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Carry Safely and Easily With a Folding Grocery Cart

The weekly grocery run can be incredibly satisfying, but once you pull up to the house to unload, the ego takes over.

“I can totally take this all in one trip.”

The most likely answer to that hypothetical projection is no, you probably can’t. If you could, you wouldn’t need to question it. The next thing you know you’ve got grocery bags slipping and sliding, lettuce on the ground and god forbid a broken egg or two.

How can you save yourself from this ill-fated end to a productive Sunday? A grocery cart. There are some great models available to purchase on Amazon that can handle the carry and fold up for neat storage afterwards. Here are the best grocery carts on Amazon right now.

dbest Products Red Foldable Grocery Cart


This foldable grocery cart is also a protective shopping bag that will keep germs and bacteria off of your food while you shop, and keep it secure to the car and your front door. It’s lightweight, can balance on its own and the highly durable wheels won’t buckle even under intense weight.

The bag is made of weatherproof material for keeping contents dry and it includes a soft ergonomic handle for easy maneuvering. The bag is divided up into seven different sections for storage including front and rear pockets, a beverage holder and flap pocket for your wallet or other smaller items.

Remove the bag and it becomes a convenient lightweight trolley for moving bigger bulky items.

Pros: Weatherproof protective bag, heavy duty wheels, lightweight trolley capability.
Cons: Non-adjustable height.

dbest Products Red Foldable Grocery Cart

Buy: dbest Products Red Foldable Grocery Cart $32.99


Pipishell Shopping Cart


This grocery cart from Pipishell is super lightweight but durable enough to hold all your heaviest goods post-shopping. The handle has three different adjustable heights and is covered with a thick, spony material for comfort and grip.

This grocery cart has large dimensions and is strong enough to hold up to 66lbs, but still folds up compactly to fit in the trunk of a car or underneath the shelves of a pantry.

Pros: Large weight capacity, compact, easy grip handle.
Cons: Open-air, not covered.

Pipishell Shopping Cart

Buy: Pipishell Shopping Cart $49.99


TUOMAN Shopping Trolley


This shopping trolley from TUOMAN has large, off-road wheels designed to handle up to 110 lbs of weight. The wheels are fastened into place with a set screw lock so there’s no worry about them faltering or falling off, and the whole cart is made of premium aluminum alloy that will endure years of use.

The waterproof oxford storage bag has multiple compartments for keeping everything organized, and the frame is lightweight and easy to carry.

Pros: Strong wheels and frame, waterproof bag, built to last.
Cons: Bag has a smell when you first open it.

TUOMAN Shopping Trolley

Buy: TUOMAN Shopping Trolley $40.99


winkeep Jumbo Double Basket Grocery Cart


This grocery cart has one of the largest capacities we’ve seen, and 360° swivel wheels for easy maneuvering. This cart can carry up to 330 lbs of groceries and is made of heavy-duty, rust-proof metal that’s durable long-term.

The wheels are oversized so bumps along the way shouldn’t be a problem, and the extra basket in the back is sturdily attached for holding a purse, keys, phone or other belongings. The whole cart also has a reinforced mesh bottom that will prevent smaller grocery items from slipping through the cracks.

Pros: Large capacity, strong wheels, extra back compartment.
Cons: Requires more room to store.


winkeep Jumbo Double Basket Grocery Cart

Buy: winkeep Jumbo Double Basket Grocery Cart $107.39


winkeep Grocery Flat Folding Shopping Cart


This grocery cart from winkeep has a reinforced intensive mesh bottom designed to optimize the load capacity. It’s got a wide aluminum frame design that’s rust resistant and folds totally flat for convenient storage.

The wheels are oversized for bumps and easy maneuvering up and down stairs and they rotate 360° for easy turning. Use this cart at the farmer’s market, during and after a grocery trip for loading into the house or carrying laundry to and from the laundromat.

Pros: 360° swivel wheels, easy to maneuver, stores completely flat.
Cons: Interior of the basket is small.

winkeep Grocery Flat Folding Shopping Cart

Buy: winkeep Grocery Flat Folding Shopping Cart $81.59