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20 Interesting and Inviting Winter Entryway Decoration Ideas

Winter are the perfect times to decorate your entryway with holiday decor. Adding a winter theme to your entryway is a great way to welcome guests and warm up your home. Bold red and green accents will add a cozy, welcoming feel. Choose a bright red or faux greenery wreath, pinecones or garland, and small, wrapped gifts to welcome guests. For a traditional winter look, pair red and green with a pop of plaid or a snowflake fabric. Then, adding candles and other lightings for a more warm and inviting look.

If you love the chilly feel of winter, you may be wondering what to use to decorate your entryway this year. There are several simple ways to create a warm and inviting environment. Here are some ideas that you can copy.

20 interesting and inviting winter entryway decoration ideas1

Evergreen Decorations

Winter is synonymous to the evergreen. For a simple, warm feel, place a simple evergreen in your entryway. It will turn your entryway into a wintery space. Flocked evergreens will always look classic and warm in your entryway. The lush garland is a common option for winter decorations. A wreath made of flocked evergreens is another classic choice for winter decor.


Hang a green wreath and place a faux tree for an entrance like Christmas to give the room a fresh and natural feel. The farmhouse style at the entrance is also complemented by some wooden furniture to give a natural touch to the whole room. Adding a galvanized basket will give your entryway extra storage. These red and green pillows provide a cozy Christmas feel to your entryway decor. Green wreath from digsdigs.


These big green “NOEL” letters are the perfect focal point to try in your bedroom. Hanging on the wall of this entryway makes your room decor more stylish and gives a natural and fresh feel to the whole room. You can make your own to increase your creativity. Complete the look with some furniture to make the room decor attractive and inviting. Big green “NOEL” letters from digsdigs.


This fir branch wreath and chalkboard make your winter entryway design more attractive. Adding a bouquet of flowers and greenery to this wicker basket will give the room a stylish design. These snowman dolls and some mini Christmas trees are some interesting room decorations for you to try. Branch and greenery wreath from digsdigs.


This flaming wreath and burlap-covered small tree bring a natural feel and fresh air into your entryway. This design will make the decor of the room attractive and will welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling. Making them yourself will boost your creativity or you can buy them cheaply at flea markets. Complete the décor with a skyboard and some rustic ornaments for a stylish design. Garland grennery from digsdigs.


Lush wreaths are a common choice for winter décor. Green wreaths and gift boxes will create a festive atmosphere at the entrance of your home. Greenery in a galvanized pot and this garland of green and red apples makes for a stylish room decor. Adding this farmhouse style wooden table is also complemented by a white wreath and used windows for the perfect result. Greenery galvanized pot from digsdigs.

Add Traditional Colors

A traditional winter theme can be achieved with colorful elements. Red is a traditional color and is both welcoming and warming. Bold touches of red are a good way to give your entryway a winter feel. Consider using red accents like chairs, throws, blankets, rain boots, table runner, and baskets. The red ornaments, lanterns, and gift boxes are all perfect accents. A plaid accent will also create a classic look for your home.


The red chair accents at the entrance of this farmhouse provide the perfect room design and become the main attraction of this room. A bold touch of red is a great way to give your entryway a winter feel. In addition to the red chairs, you can add some red ornaments to create an attractive room decor. This garland on the stair railing brings a fresh and natural decoration to the room. Red chair accents from digsdigs.


Some of these red and green checkered pillows provide a stylish room design and will steal the attention of many people. Putting it on this black wooden chair will give the room an interesting look for you to try. Galvanized potted greenery, star garland ornaments and wooden skyboards complete this winter entryway décor. The white color scheme and burlap rug give the room a warm and spacious design. Red and green checkered pillows from digsdigs.


This red stocking ornament with a plaid pattern will enliven your winter entrance. Simply hang it on the storage hook for an eye-catching room result. This red gift accent also gives the room an attractive appearance and steals the attention of many people. Complete the décor with a wicker basket and faux fur blanket for a stylish look. Red stocking ornament from digsdigs.


Cover your console table with plaid fabric to enliven the winter entrance to your home. Complementing the look with candles and this faux Christmas tree will make for a stylish decor. Checkered accents will also create a classic look for your home. Using this wooden console table will give a natural touch to the room and look more sturdy. Red plaid fabric console table from digsdigs.


