, it can juice at the rate of 21,000 rpm.

The power required for hard fruits like carrots or nuts is not the same as extracting juice from watery citrus fruits.


For you to quickly distinguish the types that exist, there are three broad categories of juice extractors.

  • The traditional juicers

This is perhaps the most recognized juice extractor ever. They are perfect for extracting citrus juice such as oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapes, etc. The principle of their operation is elementary. You only have to cut the citrus in half and press it in the juicer. Today there is a wide range of models that ranges from the most classic (manual juicers) to the most comfortable (electric juicers).


  1. They are inexpensive
  2. Some do not require electricity or consume little
  3. Easy to clean and use juicer
  4. Preserves the quality of the juice


  1. Manual effort (in some)
  2. Limited in capacity
  3. Limited in variety of fruit
  • Centrifugal juicers

You have to differentiate between a centrifugal juicer and a regular blender. Centrifuges are considered juice extractors since they separate the pulp from the juice. Standard blenders, like mixers and grinders, mix everything inside. This is the most common and sold type of extractor due to its speed and ease of use.

On the mode of operation, it cuts fruits into small pieces, and simultaneously, a cylindrical grater spins in a centrifugal manner. It performs the task of separating the juice from the pulp at high speed. It generally runs at speed ranging from 3,000 rpm to more than 20,000 rpm.

Typically, it retains the pulp, and the juice falls into a separate tank ready for removal. Some models have the function of automatically ejecting the pulp when it reaches its maximum capacity. This saves a lot of time by not having to stop and remove the accumulated pulp. Generally, if it does not incorporate this function, you have to stop after every two glasses of juice approximately to empty the pulp and then continue.

We have four centrifugal types of juicers in our review of the most recommended juicers for beginners. Among these are the Mueller Austria SD80A and the Breville BJE200XL. If you are looking for a quick and easy-to-use juice extractor. Any of these is your model.


  1. There is a wide variety to choose from.
  2. They are less expensive than cold pressing, perfect for getting started.
  3. Simple to use
  4. Quick use even with hard foods (carrots, apples, etc.)
  5. Some can juice whole fruits.


  1. They can be somewhat noisy.
  2. Not very effective on leafy foods.
  3. Oxidation and reduction of enzymes due to the speed that the motor reaches.
  • Cold press juicers

They are known as “cold juice extractors.” They stand out for the way they process food and the minimal loss of nutrients and flavor when extracting juices. By not having any parts that rotate quickly, it does not create any heat that causes any type of nutrient to evaporate or oxidize. This is the huge difference between a cold pressure juicer and a centrifuge. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about it. Centrifuges have a process of blades rotating at high speed that produces greater oxidation of the fruit and vegetables. After that, it has a second phase that consists of the separation of the juice and the pulp. That is why a blended juice is obtained but of much less quality and flavor than that obtained with a cold press juice extractor.

Cold press juicers are divided into 2 main types:

a) Single-gear or masticating juicers: These are single-gear pullers. They are called so because they chew fruits and vegetables with a serrated screw that rotates on an axis and grinds food. Approximately, it has a speed between 40 and 160rpm. In this way, the juice is extracted, preserving all the nutrients and enzymes. This ensures the juice has an incredible flavor, setting aside the dry pulp. A good example is the AMZCHEF ZM1501.


  1. Versatile, with the ability to extract the juice from all kinds of fruits, vegetables, herbs
  2. It preserves all vitamins and enzymes.
  3. More juice than a centrifugal extractor
  4. Less foam than a centrifugal extractor
  5. Juice is less perishable


  1. They are heavier.
  2. Slower process
  3. They are more expensive than centrifuges

b) Dual-gear juicers: These are also called “tritutaring juicers” and cataloged within cold pressure extractors. This type acts in a slightly different way than single shaft machines. They are mainly designed to get the juice out of all kinds of herbs, grains, juices, vegetables, leafy greens, etc. That is, they are for those who aspire the maximum versatility. They operate much slower than centrifugal juicers. Just like single-gear juicers, they retain all the nutrients and enzymes. But the juice is more concentrated by putting more pressure on the food due to the two screws that rotate on parallel axes. This is because they trap less air in the juice. The juices can be kept refrigerated for up to 48-72 hours with hardly any loss of vitamins or properties. If you seek the highest quality in your juices without taking into account the cost and processing time, this is the juice extractor you need.


