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28 Festive Christmas Home Decoration Ideas

Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year and what better way to celebrate it than with home decoration ideas? There is something special about Christmas decorations because it gives you the chance to get creative and personal. You could transform your house into a festive wonderland with just a few well placed decorations. Bright and colorful lights will illuminate any room no matter how drab it may seem at this time of year. You can even have a beautiful decor in purple or pink and use Christmas home decoration ideas to get additional inspiration. If draped over your mantel, a thick multi-colored bauble garland would be your main focus. So what ideas did you use to decorate your house this Christmas?

Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas trees are an obvious must-have during the holiday season. It’s probably the most decorated item during the holiday season with Christmas holiday decorating ideas ranging from strings of lights to ribbons and garlands of flowers. You can also add glamour touch to your Christmas tree by adding gold touch. A beautiful centerpiece for your Christmas tree would be a beautiful decoration this Christmas.


This unique Christmas tree decoration uses a touch of gold on the ball ornament. Combined with white gold accents will balance the look of your Christmas tree. This Christmas tree opts for an attractive traditional style and will steal the attention of many. DIY Christmas tree decoration from elledecor.


A monochromatic pink Christmas tree with gold accents offers dramatic flair, while a darker pink gives the tree depth. This decoration will present a perfect room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. Some gifts wrapped in pink will give an attractive appearance. Pink Christmast tree from elledecor.


A Christmas tree like this one that uses only warm colors makes a bright and vibrant statement in any type of weather. Adding a red ornament ball complete with gold garland will produce the perfect room decoration. You can put this tree in the living room to bring a charming touch to the room. Christmas tree from elledecor.


Complementing the room decor by adding this Christmas tree will make your Christmas more lively. By giving a touch of gold to the ball ornament, it will give a stylish look to the room. Placing it in the corner of the house and equipped with some gifts at the bottom will present a charming room appearance. Gold ball ornament from elledecor.

Interesting Centerpieces

Another beautiful centerpiece that you can use to adorn your table is a beautiful pine cone. Use Christmas themed candles to complete the pine cone and then add some evergreen to look natural. This would be an ideal a beautiful decoration for your living room.


Complementing the look with this small pink pine tree will offer the perfect look and become the focal point of an attractive room. Some of these pink Christmas ornaments will also present a charming table decoration. This pink tableware set will provide the perfect room contrast. Small pink Christmas tree from elledecor.


Adding some small cypress trees in the center of this dining table will make perfect centerpiece decorations and steal the attention of many people. Treat your sweet tooth by turning your favorite holiday candy into the centerpiece of your table. This small candle in a glass cup will give it a warm and inviting look. Christmast centerpiece  from elledecor.


This centerpiece looks expensive but you can make your own for low-budget home decor. this is a very affordable dollar store hack. Make a spruce tree in a fancy pot with a few simple items. Complete the look with pinecones and small candles for an adorable centerpiece.  Small pine tree from homebnc.


You can make a table centerpiece with this easy DIY. Adding some small Christmas trees, pine cones, pine leaves and a cross will give it a charming look. This little candle also provides dramatic lighting to your dining table. DIY Christmast centrepieces from homebnc.

Pay Attention to The Fireplace

Other popular Christmas home decoration ideas include other types of ornaments such as mini Christmas tree, bells, angels, snowflakes, and reindeer. These ornamant can be used to decorate your fireplace. They will not only brighten up your home but will also add a little extra cheer to the holiday spirit.


If you have an all-white mantel and fireplace, you can make a vignette this winter by adding shades of blue and white to the surrounding décor. Adding a greenery garland complete with blue and white ornamental balls will make the room look taller and will attract the attention of many people. You can also add a mirror and place it over the fireplace for a stunning look. All-white mantel and fireplace from elledecor.


Bring a little Christmas cheer to the fireplace by choosing a combination of pine cones, garlands, and even reindeer decorated with sparkles for a touch of glam. A few stockings hanging on this coat will complete your room décor. With the background of this black suit, it will be an elegant room decoration. Pine cones and garlands fireplace from elledecor.


This minimalist aesthetic living room with a touch of maximalism has a touch of fireplace decoration that attracts and steals the attention of many people. Complementing the decor with a garland covered in spherical ornaments and a pair of gold reindeer statues make for a striking coat. The crisp white and gray palette provides the perfect backdrop for a holiday coat. Festive garland ornament from elledecor.


This Christmas coat creates memories with your loved ones. By layering vintage images in antique frames, it automatically brings a warm and nostalgic feeling. Some knitted stockings that hang on this fireplace mantle will present an attractive room decor and steal the attention of many people. Add a natural accent in the form of a green plant garland for a unique look. Vintage images fireplace decor  from elledecor.

Decorate with Garlands

Christmas decorating is really fun once you start thinking outside the box. What better way to kick off the season than with some creative and innovative use of your home and garden’s natural surroundings to create unique holiday-themed garlands. A popular Christmas decoration idea with garland is to use evergreen. You can spruce up this garland with ribbons and colorful Christmas balls to get a festive look.


