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Crate & Barrel’s New Storage Drop Isn’t Your Average Collection of Seagrass Basket


Baskets prevent us from stepping on teeny, sharp Legos; keep the teetering pile of mail in the entryway from falling on the floor; and are the reason our freshly rolled-up bathroom towels still look perfect when guests arrive. They’re essential to staying organized, which is why we tend to collect a ton of them. And while there is nothing wrong with your typical neutral seagrass container, we just discovered ones that look as good as they’ll make you feel. 

As of today, Crate & Barrel will be selling products designed by Mo’s Crib, a South African decor brand founded by sisters Mo and Michelle Mokone in 2016. The colorful baskets and planters (starting at $119) in the assortment are part of the company’s PVC collection, a line made from reclaimed PVC water pipes, each individually handpicked and collected from landfills and construction sites in Africa. (PVC is the third-most produced plastic in the world, but less than 1 percent of it is actually recycled.)

Courtesy of Crate & Barrel
Mo’s Crib’s artisans manipulate the plastic into thin strips before neatly weaving them into the bins (it can take seven-plus hours). From fiddle-leaf figs to throw blankets to dirty laundry—yes, there’s also a hamper version in the mix!—these recycled baskets can handle heavy lifting and look extra good doing it. 

Mo’s Crib Woven Basket, Crate & Barrel ($120 each)

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