  1. The most versatile (used for fruits, vegetables, wheat herbs, and grains)
  2. It preserves all vitamins and enzymes.
  3. More juice than any other.
  4. They are used to make pasta, purees
  5. Long-lasting and less perishable juices.
  6. Silent.


  1. They are heavier.
  2. Slow processing.
  3. More difficult to clean.
  4. They are usually the most expensive.


When we talk about capacity, we are talking about the size of the juicer itself as well as that of the container where the pulp is poured.

The higher the capacity, the better. However, note that this will determine how compact or bulky the device can be. It’s better if the extractor has enough capacity to add the ingredients and mix them at the same time as they are extracted. This way, the mixture will be much more homogeneous than if you have to empty each juice of each ingredient that you add.
If you want a balance (compact, yet large enough), you can choose one with a 34 oz jug capacity and a 68 oz pulp collector. You can find this capacity in the Mueller Austria SD80A.


For machines that run on electric current, the power of the motor is an essential criterion to take into account. Therefore, be aware that the power of such a device can vary between 40 and 160 watts for masticating juicers. This range will provide optimal juice extraction in a fast and easy manner. Centrifuges require more power. Between 800 to 1500 watts, you’ll have an efficient model with high rotations per minute.

The power provided by the lever is important in manual models. Metal and heavy-duty cranks will provide efficient operation.

The important thing is to choose a more or less powerful juicer depending on the use you want to make of it. If you only plan to use it occasionally, 60 watts of power will be sufficient. On the other hand, do you plan to deploy it for intensive use, to prepare fruit juices for the whole family every morning? It is better to opt for a slow chewing electric juicer of 120 watts to avoid the motor overheating. For commercial uses, choose models with more than 1000 watts.

The cone

Most juicers have the cone that allows the fruit to be positioned appropriately once it is split in half. However, the number of this cone that can differentiate some models from others. Indeed, the purchase of an electric double-cone citrus juicer can be more advantageous if you want to extract a large quantity of juice at one time. It is much faster and more efficient, especially when there are several people in a house. And in addition to the speed side, the presence of several interchangeable cones on a single device can also mean that it can squeeze fruits of different sizes. Small, medium and large cones will allow you to squeeze lemons, oranges and grapefruits easily.


Ironically, high speed isn’t always a good criterion to use for all juicing machines. The exceptional quality of cold-pressed or slow-chewing extractors must be taken into account. That is, for these models, the slower it is, the better. Why? Well, this is because, at higher speed, there’ll be greater friction, greater heat generated in contact with food, and greater oxidation. Hence, manufacturers are continually striving to reduce rotational speeds as much as possible. In the first generation of models, they rarely went above 65rpm. In the second generation, they managed to decrease to 40 rpm. Technology continues to advance for health as far as the masticating models are concerned.

However, if you’re not worried about the oxidation risks and want the juice extracted faster, choose centrifugal models. These can offer speed as high as 20,000 revolutions per minute, as for example the AICOOK GS-336 does. These are, however, recommended for use if the extracted juice will be consumed immediately. This is because their extracted juice are more perishable.


Remember that buying a juice extractor means having one more appliance in the kitchen. And before purchasing it, we recommend that you think about where you are going to put it and what approximate dimensions it occupies. This is essential so that it does not become bulky later. A vertical one is not the same as a horizontal one, and one that is 45 cm high is not the same as 35 cm. Some juicers like the Little Bees USB Electric Safety Juicer Cup have very compact dimensions that they can be taken out on a trip. However, are you going to place the juicer on your kitchen counter permanently, want more functionality, and have enough space? Then the dimensions shouldn’t be a problem for you.


