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6 Clever Tupperware Storage Ideas to Keep Your Cabinets in Check

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If you’ve ever found yourself rummaging through a mountain of mismatched food storage containers, you’ll agree that Tupperware sets are like the socks of a kitchen. You somehow always have too many, and yet never any perfect pairs. And instead of going MIA in the dryer, they disappear into the depths of your corner cabinets. We’re happy to let you know that your days spent searching for elusive plastic lids are over. Here, pro organizers and interior designers share their best Tupperware storage ideas to manage the mayhem for good. 

Buy in Bulk

Nothing beats the satisfaction of having four or five separate sets neatly stacked inside of each other in size order. You keep your cupboards looking decluttered without having to compromise on the amount of Tupperware you have. —Laura Price, founder, The Home Organisation

Find Them a Good Home 

Since these are typically everyday items, we recommend storing them in easy-to-access lower cabinets. There’s nothing worse than having to rifle overhead for what you need or risk a waterfall of containers falling on your head. If you’re storing in a drawer, use little boxes or drawer dividers to separate your lids and bases. If you’re using shelves, consider installing a glider insert so you don’t have to dig in the back. —Jennifer Verruto, founder and CEO, Blythe Interiors

Keep Them Together…

The golden rule of storing Tupperware is to never put a container back in the cupboard without a top on it. It’s nature’s great mystery as to how they manage to lose their lids, but they do. A lot. Store them as a complete set so you never have to worry about mismatched pieces clogging up your cupboards. —Laura Price

…Unless You Don’t Have Space

One of the easiest ways to keep containers organized is to store them stacked in a drawer or cabinet with the lids on, but if you don’t have the room to stack, nest the containers inside one another, and line up the corresponding lids right next to the bottoms. If you’re really tight on space, I recommend getting a nesting set with lids like this. —Amy Berryhill, founder, Spiffy Chicks

Take Care With the Tiny Ones 

Store smaller pieces, particularly sauce and dressing containers, in a small basket at the front [of the cabinet]. This way you never run the risk of losing the little ones in the abyss of the cupboard. —Laura Price

Don’t Toss Mismatched Pieces

Inevitably, a lid will get separated from its bottom, but that doesn’t mean you have to toss it! Tupperware bases become great bath toys, craft storage, or under-the-counter toiletry organizers. One of our favorite uses for extra lids is as furniture movers. Place them underneath the leg of something that needs to be moved to prevent the legs from scratching your floors. —Jennifer Verruto

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