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25 Amazing Ways to Redecorate Fireplaces Without Fire

The living room and fireplace cannot be separated, this is the most common decoration that we often encounter in every home with cold weather conditions. That is why a fireplace is often referred to as the heart of your home. But when it came cozy autumn day, the fireplace does not function without firewood and warm blankets are usually always there. So, instead of having to let it not work, there are still creative ways to redecorate your fireplace into an amazing decoration. This is about making use of things that don’t work at home to the maximum like a fireplace without relying on fire, so that you don’t waste the middle of your space to always look fabulous throughout the year.

Fireplace is ideal to be a unique storage area, you can store some items in preparation for the fall using a basket or wicker box to make it look more artistic. Because the fireplace is the focal point for all of you, try to put some artwork or antiques you in order to improve the style. There are lots of fun awaiting you this fall, and you can start by making a DIY fireplace on weekends. Apart from being a perfect addition to the decoration, you can still add light in the fireplace that is not used. Take a few candles to get a romantic feel, or use a string and bandage with logs for a comfortable rustic look. If needed, you can paint your fireplace to match the theme, don’t hesitate to try new things like inserting vases, books, plants, and much more. Here I have collected 25 amazing ways to redecorate unused fireplace. So, don’t miss to see every detail that fits the concept of your room!

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