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A console bathroom sink — also known as a console vanity, console sink, or stand sink — can be wall-mounted with the sink supported by two, four, or freestanding on four legs. Unlike a pedestal sink, there is room for basket storage underneath the sink.

What Makes a Console Vanity Special?

One of the greatest benefits of choosing a console vanity for your bathroom is the variety of combinations available. The console sink and legs are sold separately and can be combined with any decor. Console vanities feature no cabinets and exposed plumbing trim under the counter. Though no cabinetry is usually found around the sink, most console vanity designs have a lip surrounding the basin or a stone or marble counter area that allows handy access to toothbrushes, soap, and other daily items. Many feature four legs that include towel bars or shelves for additional storage.

Adaptable Design

The console sink and support legs are available in a variety of finishes and styles including metal, ceramic, or lucite legs and stone, ceramic, or stainless steel basins. Console sinks are great for small bathrooms but designs are available with double or extra wide basins and vanity tops making it a perfect fit for any size bath. The combination of looks varies from modern with clean lines and minimalist design to turn-of-the-century traditional with spindle style legs or ball-jointed tube legs, making the console sink as adaptable in visual appeal as it is in practical versatility.

Making It Yours

With everything from white Carrara marble to porcelain white, you’re sure to find the finish that looks great with your bathroom decor. So whether you’re remodeling or building from scratch, the console sink is definitely worth considering. Find out more about console sinks and browse the many options available at Kingston Brass.

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