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10 Ideas to Maximize Storage in the Bedroom

10 Ideas to Maximize Storage in the Bedroom

Finding places to store your clothing and personal items in your bedroom is essential or you will have a cluttered and messy room that is not good for relaxation or sleep. This is often tricky, especially if you have lots of clothes and personal things or if there is limited space available in your bedroom. However, there are lots of ways you can create extra storage, even in a smaller room, if you get creative and use the space available effectively. Here are 10 ideas to maximize storage in your bedroom.

1. Customized In-Built Storage

Although customized built-in storage is the most expensive solution, it is probably the best storage solution for your bedroom. If you want something that looks amazing and you have the budget available, then Real Homes says that they are worth the investment. They are designed to perfectly fit your room, suit your design preferences, and meet all your storage needs. Every last inch of space is utilized in a custom-built design, and they will leave your room free of clutter.

2. Bedroom Recess Storage

If your room is an irregular shape and has recessed areas, such as at the sides of a chimney breast, then you can use this space for storage. You can either find a piece of furniture that fits into the space perfectly, add shelving all the way up the recess, or use a combination of both. Another option is the add a clothes rail into the recess and fits the recess with a curtain or door. Not only is using the recesses and effective storage solution, but it can also become a design feature of your bedroom.

3. Bed Storage

The space underneath a bed is often wasted space that you can easily use for storage. Many beds come with under-the-bed storage included, such as fitted drawers. If your bed is only a frame with no fitted drawers, there are still solutions to using the space underneath for storage. You can buy drawers designed for sliding underneath your bed, or you can use shallow storage boxes. Some beds come with storage built into the headboard, which is a good option if you have smaller items to store. As these headboards are wider than regular headboards, you can also use the upper ledge as a shelf.

4. Shelving Options

Adding some shelving will create extra storage and you can also use the shelves as a visual feature of the room by carefully selecting what is displayed on them. You can use shelving for everything from folded clothing to books, and from toiletries to accessories.

5. Vertical Storage

When floor space is limited and there is no room to add extra pieces of furniture, it makes sense to think about using the vertical space. Choose furniture that has a small footprint but is tall. Similarly, use the wall space above pieces of furniture by adding shelving or wall-mounted cupboards.

6. Over-the-Door Solutions

Elbow Room by Make Space has some excellent ideas for storage in the bedroom, including using your bedroom door. There are several options available for over-the-door storage. A simple over-the-door coat rack will give you somewhere to hang your coats, jackets, and dressing gowns. You can also buy over-the-door storage systems that have multiple pockets for storing smaller items. Another idea is to hang your laundry basket on the back of the door to free up another area that you can use for storage or to create more floor space.

7. Utilizing Unused Space

Sometimes, the storage space is already in place, but it is left completely wasted. For example, if you have a full-length wardrobe in your bedroom, there is possibly a lot of free space below the nagging rail If you have some longer items, you can put these all to one end so that there is space at the bottom for at least one half of the wardrobe. You can then use this space to store things like shoes or handbags. It is even possible in some wardrobes to add a two-shelf shoe rack for a double layer of shoe storage.

8. Stackable Storage Boxes

One of the simplest and cheapest solutions for maximizing storage in your bedroom is to use stackable storage boxes. They are also great if you only need temporary storage. These are available in a range of sizes and colors. You can stack these against a wall in your bedroom as though they are a piece of furniture. If you prefer to have the storage boxes out of sight, you can also use them for storage under your bed, on top of a set of drawers, or in the base of your wardrobe or closet.

9. Radiator Racks and Shelves

Another nifty idea is to use your radiators as a storage solution. As you should not put furniture in front of a radiator because the furniture will not fit against the wall and the heat will get blocked, you can add a shelf above it instead. There are also some great products that are similar to over-the-door storage ideas that you can hang from your radiator for additional storage.

10. Declutter and Organize

Apartment Therapy says that sometimes there is no need to find extra storage as it is simply a case of decluttering and organizing the storage better. The first step is to have a good clear out and get rid of anything that you do not need or use. Next, look at each of the storage spaces in your bedroom. Think about whether you are using them in such a way that you are making the most of the space available. Sometimes, it is simply a case of switching items from one storage space to another and folding or stacking items in a different way. It can take a little experimentation to find the best way to organize your storage spaces, but it can make a big difference.

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