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53 Modern Farmhouse Entry & Mud Room Ideas


These gorgeous and budget-friendly 53 modern farmhouse entryway ideas and inspirations are going to have you craving to upgrade your very own area. Sometimes, it’s truly amazing how affordable and simple it can be!

Having a modern farmhouse entryway is like entering a home, and it greets you with a nice hug. If you are eager to add this space in your home, we have a great collection today, which is about modern farmhouse entryway ideas with bench that are affordable and doable. All of these great spaces, regardless of how small or big, embrace you as you come home and provide you with that homey feeling. We are hoping you get completely motivated to produce a welcoming space of your own. It might be as easy as including artwork or perhaps a framed inspiring quote, a shelf, a table, a floor plant, a farmhouse entry bench, or whatever that brings you joy! You do not need to invest a lot, and you can also get from your own stuff for things to create with. Get a cup of your coffee or tea, chill out there for a while, and check these farmhouse foyer ideas out!


Kaiken Photography

Herringbone patterned black tile, geometric light fixture, and light wood door for this entryway.


AFT Construction

Light cabinets with plenty of storage to keep your shoes, coats, hats, and umbrellas.


Timber Trails Development

Black floor and white cabinets with black accents for this stylish farmhouse entry.


Draw The Line Design

Open storage to dry your coats, clothes, or boots for rainy or snowy days.


Devon Grace Interiors

White shelves combined with wood panels and storage boxes for the farmhouse feel.


Karen Berkemeyer Home

Light gray herringbone floor tiles, white chairs & walls, and black door for this entry.


B Architecture Studio

Modern farmhouse entry with intricate floor pattern and enough storage for family members.


Picture Perfect House

Matte black paint combined with wood accents and black and white checkered rug.


Sterling Ridge Properties

Light wood floors, huge doors, white walls, and green cabinets for this farmhouse entry.


Chango & Co

Keep it simple and minimal with a rug, side table, white paint, and clean spaces.

Why Modern Farmhouse Entryway

The modern farmhouse craze continues when it comes to entryway ideas. Just before you develop your own personal warm and welcoming modern farmhouse entryway, you absolutely need to check out the ideas we have curated!

To have an area to take a seat within your entryway is a fantastic little luxury and one that you can readily afford even in a bit of space. In case you would like to spruce your area up, below are a few guidelines to consider. You will see that you do not need to really feel bad if you have a little room to work with.

The entryway or foyer is the initial glimpse people get out of your home. All things considered, the entryway is an amazing way for your house to generate a first impression! Your entryway is the first area visitors see of your home, therefore leaves the biggest impression.

We would like our homes to feel attractive, though the entryway area is usually ignored and neglected for other more significant rooms. The entryway is the very first component of the house that greets guests and family, and of course, is the best place to create a statement regarding your style! We have gathered our fave DIY farmhouse style entryway projects, along with helpful inspiration pieces and links to materials that will help you develop an inviting space.

The entryway to your house needs to be inviting and warm. Remember, your farmhouse entry is the first thing your visitors see and experience whenever they go to your house. It is likewise the very first place you experience if you come home, so allow it to be a welcoming space. To decorate it very well actually sets the ambiance for the remainder of your house.


Lisa Furey Interiors

Light gray cabinets, brick-style floors, beige rug, and geometric light fixtures for this entryway.


Fresh Start Contracting

Star light fixtures, comfy dual-purpose seats and storage, and herringbone tile floors.


Courtney Thomas Design

This mudroom looks classy, chic, and tasteful with the hangers and storage underneath.


Chango & Co

Striking red door, white walls & ceilings, and dark wood floor for this modern entry.

How To Decorate Small Entryway In Farmhouse Style

Let’s continue with entryway decor ideas since your home decor would not be finished without this little space. Nowadays, you will see farmhouse entryways, which are truly inviting and inspiring, and that are perfect to complete up your farmhouse design. To produce one, you will need shabby chic or rustic furniture, wood pieces, and baskets for storage space. Do not hesitate to add different adorable accessories, such as wreaths, letters, banners, marquees, or boots to provide your entryway that farmhouse look. Frames, twigs, as well as your flea market finds, will not cost much but can look great. Look at the ideas listed below and make your personal cozy entry!

