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5 kitchen tools to inspire cooking at home

Even the finest kitchens can be improved with innovative tools. Ignite inspiration with these products from local shops

Everything but the…
This attractive sink setup promises to “reinvent your kitchen.” The Galley is a modular workstation that replaces a traditional kitchen sink with a system of cutting boards, drain stations, prep bowls, and drying areas. There’s even a bartending add-on that includes a tray for serving garnishes. From $4,000. AstroDesignCentre.com

Colourful Cookware
Dansk brings style and functionality together with their iconic Scandinavian-inspired classics, such as this two-quart saucepan. The teak handle not only looks beautiful but also keeps the pot safe to handle at high temperatures. Available in a range of colours. $138. PotandPantry.ca

Fresh & Fast
Keep produce close at hand and in an optimal environment with these containers, which have basket inserts that allow moisture to drain and air to circulate (they’re also handy colanders). Plus, lids have an adjustable vent and a replaceable carbon filter, both of which help slow the ripening process. $22.50. LeeValley.com

Drop-down menu
This compact desk isn’t exactly made for the kitchen, but we think it’s a great way to keep recipes (and other stray items) safe and sound. Inspired by travel suitcases of the 1960s, it can be kept open and used as a wall shelf or closed to keep clutter out of sight. $2,500. HomeSociete.ca

Safe slicer
This knife is built with kids in mind. The blade is rounded, and the storage sheath can also be used as a finger guard, designed to hold the food securely and guide the cutting action. It can be used from the age of three but always under adult supervision. Plus, it comes with a fun instruction manual and kid-friendly recipes. $50. ChefsParadise.ca

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