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Are you ready to get into a routine? With this unexpected time at home we are experiencing a shift in our daily routine

From finding a workstation to maintaining a clean household, while the whole family is confined and finding time to workout…can be very overwhelming.

Did you know that by doing your household chores on a regular basis you can burn just as many calories as going to the gym. This is a complete win-win! As a result you get a clean house and get your workout in.

Here’s a schedule to help you get into a routine;

Start your week off with a meal prep! Not only does meal prepping help you get organized for your week but burns a lot of calories while doing so.

If you’re working from home take some time in your lunch break on Tuesday to de-stress and vacuum the house. This helps you refresh your mind and get physical.

On Wednesdays take your rag and spray your windows clean. This is the ultimate arm day. Why not take it up a notch and add some squats during your window cleaning.

Make Thursdays a laundry day. From carrying your basket to loading and unloading, folding and putting away, this could help you burn 700 calories!

I know, Friday is generally a no chore day but why not start your weekend with clean floors. Give your house a thorough sweep or mop and in just one hour you could burn 175 calories. 

On the weekend, pick a room or a section of your house to declutter. Whether it’s your garage or storage closet you are burning calories by picking up boxes, and reorganizing.

The infographic below will provide you with more insight and motivation on your new at home routine.

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