Farmhouse decor is mainly about neutrals like beige, white, tan, light gray, off-white, and pastel colors. You can choose whitewashed or even white wooden walls along with a wooden floor since wood is a distinctive material for a farmhouse space. As for materials, aside from wood, you might use wicker and rattan along with a little metal or tin. Welcome signs for entryway are also a great idea. They are terrific for decorating vintage, shabby chic, and modern farmhouse entryways.

Finally, do not neglect your front door. Nearly as crucial as the interior decorating of your entryway at your house would be the decorating of the exterior. Try painting your door with an inviting and warm color.  Red can be a great option. A fresh pot of flowers or perhaps a tiny evergreen tree, for colder seasons, adds a touch of elegance. Maintain the sidewalk before your front door clear of debris, like kids’ toys, ice, and leaves.


IBD Studio

Make use of a small space and convert it to a mudroom area like this.


Jennifer Radakovic Design

Large floor tiles, shoe storage, coat hangers, and white storage cabinets.


Draw The Line Design

Striking floral pattern for the floor tiles, white shelves, and wood seats for the farmhouse feel.


Sustainable Nine Design Build

Light gray flooring, white cabinets, and light wood seats for an effortlessly chic mudroom.


Upscale Construction

Minimal but functional floating wood shelf used as a bench and hooks as hangers.


Norris Architecture

Stunning rustic entry with reclaimed wood for ceiling, floors, and door.

Other Entryway Decorating Ideas

First, you can put in a touch of nature or greenery. A framed art print associated with seasonal landscaping or a vase with fresh-cut blossoms is a nice add-on to an entryway. Stay away from fake or plastic flowers, which may gather dust and do not have the same feel and look like real flowers. The entryway is the very first part of your house your guests see, so make it feel cozy and welcoming.

You should also keep the mess away. A table with a little covered basket around your front door can enable you to remain organized. Once you arrive home, place your phone, wallet, keys, and other essentials in the basket. Along with keeping the entryway thoroughly clean, you’ll regularly be equipped to locate the things you need most.

Next, you can also decorate with warm colors. Have a cheery disposition whenever you come home by decorating with colors that are warm. Orange and yellow make terrific color options. Earth tones, like sage, sandstone & taupe, are inviting colors. The neutral colors additionally pair best with brighter colored accessories, which you are able to change seasonally. Try painting a wall with light yellow or hang a framed art print with sun-inspired colors. Pick your preferred brightly colored flowers to greet visitors whenever they come to your house.

Using multi-purpose furniture is also an excellent idea. A bench with storage space serves two functions. Utilize it as an area to relax a bit and get off your shoes. The additional storage space likewise assists you to maintain the entryway clean. Store mittens, boots, scarves, or various other products that look ugly when left at the front door can be stored here.


Christoff & Sons

Gorgeous entry with clean white walls, wood bench, white cabinets, and big lampshade.


The Fox Group

Light wood floors combined with huge white storage cabinets and a small custom seat.


Chango & Co

Gray floor tiles, off-white cabinets, and beige rug for this modern mudroom.


Bartelt Remodeling

The wood ceiling, floor, and accents give this area a perfect balance between white paint and wood.

Tips In Designing A Modern Farmhouse Entryway

Farmhouse entryways give a warm welcome for visitors just as soon as they use the door. Out of the different wood tones on the distinctive art and antique accent pieces, you cannot fail with this particular traditional style. Read further in case you want to know more about how to add that farmhouse feel in your house.

Make an entryway that feels homey the second you turn up by placing benches or even seating for guests to sit down while they chat or get off their shoes. This offers a welcoming environment that says “please stay a little longer.”

Next, add pillows on the bench to add texture to the entryway. Materials including mudcloth is going to marry all those various other rustic accessories accentuating that farmhouse look.

The most effective farmhouse entryway decor ideas incorporate the classic together with the latest trends, ending in a surprisingly eclectic sophistication. Vintage prints, special lighting fixtures like the hanging pendant lamps featured in the images here, or appropriate shelving and antique shutters provide for the best blend of functional design.

