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7 Tips For Decorating A Perfect Nursery For Your Baby ♥

Despite the countless doctors appointments, various celebrations and always feeling tired, you may actually find yourself have a lot of spare time when you’re pregnant, especially during your maternity leave.

What better way to use this time than to get things ready for your new little one - their nursery being the perfect place to start. There are many questions that go through our head when decorating a baby’s room: What colour theme should I go for? What’s the most appropriate flooring? How big should the room be? Here are some tips to help reduce the stress - from a mama who's had two babies and thoroughly enjoyed decorating their nurseries.

Reduce clutter
Although a rule most of us follow with our homes, it’s especially important in your baby’s room. You’ll be carrying your baby back and forth, often in the middle of the night and in the dark, you don’t want anything to be in the way that you could trip over. Not only is it annoying, but it can be dangerous.

Keep clutter to a minimum though, because babies grow so quickly and can amass a lot of stuff in quite a short time!

Be clever with flooring
As a room that’s going to experience a lot of use and all sorts falling on the floor, you’ll need a flooring that’s going to cope with these. I recommend Luxury Vinyl Tiles as first choice, as they are water, scratch and stain proof as well as easy to keep clean and maintain – LVT is perfect for a carefree and manageable flooring and having flooring that can be washed down quickly and kept clean is a must in a nursery.

Within reaching distance
Think of dummies, nappies and the washing basket - when you’re up in the middle of the night changing nappies in dim light, you’ll want the necessities to be within reaching distance.

I recommend investing in lots of storage for the nursery. I used cubed units in my boys' nurseries to store books, baby toys, blankets, nappies, etc. This meant that everything was in reach but was also displayed nicely too. If you want to keep some of your baby's keepsakes and little trinkets on display then shelves are a great option.

Hooks on the back of baby's door or on the wall are great for hanging their little hooded towels for the bath, keeping some adorable little outfits on display and having coats/all in one's etc. hanging and ready for when you're taking your baby outside or for walks, etc.

Keep things bright and light
The last thing you want is to have a dark and dingy room for your new bundle of joy. Stay away from anything too dark and instead opt for bright pastels such as pink, yellow and blue or neutral colours such as white, cream, grey, mint, etc.

These colours will work especially well in smaller nursery rooms and will help to make a calming and cosy space for baby to sleep in.

Consider a theme
Picking a theme for your baby’s room can be the best part of all! I had a Beatrix Potter themed nursery for Beau as I absolutely love her stories and think they are perfectly fitting for a baby's nursery - what's sweeter than Peter Rabbit?

Other themes you could consider would be a travel theme with a globe and aeroplanes on the wall or if you live by the sea a sea theme with coordinating decor would be adorable and very calming too or if you're a nature lover, a woodland themed nursery is absoluely gorgeous. For baby girls a floral theme would be absolutely gorgeous too. You could use wall decals to cheaply create stunning pictures in your chosen theme on the walls of the nursery.

Babies don’t take up much space
Babies take up very little space, yet you still might be keen to give your newborn the biggest and most glamourous room possible. Don’t beat yourself up if you can only give your baby a smaller room though - both of my boys' nurseries were in 'box' rooms. They can often be more convenient, with being easier to manage and you can only keep the necessities in there, therefore reducing clutter!

You can always move your child into a bigger room when they’re old enough to play and need more space for toys, etc.

Babies don’t care what the nursery looks like
While it is fun decorating your newborn's nursery don’t worry if you don’t make it picture perfect. With your due date looming and your energy decreasing, sometimes the last thing you want it to be taking on a hard-decorating job. Your baby doesn’t care if there’s no décor theme or the walls aren’t perfect, as long as they’re comfortable, warm, dry and fed and have the love of their parents.

Don't feel like you have to get everything done straight away either. Your baby will spend the first few weeks of their life in your bedroom, in a Moses basket, co-sleeper cot, etc. so don't dress and enjoy your pregnancy. Your baby's nursery will be just perfect, I promise.