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30 Elegant Home Decor Ideas with Brass Accents

If you are looking for new ideas for home decor, consider adding some brass accents to your space. Whether you are decorating a contemporary or traditional room, brass will fit in perfectly. It is a great choice for any room, and the warm color of brass will add a touch of noble vintage chic. Moreover, brass accents are a great way to get an elegant look to your home. This accent can be applied to anything. Since this accent can be applied to anything and any room, you can apply it from your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, and even your bathroom. From small to large one. For the small thing, apply the brass accents to your faucets, hardwares, showers, sinks, vase, and more. And the for the large one, you can bring brass accents to the chandeliers, tables, chairs, planters, shelves, to table lamps. In fact, you can still find plenty of options for this popular metal. Keep reading this article and you can find more ideas. These following ideas may inspire you.

30 elegant home decor ideas with brass accents1

Do you want to present a cohesive color palette in a modern kitchen decor? You can enter this idea through a touch of brass that is applied to the faucet. Because this kitchen decoration is dominated by a combination of white and gray, this brass touch will look bolder. The combination of white, gold and neutral colors creates a timeless elegant look. Meanwhile, a series of green plants put in a transparent glass vase is an additional fresh color that you can easily get in the backyard garden. Brass faucet from digsdigs.


Brass has an amazing ability to mix easily with the different colors around it. Due to the similarity in sheen, earthy tones, furniture and brass accents are easy to match. Starting with the use of this brass-lined fireplace, this bold design will exude an electric flair when applied to a white room. Perform regular maintenance so that it is not easy to rust when used for a long period of time. Bold brass fireplace from digsdigs.


Looking charming and luxurious by adding brass elements as accessories to the kitchen set is a smart idea that you can apply to your modern kitchen. You can use brass elements on white pull-out drawer handles or other storage handles. It’s not enough that you can also use the faucet in the sink which has the same color and material as well. The use of light blue kitchen cabinets presents a beautiful pastel color. Brass handle kitchen cabinet from digsdigs.


A touch of brass can be used as a contemporary design element and is one of the most preferred materials. Achieve a contemporary effect in a monochromatic bathroom decoration with brass pieces that are applied to the use of faucets, lights and a ring curtain that looks shiny when exposed to light reflections. Patterned tiles that are used in the same room are the final result that will make your room get a sweeter final look. You can try this decoration right now for maximum remodeling inspiration. Contemporary effect bathroom from digsdigs.


Because this brass touch is considered neutral, you can use it in any home decor, including a black and white kitchen. Try the use of brass colors in the use of pendant lamps which are right above the kitchen island. Because the use of this lamp is more than one, so it can also be used as a focal point for an elegant room. The use of brass material in a room, its usefulness is timeless. Sleek pendant lamps from digsdigs.


Don’t let your table decorations look plain and boring. Now you can try decorating it with some shiny vases made of brass with a smoother surface. Choose and use vases with different sizes and shapes to make them look more varied. You can fill this vase with a series of green plants or beautiful blooming flowers, look at this vase doesn’t it look elegant. Modern vases from digsdigs.


The more you use brass accents in white bathroom decorations then you will be ready to get a more interesting and different final look. You can try these brass colors and accents on the mirror frame, sink bowl and bottom vanity which are used as storage for your clean towels. This accent touch will make your modern bathroom decor look more elegant. The results obtained will also be more leverage and able to give the impression of a beautiful room. Modern bathroom brass accents from digsdigs.


If you have a small bathroom decoration, then maximize the use of the interior to make it look more attractive. For example, you can use a color other than white. Brass is a material that has a shiny gold color so it is more elegant when used. Apply brass material to several bathroom interiors, such as round mirror frames and faucets combined with floating vanity marble that looks modern. Brass frame mirror with faucet from digsdigs.


Because the feel of this bathroom has a white feel, you can enter other colors so that the room doesn’t look too plain. Now you can add brass color to some parts of the bathroom interior. Starting from the use of the shower and several faucets in the sink and bathtub. This color will look more elegant and shiny when supported by adequate lighting, therefore you can keep the room looking bright during the day or night. Brass faucet and shower from digsdigs.


