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15 Winter Decoration Ideas for After Christmas

Christmas has passed. After Christmas is over, and you’re left with a cluttered house. There’s no need to worry about that anymore! Might some Christmas decorations doesn’t need anymore. You can transform your home decorations with winter themes. Using winter decoration ideas can be used to spruce up your space and make it feel warm and cozy. The first thing you need to consider is try to eliminate the decorations and ornaments that identical to the Christmas themes. Such as get rid of the red colors, make it as clean, minimalist, and natural as possible. Adding a few pieces of winter decor will soften the entire room, and will make you feel cozy and peaceful. You can decorate small and large areas with a wide variety of items, including candles and natural elements. Let your Christmas tree decoration as natural as possible. Other ideas for post-Christmas decor include a snowy wall-art, a blanket, and a small evergreen tree. Using gold or silver ornaments on mantels also can be your options instead of the typical Christmas colors. Winter decoration is a cozy and warm decorations. You can replace the festive Christmas euphoria with these warm and cozy decorations. These following winter decoration ideas for after Christmas are sure to make your home look cozy and serene.

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To decorate the walls and tables in winter, you can use a snowflake painting that can be applied to the framed wood. Other ornaments that can be used are pinecones, small greenery wreath and DIY Christmas trees made of ice cream sticks. All these ornaments can be arranged neatly according to your wishes. Get all these ornaments at the nearest craft store at a fairly cheap price. You can also get greenery in your backyard garden without having to buy it. Use winter ornaments from homebnc.


Don’t let your banister decoration appear plain and boring after Christmas is over. Now you can try to decorate it with an evergreen garland that can be perfected with pinecones ornaments and ribbons that have neutral colors such as brown and beige. You can make this garland yourself to save more expenses. Attach and apply this garland using a rope that is sturdy enough so that it doesn’t come off easily. You can add rosemary leaves to this garland, just use some of the ingredients in your backyard garden without having to buy it. Banister decoration from homebnc.


Avoid bold colors after Christmas is over. For example, now you can decorate and use open shelves with a winter theme dominated by white splashes. This wooden shelf can be filled with evergreens, candle lanterns and several candle holders that have different shapes and sizes. This candle accent can provide a little warmth into the room, besides that it can also be used as a lighting idea that gives a dramatic impression. The small wreath that is hung in the shelf area is an additional decoration that can be used. Finish off this open shelf décor with a distressed iron Snow sign for a vintage look that never goes out of style. Open shelves with winter theme from homebnc.


If you have a black fireplace design then it’s a good idea to decorate it with a pom-pom garland and some thick knitted socks. Hang socks on the outside of the fireplace as a decoration that is quite popular this winter. For the color of this ornament or decoration, you can use white so that it looks quite a contrast to your fireplace design. The combination of black and white in the same area brings a monochromatic style that never goes out of style. In addition to being the focal point of the room, this fireplace will also help warm the room temperature of your home. Winter fireplace decoration from homebnc.


White knitted socks are a smart choice that can be used as decoration for a winter fireplace mantel. Not only socks, but you can combine them with pine needles and several candle pillars of different sizes. Everything on this mantel will work well together when made the main sight in your living room décor. This living room which is dominated by white color emphasizes the theme of the winter living room after Christmas is over. You can imitate this living room decor right now. Combination of socks and candle pillars mantel from homebnc.


Also pay attention to the decoration of your entrance, to emphasize the winter theme, you can add two rattan wicker baskets under the table to serve as a pillow storage area. Some other decorations that you can use are pallet signs and pine needles which are quite large in size. This palette sign has a neutral color, namely white, therefore for the writing you can use black paint so that it can be seen more clearly and in contrast. Everything on this table can be arranged neatly. You can use wooden floors and tables to give the room a warm feel in winter. Entrance decoration on budget from homebnc.