This red console table gives a bold look to your entire space. Red is a traditional color that is friendly and warm. Complete the decoration with red ornaments and tree branches complete with glass cups, this will give a stylish and attractive room decoration. This white color scheme also gives a warm and airy touch to the room. Red console table from digsdigs.

Warm with Candles

Make your entryway more inviting and warm with candles. Placing candles around your entryway will make your entryway glowing. The candle inside the lantern will make it more classic. You can also combine the candles with other lights such as string lights to add more festive.


Pillar candles and winter ornaments complete with snowflakes will make perfect room decorations and will steal the attention of many. This will create a warm room decor and dramatic lighting throughout this entryway. Some ornaments and greenery in these small pots will make the perfect room decor and give the room the perfect touch. Pillar candles from digsdigs.


Adding red lanterns complete with candle pillars will make the room decoration perfect and will steal the attention of many people. Putting it under the console table also provides the perfect room decor. Complete the look with a Christmas tree in a galvanized pot, reindeer figurines, wreaths and other ornaments will give the room the perfect design. Red lanterns from digsdigs.


Providing extra warmth and dramatic light is present in the candle pillars on silver lanterns to provide an interesting room design for you to try. Put it on the console table complete with some blue ornaments will enliven the winter on your way. Choose a console table, this large mirror and NOEL inscription give your winter a sophisticated look. Silver lanterns with candle pillars from digsdigs.


This winter entryway features several pillar candles in a glass jar case to create the perfect room decor. Selecting a few of these candles will make for a bright and dramatic room decor. Placing it on the console table produces an attractive room decoration and steals the attention of many people. Combined with some ornaments and green plants will give a stylish room decoration. Pillar candles ornament from blesserhouse.


A few simple decorations on an aisle bench can instantly set the mood for a warm welcome. Display some aromatherapy candles in small glasses and vintage glass vases for a stylish room decor. These table lamps, deer and star sculptures, framed paintings and wicker baskets will complete the perfect room décor and steal the attention of many. Aromatherapy candles from idealhome.

Place a Mini Christmas Tree

Another great option for winter entryway decor is a miniature Christmas tree. You can opt for an artificial tree. You can place it on the your console table. Don’t forget to decorate with metallic baubles or tiny ornaments. These decorations will add a festive feel to your entryway and will be sure to welcome your guests.


In the spirit of cozy farmhouse Christmas decorations, you can apply a small Christmas tree to make the perfect room decoration and steal the attention of many. This Christmas tree accent with snow accents provides a stylish room design and enliven your Christmas day. Several lanterns and other Christmas decorations give a unique and stylish look. Farmhouse Christmas tree from homedit.


This evergreen Christmas tree adds a natural touch to your entryway decor. It will welcome your guests with a festive Christmas feeling. Choosing this vintage urn pot gives an attractive room design and steals the attention of each of your guests. Placed on a wooden console table and combined with some ornaments and green garland, this will give an interesting touch to the room. Evergreen Christmas tree from bhg.


Decorating a coastal Christmas entrance by adding a small Christmas tree on top of this console table adds a stylish design to the room and will grab the attention of a crowd. Complete the look in pale blue, with garlands and garlands to give it a unique look. The wooden furniture in this entryway gives a natural feel and a warm touch to the entire room. Three small Christmas tree from digsdigs.


Using a mini Christmas tree to decorate your entryway is an interesting room decorating idea and enliven your winter season. It’s a simple thing but makes this space feel so much more welcoming. You can also add pinecones, logs, and other things to your entryway décor. Several pillows arranged on this wooden bench give the room a cozy and inviting design. Greenery mini Christmas tree from homedit.


A winter wonderland corner with a mini Christmas tree in a burlap pot provides the perfect room design and steals the attention of many. Lying on the floor of the entrance and complete with knitted pillows and blankets, this will provide the perfect room design. This console table equipped with woven storage drawers makes it easy for you to store various ornaments at the entrance of your home. Mini Christmas tree from shelterness.

Make your entryway more interesting and inviting with these winter entryway decoration ideas.