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6 Simple RV Storage Ideas to Organize Life on the Road

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Recreational vehicles are an attractive travel option and even provide a full-time home for some. Many say they prefer this lifestyle over staying at a hotel and enjoy the family memories of togetherness it brings. Traveling in an RV allows you to bring the comforts of home with you: your bed, kitchen, and bathroom. It’s usually more economical than a hotel, too! Whether you own a basic pop-up tent trailer or a luxury bus, you will want to pack efficiently with minimal downtime. By organizing ahead of time, you allow more relaxation time while on the road. Today we are sharing a few simple RV storage ideas to efficiently pack and organize before a trip, as well as get the most out of your limited living space.

6 Simple RV Storage Ideas to Organize Life on the Road


Tip #1: Baskets Are An RV Owner’s Best Friend

You should measure all your shelves, drawers, and empty spaces before going shopping for your new best friends. Baskets come in an array of sizes, colors, and materials.

Organize your supplies by category in baskets, such as all the drink supplies (cups and straws) in one basket and all your eating supplies (plates and bowls) in another. The advantage of having such items in a basket is you can also bring all the supplies to the table in one round.

Bonus Tip: Corelle brand dinnerware also offers a great lightweight set of plates that work well if you choose not to use paper plates.

You can also find baskets to fit in those tight or underutilized areas, such as the ones used on top of the kitchen cupboard. They are used for miscellaneous items that aren’t needed daily, such as toys, games, and outdoor supplies.

wire baskets for rv storage ideas shelves rv storage ideas wire baskets on shelves cups wicker basket top shelf rv storage ideas

Tip #2: RV Storage Ideas for Maximize Pantry Space

Plan your shopping trip before your travels based on some quick meal planning. You should be able to stock the pantry with staples such as cereal, canned goods, and of course, fun camping snacks.

Baskets, such as the wire ones shown in the pantry here (which came from the dollar section of a popular store), contain snacks perfectly and prevent shifting while the vehicle is in motion.

Place your tall boxes, such as cereal, in the back extra space, if available. Lighter items that cannot be contained, such as crackers and other boxed goods, can be stored on the top shelf. Heavy items like bottles of water should be placed on the bottom shelf.

Tip #3: Make Adjustments that Work For You

Not all campgrounds have fabulous cable or wifi, so it is important, especially with children, to have some movies available for a rainy day or just because. DVD cases and the space they take up can add up quickly. Try taking the DVDs out of their cases and placing them in a CD wallet case instead. A wallet case fits well in a drawer or a basket next to the couch, along with some books, magazines, and the remote.

Setting up a command center works, too! Use a refrigerator if it is magnetic. Otherwise, using Command strips on a pantry door also works well. Using a whiteboard/magnet combo or a chalkboard/magnet version like the one shown allows you to make notes about your campsite, phone numbers, or itinerary. The magnets can hold travel brochures, too, and also add a bit of decoration.

kick the dust up rv decor board games stored in closet couch side basket remote books organization rv

Tip #4: Line Drawers with Shelf Liners

One of the first items we would recommend when you set up your RV is shelf liners. Line all your shelves – kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom – to give a fresh, clean surface to your shelves and drawers.

Lining drawers and shelves in your RV will also prevent spills and ease the cleanup if an item should happen to fall or break. The liners provide an anti-slip layer so things do not move around. As a bonus, they come in so many fun colors and patterns!

Tip #5: Maximize Space in the Bedroom

Storage tubs are common rv storage ideas for the space under the bed. Use them to store bathroom supplies, bedding, blankets, cleaning supplies, outdoor gear, or perhaps store shoes. Your clothing can be rolled tightly to save some space for more use of those drawers and baskets.

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Tip #6: Maintain Organization with Personalized Labels

Take your organization one step further and label your bins and baskets with tags to identify what each tub contains. Identifying your clothing items helps if you do not have a dresser or simply want to take advantage of the extra space in the closet. By labeling items, you make cleanup easier. There will be no question about what item goes where.

closet rv storage ideas clothes labeled baskets closet rv storage ideas clothes labeled baskets

Maximizing the space in your new home takes a bit of practice. Until you have gone on a few adventures, it can be overwhelming to decide what is needed. You also need to consider your RV’s specific weight limitations when packing up your home on wheels.

We hope you have a wonderful summer with many adventures! Have any RV storage ideas we haven’t thought of? Tag us on social media and let us know!

This post originally appeared on the Life Storage Blog on 5/24/17 and was revised on 5/24/23 to provide new information.

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This post 6 Simple RV Storage Ideas to Organize Life on the Road appeared first on Life Storage Blog.