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Be king of the grill with the best barbecue accessories

If you're going to be barbecuing in 2020, you're going to need more than a past-it plastic spatula and a "Kiss the Cook" apron. You need to accessorise. There are a wealth of handy items out there that can help you get the most out of your next flame-filled garden party and take you from a burger-flipping amateur to a cookout knockout. From tools to help you handle your meat, to products that will protect you from heat, we've got a neat selection for BBQ perfection.

Digit defenders

Staff Pick

Tvird Extreme Heat Resistant BBQ Grilling Gloves

If you're fond of your fingers, you may want to consider investing in some protective gloves. This pair will shield you from heats of up to 800 degrees Celsius, have handy silicone stripes for slip resistance, and long cuffs for forearm-protection.

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Brand management

Present Time BBQ Branding Iron

Whether you want to brand your signature burgers with your name, indicate how steaks have been cooked, or just write rude words on your mate's hot dog, this branding iron has you covered. You get the wooden ended handle and 52 letter blocks.

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Rights and tongs

GrillHogs Stainless Steel and Oak BBQ Tongs

A decent pair of tongs is a BBQ must-have. These luxury stainless steel 16-inchers have a locking mechanism and a hook for handy storage, a hardwood handle to protect from heat, and a scallop-edged clamp for safe gripping and grabbing.

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Condiment king

Invero Retro Style BBQ Condiments and Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

You simply can't have a barbecue without copious amounts of Tommy K and yellow mustard. Impress your guests and make your condiment stand a talking point with this novelty, vintage BBQ-themed sauce and seasoning set.

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Basket case

RoseFlower Large BBQ Grilling Basket

If you're getting all fancy and barbecuing anything delicate like fish, shellfish, veggies and the like, consider investing in a BBQ basket that will expose your posh food to the heat, but keep it safe within the grill cage. This option measures 31cm wide and has a wooden handle.

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Pork pulling paws

Leisiwei Bear Meat Claw Shredders

Release your inner Wolverine with these meat shreddin' claws. Made of FDA-approved, BPA-free, 100% food-safe plastics, these are heat-resistant up to 230 degrees Celsius, have sharp teeth and comfortable handles to make short work of any protein.

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See the light

Fireor Magnetic Weather Resistant Adjustable Barbecue Grill Lights

If your BBQ party extends into the evening, a specially designed light source is recommended to ensure you don't serve up pink chicken. With nine high-density LEDs, a magnetic base and a flexible gooseneck design, this pair of lamps provide perfect illumination.

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Prong song

Newthinking Telescopic BBQ Roasting Sticks

These extendable BBQ roasting sticks are handy multipurpose tools for your barbecue experience. They can be used to cook hotdogs, hold sweetcorn, toast marshmallows and more. The colour-coded tips ensure everyone can remember which fork is theirs.

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Hot or not

GFTime Stainless Steel BBQ Temperature Gauge

If you want to take your barbecue skills to the next level, you can buy a special thermometer that will inform you of the temperature inside your grill. This 6cm option slots through the hole in your BBQ's lid and gives an accurate reading, so you know exactly when to stick the sausages on.

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Winning pinny

Cleanpower Unisex BBQ Tool Pocket Apron

Look like you mean serious barbecue business with this practical apron. As well as a loop for a cloth or oven mitt, and multiple pockets for your BBQ accessory essentials, it has leather strap attachments that you can clip a bottle opener to. Smooth.

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Cold holder

Tomorrow's Kitchen Cool Plate

Forget BBQ kings, be the hygiene queen with this clever, cool plate. Simply stick the cooling element in the freezer six hours before use, then slide it under the stainless steel plate to keep your meat cold and covered until it's ready to be roasted.

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Brush it off

PePeng Metal Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush

Finally, no-one likes the aftermath of a barbecue, but you can make clean-up easier with the correct tools. This sturdy brush gives you 18 inches of reach and three metal brushes with a universal fit suitable for all grill types. You just need to bring the elbow grease.

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Flair grills

We've gone for safety first with our overall staff pick. A pair of heat resistant gloves, like the Tvird Extreme Heat Resistant BBQ Grilling Gloves are a wise investment if you barbecue often. While we're not suggesting you flip burgers with your hands, an extra layer of protection from actual fire is always a wise move.

Our favourite wearable accessory is the Cleanpower Unisex BBQ Tool Pocket Apron. With a clean, contemporary design, it isn't your grandma's pinny, but a really sophisticated apron with everyone's most requested detail lots of pocketsssss.

Finally, if you want to your guests to leave your BBQ party having enjoyed the fun factor, rather than contracting a nasty case of campylobacter, investing in Tomorrow's Kitchen Cool Plate is recommended to keep your raw meat safe.