Hooks could also be an excellent approach to make that farmhouse look, while giving functionality also. Numerous farmhouse designs are going to feature wall hooks as they serve a unique purpose and save room in an entryway. So be free to drop coat racks, and do this more simple, yet stylish method.

Materials like wicker, tin, rattan, and metal are ideal for accessorizing in this specific style. They put that vintage and shabby chic experience because they bring natural components to the space. Vintage luggage bins and woven suitcases are a terrific resource of storage earning that special antique appearance while remaining functional.


Alicia Zupan Designs

Fabulous and classic blue-green cabinets, wood floors, and polkadot seatings.


St Croix Custom Homes

Cool and clever made-shift wall with cork hangers you can use for hats and shawls.


Kristina Crestine Design

We love this white and blue color combination for this farmhouse mudroom.


Nuela Designs

Light storage cabinets with green and gray tones, rattan boxes, and gold hooks.


Harry Braswell, Inc

Black floor tiles, white walls & ceiling, and wood shelves for this modern entry.


Imprint Architecture

Light wood floors, white walls, and black door & accents for a sleek finish.


DK Homes

Reclaimed dark wood panels for the arched ceiling and light wood for floor & door.


Haver & Skolnick Architects

Wood with distressed white paint gives this room its rustic and farmhouse vibe.


Jetton Construction

White walls, wood bench, beige rug, and a dog to welcome you home.


Ador Homes

Bare wood with no paint gives a rustic appeal to this gorgeous mudroom.


Nuela Designs

Black door, white walls, and light wood floors for a sophisticated entry.


M House Development

You can really never go wrong with black, white, and wood combinations.


Welcome Home Design Group

White walls, ceiling, & bench combined with light gray herringbone floor tiles.


Devon Grace Interiors

The navy blue herringbone tiles are perfect for an accent wall.


Round Tree Construction

A modern farmhouse entry with a gorgeous lawn outside.


Solitude Homes

White door for the main entry and a sliding barn door for the living room.


Locale Design Build

Keep your things organized with a complete storage system like this one.


House Sprucing

Black door for the main entry, light wood floors, and wood barn door.


Courtney Thomas Design

White cabinets and storage with pillows for extra warmth and comfort.


Crisp Architects

Black floor tiles, white cabinets & shelves, rattan baskets, and green cushions.


Arcadia Builders

Gray door, floral rug, light wood floors, and wood table for this entry.


Houghland Architecture

Enjoy the warm feeling of coming home with this comfy mudroom.


Houghland Architecture

The geometric light fixture blends well with the black and white rug.


Kaiken Photography

Light wood floor & table, big rug, and rattan baskets for storage.


Chango & Co

Large black floor tiles, black door, and white shelves and cabinets.


AFT Construction

Light gray door with blue undertone and checkered walls for artistic flair.


Zehnder Homes

The warm lighting sets the dramatic mood for the room.


MGM Builders

Light gray and white colors for a bright and airy feel for this room.

Items Distinctive In Modern Farmhouse Entry

Neutrals like white, tan, beige, light gray, off-white, and pastels will be the way to go when attempting to shoot that farmhouse look. The whitewashed shiplap walls or maybe ceilings are typically viewed as a staple in this design type.

Next, add fresh flowers or plants to bring life and balance to your house. This particular fresh appearance is going to bring everything back to those natural country roots, emphasizing those farmhouse designs ultimately.

Built-in benches could be a lovely way to construct the entrance of your house as they offer a clean and uniform appearance. Having the ability to mix in drawers & cabinets enable you to readily declutter those entryways from coats, shoes, and backpacks. The modern farmhouse style is about pairing functionality with design! Finish off your room with a pleasant woven rug to connect in that farmhouse style. Jute rugs or perhaps patterned rugs add a different layer to the entryway, which will leave your room feeling complete!

Mudrooms can be crucial for keeping your house organized. With racks for shoes, hooks for jackets along with catchall storage maintain the majority of the home looking decluttered & clean. If you desire an efficient and stylish space, make sure to search through our 53 modern farmhouse entry and mudroom ideas to be inspired!

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