The design of the side table does not only use wood. Try it with other materials such as shiny brass which will be sturdier and not easily porous when used for a long period of time. The use of this side table is very smart because it has a fairly wide surface and can be used as storage of some of the books you have. In addition to books, you can also put some other decorations such as a vase of green plants and a painting that has a matching color tone. Tiered side table decor from digsdigs.


The pot is one of the decorations or home decorations that you can place in any room according to the needs of your room. But for a different look, you can choose a pot with brass material that looks more elegant and sturdy. Currently you can use this pot with a variety of different sizes to be placed on the floor area or floating shelves that are attached to the wall. Fill this pot with a variety of green plants that have different types. Brass pots decoration from digsdigs.


So that a touch of brass color can be present in any area as needed, then you can use a roll-up cart filled with several bottles of drinks and glasses. You can move it to any area or room easily because it is perfected with a foot wheel that has two different sizes. Or you can push or pull this roll-up in a practical way and don’t burden you when using it. You can buy it at the nearest furniture store. Roll-up cart from digsdigs.


Bring a different atmosphere to your dining table by using furniture that can attract everyone’s attention. The black floor combined with white furniture does look striking, but it would be even better if you choose and use furniture legs with brass which are quite sturdy when used by anyone. Besides being sturdy, the brass leg chairs and dining table also provide different colors that can bring an elegant theme instantly, you can try it to remodel the dining room furniture this year. Brass leg furniture from digsdigs.


It’s a good idea to add another color to the white-themed living room decoration for a more pleasant impression of the room. For example, you can add a brass color to the vintage coffee table which is perfected with a transparent glass surface. In addition to the coffee table, you can also use the same color on an ottoman and wall hangings in the corner of the room. White with brass color will blend perfectly when combined in one room. Brass furniture touch from digsdigs.


To add shine to the dining room, you can use brass material on some of the furniture used in it. When you are going to try it for a home office decoration, then you can use some chairs with brass legs. In addition to adding color to the room, brass is also a good material and does not rust easily when used for a long period of time. Furthermore, the feel of the room which is dominated by white makes the brass material bolder. Brass leg chairs from digsdigs.


A touch of brass color that is quite a lot in the decoration of this small bathroom makes it look bold. Try applying it to the shower, window frame, divider, faucet and vanity legs that look shiny. All of these colors will look beautiful when you use a room color tone that is dominated by black and white. Look at the herringbone wall in this shower room, doesn’t it look masculine and elegant when combined with the right shower color and material? B/W bathroom with brass touch from shelterness.


Don’t just apply a touch of brass to the faucet when decorating the bathroom. Instead to the towel rack stand section and the two shows that are of the same height and color. Because the decoration of this bathroom is dominated by white marble, the presence of a touch of brass is very interesting. Repaint regularly to keep the color from fading and rusting. The presence of a fairly large window makes this bathroom have an area for healthier air circulation. Standing towel rack with shower from shelterness.


An easy and smart way to incorporate a touch of brass into your home decor is to use several different-sized pots. In addition to pots, you can also use beautiful, matching colored ornaments to be applied to the fireplace mantel. Another brass interior that you can use is a sunbrush frame mirror that is hung on a solid black wall. With this you will have a pretty beautiful color contrast. Mantel fireplace decoration from shelterness.


Don’t miss the use of brass accents in your elegant kitchen decor for a more leveraged look. What you can do is use a pendant lamp and brass stool legs. Other colors that you can apply in this modern kitchen decor are white, light brown and gray in the kitchen cabinets. A touch of gold accents will reduce the boring kitchen decor, make this room remodel easy and don’t have to cost a lot of money. Pendant lamp and stool legs from shelterness.