From an aesthetic and qualitative point of view, check out the materials of the proposed juice extractor. In today’s market, you can choose between steel or plastic. The first option is more resistant. It is particularly suitable for daily and intensive use. For occasional use, you can limit yourself to a plastic model. Whichever model you choose, ensure you stay away from BPA-containing materials.


Logically, a juice extractor has to come with a warranty. However, in order not to have a disappointing purchase, be sure to check this information carefully. It will show you, in particular, the reliability of your model. In terms of warranty coverage, the Hamilton Beach 67601A is the best as it is covered for 3 years. The BLACK+DECKER CJ650W Juice Extractor has a 2-year warranty. Ditto for the AICOOK GS-336, like many other machines, by the way.

How to use a juicer

Using an electric juicer remains very simple. Pick a place where it won’t be bothered by other devices and not too far from an outlet, either. Then check that it is correctly plugged into the power outlet. Clean your fruits, then cut them in half crosswise for more efficient extraction.

Place half of an orange or lemon on the cone, and replace the lever or the lid of the device. Turn it on, and be sure to squeeze the lever or the fruit to get as much juice as possible.

Do not forget to place a glass under the spout if it is not a model with a collection reservoir.
When you are done, stop the extractor and unplug it.


We recommend a slow masticating juicer if you want one that can be used by kids. AOBOSI AMR520 is one of the safest for kids. It has a compact and small mouth design. It chews food, rather than grind. It is also notably silent.

Clean your juicer after each use to make fresh and healthy fruit juices the next time you use it. To do this, you just have to take it apart, rinse it with lukewarm water, and then put the compatible parts in the dishwasher. As for the fine-mesh sieve, use a spatula to remove the pulp and then wash it with mild dish soap. Be careful not to soak the motor unit in water, just a wipe of a damp cloth or sponge is enough to clean it.

Yes, it’s easy finding replacement parts. Most juicers come with removable parts for the sake of maintainability. However, these parts can be missing or broken during use and cleaning. It doesn’t mean you have to set them aside and shop for another machine. You can get replacement parts by contacting the manufacturer. Alternatively, replacement parts such as filters, cleaning brushes, the fin blades, bowls, motors, bottom pans, etc., can be found on Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot.

No, they are not! For those who are not familiar with the juice-at-home possibilities, it is easy to confuse certain concepts and think that a juice extractor and a blender/mixer are the same. But it is not like that, and now we will see. To briefly differentiate, a juice extractor (juicer) separates the juice extracted from the pulp. By contrast,  some types of blenders and mixers puree everything you put inside, including juice with pulp into a whole food. Therefore, we can see that they are different devices for different purposes.

Our Verdict

Why keep spending heavily on fruit juices loaded with harmful preservatives? With little investment, you can make fresh and healthy juice in the comfort of your home and for the whole family whenever you want. Juicers make it possible to extract the juice from fruits, vegetables, and herbs. But you have to avoid the complex models if it’s your first time using one. We have just introduced you to ten easy-to-use models. In the review and guide, we have listed their main characteristics, what we like about them, and their downsides.

We recommend that you invest in a machine that is both easy to use and economical. The best for these types of users is the Mueller Austria SD80A. The Editor’s Choice, Mueller offers you a large 34 oz capacity centrifugal juicer. We like it because it can juice fruits and vegetables. It is a powerful 1100 watts motor that makes up to 21,000 rpm.

The Breville BJE200XL wins our Best Value nomination for its high value for money. With the Breville juicer, you will have delicious drinks in just a few seconds. Easy to use, this compact, yet large, juicer has a 27-ounce jug and a 50.7-ounce pulp collector. It’s one of the best juicers for beginners on the market.

Finally, we recommend our Budget Pick, the Drizom Juicer, for those who want a low-cost but high-quality model. The manual juicer has a colored groove press for citrus fruits. This allows the pulp to be collected without mixing it with the juice.

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