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Breakfast Plate ~ Overcast ~ Cleaning ~ Parsley Planted ~ Muffins and a Frittata

On the breakfast plate this morning - coconut waffles with homemade blueberry syrup, and organic sausage patties.

We've been hankering waffles lately, so in trying to stick to low carb, I looked up a few recipes using coconut flour and/or almond flour. Minus the mini-chocolate chips. Minus any sugar or sweetener.

The only thing missing? A side of scrambled eggs.

It's been so dark here lately. Lights on, candles are burning, and I keep cleaning to keep moving. I can't remember a time that the darkness latest this long here.

Speaking of Overcast, I will be sharing a set of pot holders soon. Crocheted in "overcast" color.

Here is photo of the yarn color. The person who asked me to make them, doesn't want them now. I just have to go back to pick them up, and have them up for sale soon. It also cost me more to buy this particular color too. I am just frustrated that I could have been working on something else with pay vs. no pay. Anyway, I will retrieve them soon.

I spent another hour in the utility room - seeds are organized, same with canning jars, and tossed some things.

I shopped from the garage. Found an under-the-shelf storage basket and now have a place for our work gloves. It was a bit mangled, but I bent it back into shape and that's organized now. The basket at the door was full of hats and headbands for working outside. That room is about 80% done now.

One tote has left the garage as well, and off the homestead. More will be leaving soon. I few items also left the closet.

I found some parsley seeds, and although not the best time to plant indoor, I did. We'll see what happens.

I'm doing well at balancing the day with a bit of this and that now. I even baked us strawberry muffins.

And a frittata, because the waffles didn't last long.