Brass, black and white will blend in one room perfectly. You can incorporate these three color accents into a modern-style kitchen decor. Brass color can be applied to a bar rack that is right above a solid black countertop. While the white color you can try on the wooden kitchen cabinet which is painted evenly for an elegant appearance that makes it easier for you to combine it with other interiors that are around it. The runner rug makes a lovely color addition. Kitchen bar rack from shelterness.


Maybe a hint of brass shimmer would add something special to a room. Here, gold-tone floor lamps perch on either side of the bed offering subtle luxury. Whether you use a little or a lot of brass into your master bedroom décor, this will make a difference when it comes to your bedroom makeover. In addition, this brass element can also be used on the use of nightstand table legs which are placed right beside the bed. Brass floor lamps from shelterness.


Have a brass bowl sink with a size large enough to make your bathroom decoration more eye-catching. The advantage of this room is that it has bold green fish scale tiles. A rattan table that has almost the same color as a bowl sink is a very useful addition to furniture for storage. Furthermore, the ceiling and vanity cabinets were repainted with white to become a touch of neutral color that will enhance the cohesive color of the room that can blend well. Large brass bowl sink from shelterness.


Look at the pendant lamps hanging right in the kitchen island area, doesn’t it look elegant and luxurious? Yes, the sage green color with the brass that is attached to the hanging pendat lamps will blend perfectly. But it’s a good idea to use a more dominant brass accent to suit your original purpose. Add a brass accent to the use of wooden kitchen cabinet handles to make it easier for you to take kitchen utensils or needs. Brass with sage green pendat lamps from shelterness.


The feminine look dominates this kitchen décor so it looks cute and fits any style, including modern or contemporary. The pastel color that you can use is pastel pink which is applied to the walls and entrance. In addition, you can add other colors such as brass accents that are applied through the use of cabinet handles, faucets and undermount sinks that look shiny. No need to worry about this sink accent rusting because of the sunlight that enters through the use of glass windows. Undermount brass sink accents from shelterness.


Brass accents are able to bring a vintage theme into the room when applied to the interior use. When you want to include this brass accent in the bedroom, then you can use it through the use of a screen room that has a size large enough so that it looks very clear. The layout of this screen room must also be right so as not to interfere with your movement space while in the bedroom. Just put and apply this vintage screen room behind the bed instead of the headboard. Vintage screen room from shelterness.


The entryways decoration that looks elegant and luxurious is dominated by a combination of black, white and brass accents that exist in several different interiors. The addition of this brass accent is intended so that you have a different room decor. For example, now you can apply brass accents to the use of console table legs, hanging ball lamps, and some of the textured ones in the wall area. All the colors in this room will work together well and maximally. Elegant entryways decor from shelterness.


The more brass accents you put into a room, the more elegant the look you will get. You can use this brass accent through the use of a kitchen island which is applied to the outer surface as a whole. Carry out regular maintenance to avoid rusting which will reduce its beautiful appearance. You can try other brass accents in the faucet section. Brass kitchen island from shelterness.


The next decoration that you can apply using brass accents is a modern traditional kitchen decoration which is dominated by the use of dark colors. This dark color is in the use of kitchen cabinets which are perfected with brass pendat lamps and several cabinet handles. To neutralize these two colors, you can include white in the use of backsplash tiles, ceilings and sinks that are large enough. Furthermore, the presence of several glass windows is able to enter more sunlight. Pendant lamps with cabinet handles from shelterness.


In a modern kitchen decoration, you can use a touch of brass in some of the interiors that are used. For example, you can apply it to the use of chair legs, faucets, trays and pendant lights that are hung right above the kitchen island. The presence of this brass touch can be used as the focal point of the room because it has a fairly bold color in a room dominated by white shades. Give your kitchen a try with these decorations. A touch of brass in a white kitchen from shelterness.


To give a different look to your home, just use floating shelves with two unique and different materials. Starting from the combination of wood with brass material that looks shiny when exposed to light reflections. This shelf will be an area to put some decorative items ranging from flower vases, canvas paintings and can even be used to store some clean towels using a rattan wicker basket. It’s a good idea to repaint this wooden shelf for a fresh look. Brass floating shelves from shelterness.