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Crushing On: Mushroom Decor

I am sure you have probably noticed this fun trend all over social media. Mushrooms seem to be everywhere these days! I have always loved them since they fit in nicely with my earthy, woodsy decor. From my bathroom wallpaper to my Christmas tree, I have incorporated them into my home for years. Here are some of my favorite examples of the mushroom decor trend.

Mushroom Lamps

One of the first things I noticed when this trend started to explode on social media was the abundance of mushroom lamps. Most of them were gold/brass but some were glass, ceramic or wicker. There are also a lot of DIY lamps and dupes. This lamp shape is definitely a popular choice right now!

Source: Amazon

This wicker mushroom lamp would look perfect in a boho space or a sweet woodland themed nursery. I bet it makes a wonderful pattern on the walls when it is lit up!

Source: CB2

Mushroom Decor

How sweet are these mushroom vases? Whether you filled them with greenery or wildflowers, these would look great in any space.

I have seen so many cute examples of mushroom hooks. I think these brass ones are my favorite.

Source: Earth Bound

I am obsessed with glass cloches and I want to make some clay mushrooms and put them under one like this. I think I found my next DIY project....

This Storage basket is the perfect touch to a playroom or child's bedroom! The top comes off and there's plenty of storage inside.

Source: Maisonette

Mushroom Stools

I have some stumps in my backyard that are screaming to be turned into some mushroom stools! Or a little side table. Aren't these so sweet? You could even stain the top a bit darker or paint on dots.

Source: Etsy

I would happily add them to my living room but I love seeing these stools in a craft room too! Such a whimsical, creative touch!

Source: Wescover

Mushroom Prints

Oh my goodness I found so many mushroom art prints! I could do a whole post on just my favorite prints. If you are looking for inexpensive, nature inspired art, consider a vintage style mushroom print!

Source: Etsy

These would look great in a kitchen or a study.

Source: Etsy

Mushroom Wallpaper

As a gardener and all around nature lover, I am drawn to these wallpaper choices. They kind of remind me of my bathroom wallpaper.

Source: Etsy

The darker version is more dramatic and I think it would look great as a back of a bookshelf or a little nook.

Source: Etsy

Mushroom Pillows

If you have a child's room that is woodland themed, I can't imagine cuter pillows for that space! The texture of these pillows would be so cozy!

Source: Amazon

aI love the vintage vibes these sweet mushroom pillows have.

Have you noticed the mushroom decor trend? What do you think of adding mushroom decor into your own home?

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