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Best Seam Rippers of 2019 Check Our Top 5 Picks!

Best Seam Rippers

If there is one thing to name about that is available in the toolbox of every sewer. It is seam ripper be it an amateur or a veteran of the art. Mistakes are the part of the sewers job, and then the sewer has to run through the sewing process again.

To make the correction, the seam has to be ripped, which can be a tedious task, and for new sewers it can be really de-motivating. However, seam ripping can be made easy with proper learning and most importantly, with the help a good seam ripper.

This is where we will help you, by giving you detailed information about the great seam ripper and how they can make your task easy.

We have some best seam rippers for you, which are available in the market, which can help in saving your precious time of seam ripping.

Editors Choice Best Seam Ripper

Seam rippers have their importance for sewers, and to make your task easy we have identified five best seam rippers that are available in the market. We have also defined their main feature which can be helpful for you in selecting the best piece for yourself.



Dirts deluxe seam ripper is one of the best tools for the sewers. It is much handier than a pocket knife and it will help you to get your job done faster than expected with a minimum of the effort.

The seam ripper comes with curved blade fitting, which helps to get the job done in quick time It is very compact and this is what makes it easy to handle and easy to store.

Features at a glance

  • Cutting and removing the unwanted stitches.
  • Removing the tightly attached tags, labels and straps from dresses and bags.
  • Convenient to handle
  • It comes with the transparent plastic cap.
  • Safety ball to cover the needle.
  • Made from the hardened still.

CampTek 8PCS Colorful Sewing Seam Ripper

CampTek 8PCS Colorful Sewing Seam Ripper

Seam Ripper and thread remover kit come with the 2 big and 2 small sewing stitch thread un-picker and 1 sewing trimming scissor nipper tool which is used to remove the thread from the stitch. 1 piece storage bag, a bag is an essential part of the kit.

This is a complete kit and can be very handy for them, seam ripping. The combination of the small and big sewing ripper makes the sewers task very easy as they can now have the luxury to get into those small places with the small needle which was not possible with the single big needle.

The small needle is 3.5 inches long and large stitch unpicker is 5.5 inches long, they both come with the transparent cap, the longer fork of seam ripper is used to pick out the thread you have sewed, whereas the blade is used for cutting off the thread, fabric etc, and variety of other material.

For the Small unpicker, the large plastic cap can be used as the extension to increase the size of the handle, which can make it easier to hold and do the stitch removing the job.

The Large unpicker has the long flat handle to hold on, which gives it a very easy and comfortable grip. Because of its handle and blades, the unpicking becomes a very simple job, with only half of the effort.

The addition of the scissors in the kit, makes it a complete package as the removal and cutting of thread from the stitches can be a tricky thing and will require some effort, if it is done with the normal scissor, but the size of the kit scissor is as per the requirement and it is very hard, sharp and easy to use.

This scissor is a very important tool for different materials, fishing line, fabric and thread. In order to prevent rust from Trimming Scissor smear it with a layer of oil, wipe off before use

Features at a glance

  • The kit comes with picker in 2 different sizes
  • Multifunctional
  • 5.5 Inches in length, a long flat handle for smooth grip
  • 3.5 Inches, cap works as the extension of the handle
  • Made of good quality metal
  • The complete kit includes the 2 pieces large and 2 pieces small seam ripper1 piece sewing trimming scissor nipper.

Ultima 9 Piece Colorful Seam Ripper Assortment

Ultima 9 Piece Colorful Seam Ripper Assortment

If you are a part of sewers group who love to travel and sew, then this one is just the perfect pick for you Ultima piece Ripper Assortment comes with the 9 Piece, that includes 8 seam ripper ( 4 large rippers and 4 small rippers ) and one 5.5 inches razor-sharp surgical steel seam cutter.

These 8 seam rippers come in 4 vibrant colors and 2 sizes. A small seam ripper is of 3.5 inches in length which can be used to maneuver into small places, when you are stitching and sewing. The transparent plastic cap of the small ripper can be used as the extension to make it easier to handle.

The large seam ripper is of 55 inches in length and is made of top quality metal and plastic. Each seam ripper has the plastic cap to protect the fabric. These rippers are very safe for fabric as they are designed in such a way, that until and unless sewer made a mistake on its own, they will not damage the fabric.

The razor-sharp surgical steel blade is useful in removing the unwanted hems and seams that are coming out of the fabric.

It can work as the perfect travel partner for you, if you love to travel and stitch, as you can carry a couple of pieces in your travel kit and leave the rest at your home and can enjoy the sewing. Also, it can be a perfect gift for the one who enjoys sewing as the vibrant colors will make you happy along with its features.

