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5 Smart Food Prep Tips You Should Use In A Small Kitchen

Small kitchens are notorious for having little to no spare space for the most basic of items on the counter. It's a difficult task when you have to prepare more than a couple of ingredients in your small kitchen since space is such an issue!

Whenyour kitchen is too small even for the most basic of tasks for you to achieve, these smart prepping tipsare perfect for small kitchens.

This mini chopper will speed up food prep from minutes to seconds.
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1 Buy small appliances with many functions.

Small kitchen countertops don't really have room for many appliances so when it comes to choosing appliances for your small kitchen, choose small kitchen appliances. Not only should you choose small kitchen appliances but you should also choose ones that do more than one task for you in the kitchen. Mini choppers like this one don't only chop food but it can function as a blender as needed. It can even function as a grinder in a pinch!

Other small kitchen appliances you can choose are toaster ovens with more functions, a rice cooker and pressure cooker in one,or using asingle burner-induction cookerthat you can put away in a cupboard once you're done cooking.


This handy contraption functions as both a chopping board and a drain basket.
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2Use a large, multitasking chopping board.

You can cut, chop, and slice with more confidence when you have a large chopping board. The downside to a large chopping board is that it takes upmore room than you may have, especially in a small kitchen. That's why chopping boards should be more than just a chopping board. This multitasking chopping board lets you chop your vegetables after you've rinsed, drained, and stored it in the basket under the board.

3-in-1 Chopping Board Basket, P190, Lazada.com.ph


This under-the-shelf basket saves counter space you can use for prepping everyday meals.
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3Go up and under.

Since small kitchens have limited countertop space, you really do need to not only prep smarter, you also need to store your kitchen items smarter, too. The besttip for small kitchens when it comes to storage is to look under shelves for more storage. That's why hanging shelves and baskets like this one can be a lifesaver for small kitchens.

Shelves thatuse up space that otherwise would not be used free up space for you to do all your prepping without the hassle of moving things around.

Metal Wire Under-Shelf Hanging Storage Basket, P372, Lazada.com.ph


These gorgeous mixing bowls are not only functional, but they also fit inside each other for easy storage.
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4Be aminimalist.

Channel your innerMarie Kondo and become a minimalist.Yourkitchen is already small and having more items than it canhold can lead to bigger problems when you need more space thanall your items can give you. That's why it's a great idea to not onlykeep your kitchen items to the minimum but to also have items that save you space like nesting bowls like thesewhich can be stored within each other.

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This rubber roll can be cut to size so your chopping board doesn't slip while you're using it ever again.
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5Work safer with a nonslip mat or stick-on rubber buttons.

One of the worse things thatcan happen in any kitchen is for an accident to happen, especially when it involves using a knife.Countertops arenonslip surfaces so using nonslip matslike this oneunder your chopping board, mixing bowls, and even yourplatters while you are using it can prevent any mishaps fromoccurring. Antislip rubber buttons that can bestuck onto the bottoms of the legs of applianceswill help you doall your prep without any worry that you will accidentally knock it off the counter as you prep something else.

Multipurpose Non-Slip Mat, P239, Lazada.com.ph

Self Adhesive Rubber Feet, P105, Lazada.com.ph

There are many ways to work in a kitchen that's smaller than you're used to. The key to cooking in small kitchens is knowing how to make use of all the available space you do have and taking advantage of useful items to make your everyday chores easierto accomplish.