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20 Easy Ways To Hide Wi-Fi Router In Your Home


In addition to beautifying the appearance of the interior, a clean and neatly arranged room will make anyone feel comfortable. Cleaning up all the clutter from the smallest things in your home, and in some rooms it’s even a necessity to make it feel more spacious. Today we won’t try to clean up a big mess but it can still spoil the beauty of the interior, and wi-fi routers seem to have become a common thing that can be found in every home.

Today we live where technology and the internet have become part of our lifestyle, work and source of information. That’s why a wi-fi router is a must in every home, so how to hide it? Many of us go the traditional way when it comes to hiding our wi-fi router. Starting from placing it in the kitchen, wardrobe, or other places that are least visited. However, does this method work? Of course if you live in a big house or have thick walls, the wi-fi signal will be blocked or too weak. In the following I want to share some easy ways to hide your wi-fi router so that it can run smoothly and certainly still look neat.


If you’re creative enough, there are actually a lot of easy ways to hide a wi-fi router. Starting with a simple DIY project, you can make some hidden storage boxes that blend into the interior. You can also make decorative displays such as stacks of books or create special shelves so they look natural. If you really don’t want to be seen, you can create a cover that mimics a book

For an aesthetic look, an ordinary box or wicker basket with a lid is all you need. Combine with other accessories, such as flower arrangements, table lamps, other accessories that look charming.

Apart from making DIY wi-fi router storage, the most common way is to hide it in a storage cupboard. It could be your TV console or another unit that is still part of the interior. Install wall cabinets, hidden in panels, built-in, or otherwise, and make sure the walls aren’t too thick so they don’t block the signal. There are lots of creative ways out there to hide your wi-fi router, check out more inspiration below!



















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