A Christmas garland of pine branches wrapped in red ribbon and highlighted with white fairy lights, is a beautiful and charming classic way to welcome holiday guests. It will be a perfect room decoration and will attract the attention of many people. Making your own will increase your creativity and save your budget. Christmas garland from homebnc.


The rich gold finish to this classic pine branch wreath is a beautiful and elegant Christmas wreath decoration. Placing a wreath on this staircase will make the room decor interesting and create the perfect focal point of the room. Complementing the decor with this red and gold ribbon creates a stunning gold holiday decor. Gold Christmast garland from homebnc.


These larger Christmas light bulbs and candy canes make for an eye-catching garland in your patio decor. This is a charming Christmas garland decorating idea and will welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling. A few sprigs of pine were added to provide an interesting contrast and complemented by a light green chandelier. Festive Christmas garland from homebnc.


Secure the garland of fresh along your banister using floral wire. For a stylish look you can add a ribbon to get a festive look. This decoration will become the focal point of the room and will give an attractive appearance to your entire room. Evergreen garland from goodhousekeeping.

Don’t Forget the Wreaths

The scent of the fresh Christmas wreath will easily lead anyone into the holiday spirit and will be enjoyed by everyone in the family. You can buy it at store or make it one. If you want to make a garland of your own, simply just look around materials in your home and you can be creative with them. The common wreath is made from evergreen. But if you want something different, you can make it from ribbon, colorfuls balls, twigs, and many other materials. Another wonderful thing about using Christmas wreaths as part of your holiday decor is that they can be used year after year.


Enhance the snowy wreath with a few simple additions. Such as colorful small tree ornaments, faux snow feathers add softness, and bright red ribbons are the cherry on top. Hanging on this pink door will also give the room an attractive appearance and welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling. Snowy wreath from countryliving.


Celebrate your wreath with a rainbow of colors to create an eye-catching and eye-catching door decor. Using an evergeen wreath and some colorful balls, this would make a pretty decoration. Hanging with this red ribbon will also provide the perfect bouquet for you to try. Wreath with rainbow ball ornament from countryliving.


Make a statement on your front door this Christmas. A bright red door complete with a trio of wreaths stacked one on top of another will welcome your guests cheerfully. Tie with ribbon for a winning look. You can also add a sky board to complete the look of your terrace. Trio wreaths from countryliving.


You can try this mini tobacco basket to make this unique rustic bouquet for your front door decor. Tying greenery, pine cone accents, and bright berries make for the perfect room decor. This pink plaid ribbon hanging from a tobbaco basket will create a charming look. Tobacco Christmas wreath from countryliving.

Red Decorations

Red is synonymous to the festive vibe of holiday. You can use this color for your Christmas theme decoration. You can apply this color for anything. Such as pillows, lamp shade, sofa or many others to represent the Christmas day. This is a simple idea but effective to make your Christmas home decortaions more festive.


Red accents in the Christmas bedroom decor on tartan pillows and gold wood signs will create a lively room. Combined with white accents on the blankets and pillows, this gives a contrasting look and looks more attractive. This fir wreath with a touch of red ribbon will also complete your room decor. Red Christmas bedroom decor from homebnc.


These red ribbon centerpieces and red pillar candles give any room a lively decor that looks more festive. The green accents on these centerpieces also give the room a fresher and more natural look. This idea is simple but still looks effective. Red ribbon centerpieces from homebnc.


This red table runner provides a festive, festive Christmas touch. In addition, you can also add red glass and red carn berry to give a charming room decoration. This vintage pillar candle holder makes a warm and inviting room decor. Red table runner from homebnc.


Christmas decorations are identical to the color red. So you can simply add a tartan blanket set on a wooden staircase for a neat storage idea. In addition to blankets, you can add red color to the lanterns, and hanging socks that will give an interesting room decor. Red tartan blanket from homebnc.

Christmas Lights

Other Christmas home decoration ideas include decorating the outdoors of your home in festive style. You could hang red and green outdoor Christmas lights anywhere in your yard that you would like to see adorned. It really will make your outdoor looks festive.


The red and white light in this home decor makes a perfect room decor and catches everyone’s attention. Adding a Santa Claus accent to this room makes the outdoor look stylish and steals the attention of many people. Red and white light from deavita.


This outdoor lighting has everything Christmassy – reindeer, snowman, garland, Santa and more. This is probably one of the best outdoor Christmas lighting ideas. This decoration will present a perfect outdoor decoration and steal the attention of many people. LED Christmas lighting from livinghours.


The spirit of this Christmas festival uses the style of Christmas lights that are so dazzling. Use small props to bring your decorations to life and use the brightest color schemes for great lighting on Christmas Eve. This decoration will be a perfect outdoor decoration. Outdoor Christmas lights from livinghours.


LED lights look fantastic when you use them together to create decorative patterns like these. You can place them around your home for a truly spectacular display of Christmas lighting. Using this idea will create a charming room look and will steal the attention of many people. LED lights from livinghours.

Getting a festive Christmas decoration is not hard to do. By following those ideas, you can make it happen.