Features at a glance

  • Piece set
  • Long ripper 5.5 Inches long Short Ripper 3.5 Inches long
  • Comes with the protective cap
  • Four Vibrant Colors
  • One razor sharp surgical steel blade
  • Handy for hems and seam removal

SINGER Comfort Grip Seam Ripper(7320)

SINGER Comfort Grip Seam Ripper(7320)

The one brand that comes to the mind, when you think of sewing instruments, is the single the company has the rich history and name in manufacturing sewing instrument, name it the needle to the sewing machine.

So this list wont have been complete without having any product from the Singer. Singers comfort grip ripper is one beautiful item comes with the rubber grip, and as the name suggest the comfort grip, it is actually very comfortable to grip and hold.

It is very hand and comfortable device for picking threads, opening stitched buttonholes and removing buttons and snaps. It is one of the most important items for seamstress kit, which they can use to alter or repair the stitches without damaging the fabric.

The color combination of the Singers seam ripper is very beautiful; it comes with the combination of pink and white color and can be a primary choice of any seamstress. The rubber tip on top of the handle provides the ultimate comfort for longer handling and doses not stresses out the fingers.

Features at a glance

  • Comfortable grip
  • Beautiful pink and white combination
  • Durable
  • Plastic cap protection
  • Perfect for long job hour.
  • Handy and suitable for repairing the stitches without harming the fabric.

SUBANG 12 Pack Large Size Seam Ripper

SUBANG 12 Pack Large Size Seam Ripper

Subang large ripper comes as part of 12 piece kit, in four different colors (Red, yellow, Green and Blue). All the 12 pieces are 5.6 Inches long and come as the 3 pieces per cord.

With the option of 4 different colors, you can have the option to choose the color according to your mood and choice. With the availability of 12 pieces, you can meet your requirement of quantities and also the quality of Subang. As you have 12 pieces, you can even gift the few to your friends, who have the interest in sewing.

Large thread unpicker is enabled to do the unpicking seams job with the help of a long flat handle which is easy to grip and does not stress you out. The transparent plastic cap can work as an extendable handle if you need the large handle for greater comfort.

All of these 12 items come together in a white box which helps you to store them in safely at one place and gives you the liberty to use them easily.

Features at a glance

  • 12 Pieces
  • 4 Vibrant colors
  • Easy to handle with cap extension
  • Comes with white storage box
  • Smooth grip Plastic ball for protection of Fabric
  • Made with Hardened steel

Things Need To Know About Best Seam Ripper Before Buy

Seam ripper is rightfully said one of the most important parts of the sewers kit, some may call it a reverse sewing tool because of the purpose it is used for If you needed to buy a seam ripper you should know what type of seam ripper you need.

There are two kinds of seam ripper available in the market one is forkhead and another one is curve blade. There is also a stiletto or awl which is used to move the fabric and works as the helping hand of the Ripper.


Before buying seam ripper for you, you should know which seam ripper suits your requirement and what are their uses according to their shape and sizes. There are numbers of expensive and cheap seam ripper available in the market, but the real things come in terms of the usage.


The most important thing to consider is the quality of the seam ripper, as it is a very stressful job and requires a lot of focus and attention to ripping off the seam, so you dont want to play with a cheap blunt blade, because it will double your effort and might end up damaging the fabric. So make sure to get the best sharp blade.


Handling of the device is as much important as the sharpness, as wrongful handling might and up tiring your fingers. That tiredness will affect your main job of sewing, so it is better to go for the ripper which is nice and smooth to handle can help you to finish your job quickly without stressing your fingers and eyes.

Product Type

As we have mentioned there are a couple of types of rippers are available in the market, which one you wants to buy depends upon your requirement and comfort. Most of the sewers prefer the fork-shaped ripper; the curved area of the fork-shaped ripper is usually the sharpest and is used for slicing the seam.

Whereas curve shaped ripper is exposed and incredibly sharp. Some people also call it the surgical seam ripper. Though it is very quick and sharp than the fork-shaped ripper, it is not recommended beginners should use it, as they might and up damaging the fabric. The expert sewers mostly use curve shape ripper. So you should know what, kind of sewer you are and what suits you best.


Rippers are very sharp and have to be placed with utmost safety, especially the curve shaped ripper. Most of the ripper comes with the safety cab to avoid any accidental damage to the person of the fabric. So before buying the ripper, you should check if it is coming with the safety cap or not

These are few of the tips and tricks that can be very helpful for you when you are going to buy the Seam ripper, as you can set your criteria and on the basis of that can choose the best suited to your requirement.


Seam ripper is a handy device for sewer, and helpful in the process of making an alteration, change, and correction. However, there are different types of seam ripper available in the market. You have to choose the best seam ripper according to your requirement and expertise.

As for the beginners it is recommended to use the fork-shaped ripper as it is saved and handy to use Experts always prefer to use the fork-shaped, because of the speed and sharpness.

The product comes in a number of colors and 2 sizes small and large, and there are many sewing product manufacturers, who made the seam ripper.

So it is always recommended to go for the branded product as they come with the better material type, safety and comfort features.

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