Thick knitted blankets are really needed in your living room area to accompany your rest or relax time in winter. Apply this blanket over the chair along with a throw pillow and some winter ornaments around it. Christmas tree corners, miniature houses and evergreen wreaths are the right decoration ideas and you can use them right now. The white nuance in this room emphasizes the winter theme which seems neutral and bright. Place two basketball baskets in your sitting area as a storage container for pillows and evergreens to make them more organized. Knitted blanket over the chair from curatedinterior.


The entrance decoration which is dominated by white color can be perfected with the use of candle lanterns which are applied on both sides of the reclaimed wooden bench. This candle lantern can be used as a heating accent as well as a dim lighting idea that gives a dramatic feel to the room. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also use a little floor area to put a Christmas tree greenery which is sprinkled with white powder which can be used as a faux snow accent. Cover the wooden floor with shabby rugs as a warmer footed and make the entryway decorations more elegant. Decoration winter entrances from curatedinterior.


Avoid using red after Christmas ends this winter. Now you can use a combination of black and white to dominate your kitchen, apply this color combination to the kitchen island countertop decoration. This tiered wooden tray filled with various winter ornaments such as snowflakes, mini Christmas trees, and a little evergreen can be used as a centerpiece design which is quite popular this year. Furthermore, the addition of plaid cloth also adds to the texture of the room so it doesn’t look too plain. Kitchen island centerpiece decoration from curatedinterior.


The bedroom is one of the rooms that is often used to rest during the day or night, therefore you can decorate it as much as possible so that it becomes a room that remains comfortable. To get more warmth, you can use several layers of bedding and blankets with a choice of thick fabrics. Use bedding with pastel colors so as not to damage the color tone of your bedroom. Furthermore, the cable knitted rug layer also becomes part of the footwear that can be used simultaneously. Indoor green plants are a fresh decoration that you can apply in this room. Pastel theme winter bedroom from curatedinterior.


Decorating a faux fireplace in the room can be put to good use for decorating a winter-themed room. Now you can fill the fireplace hole with a few candle sticks, then complete it with frosted greenery which is applied to a rattan wicker pot that looks natural. Take advantage of the wall area above the fireplace for a storage shelf that can be used as an area to show off wooden tray ornaments of various different sizes. Garland and wreath are decorations that are never left behind to be used as winter decorations at this time. Faux fireplace from curatedinterior.


The basic components to use to enhance winter in your living room decor are the shades of white and the layers of blankets that are applied over your linen chairs. Cover the legs of the furniture with a faux fur rug that has a geometric pattern to make it look more modern. Decorate your white walls with greenery wreath and a large wooden wall clock. When you use a farmhouse-style living room theme, you can use a wooden coffee table that is perfected with iron hairpin legs. White nuances living room from curatedinterior.


Decorate your coffee table with a woven basket filled with various types of winter ornaments that seem natural. These ornaments include greenery, pinecones and glass candle holders which are quite large in size. The addition of a few throw pillows on this sofa becomes part of the sitting area which is quite comfortable and warm. Next, decorate the walls with shutter windows which are perfected with DIY paper flower arrangements. The use of glass windows is a source of sunlight that can be used to light the room. Winter ornament on the coffee table from curatedinterior.


The interior of the living room, which is dominated by neutral colors, is an important part when you start decorating a winter-themed room. White, beige and black are a mix of colors that can be combined in one room and of course can blend more perfectly. Decorate your coffee table with a centerpiece design dominated by a mini Christmas tree. Furthermore, the use of a Christmas tree lined with string light is also an additional decoration that is able to provide lighting into the room evenly. Neutral color living room from architecturesideas.


Snowman is a winter icon that you can place in the fireplace area to emphasize the winter theme this year. You can make this snowman ornament with reclaimed wood to make it look more vintage. Not only wooden snowman, but you can also use a pillow with this pattern. Furthermore, the fireplace mantle can also be decorated with a snowman icon which is perfected with two glass vases placed on both sides of the fireplace with the same size and material. Although it looks simple, this fireplace decoration is quite interesting and can be used as the focal point of the room. Snowman icon in fireplace area from architecturesideas.