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Cute Japanese company brings out new carrying case for cats

Felissimo brings comfort and ease of mind to cats and owners alike with this cat-carrying bag.

There’s one word that cat owners dread just as much as the cats themselves do, and that word is “vet”. Even the mildest and well-mannered of moggies can turn into a flurry of claws and jaws when trying to bundle them into a pet carrier, and once they’re inside the cat carrier and presented to the vet in question, it’s another feat just to get them back out again.

Lifestyle company Felissimo, renowned for all kinds of adorable life-enriching products including specifically cat-themed ones, is here to soothe those raised haunches and ensure you can ferry your feline to their checkup in peace.

▼ Introducing the Register Basket Bag…for cats!

First, a little background: the Register Basket Bag, or Reji-kago Ryuku, is actually a pre-existing product from Felissimo. As its name implies, its primary use is to ferry purchases around. With plenty of storage space, backpack straps so you can keep your hands free, and a revolutionary design that makes it easy to stow away even the finickiest items, it’s no surprise that the Register Basket Bag is one of Felissimo’s hottest commodities. And now there’s a version for cats!

The backpack-styled bag can also be used as a tote or off-the-shoulder bag and has plenty of storage crannies, including a full zippered pocket on the bag’s front that’s perfect to tuck away medical records or personal notes.

▼ The front of the bag has an adorable cat-shaped print.

The bag was designed with the assistance of a licensed veterinarian in order to ensure it carries your cat in the utmost comfort. This is why the cat edition of the Register Basket Bag is lined with mesh netting to allow the cat within to see the world outside, a soft but secure base to keep the bag stable, and a clip to attach medical documents if necessary.

Now, how do you get the cat inside the bag? First, well…you have to envelop your kitty in the included mesh bag.

Zip it up quickly, then attach it to the carabiner hook inside the main bag.

Close the second outer zipper to provide an extra layer of insurance.

And then finish it off by pinching the top of the bag together and sealing it with, yes, a third zipper.

Of course, it’s highly recommended that you let your cat acclimatize to the bag as with any carrier. Practice putting your cat into the carrier and removing it often, so that you won’t be caught out in a pinch. And hey, you can even use the bag to go shopping for bulky cat products like litter and food!

▼ True to the original bag, it distributes weight evenly and has a ton of room inside. Just draw the strings closed once you pay!

This luxurious cat carrier costs 6,472 yen (US$56.74), but if it isn’t to your taste why not peruse some of Felissimo’s other ingenious inventions? They even have you covered if you’re a dog person…or heck, even if you prefer crabs!

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Source, images: PR Times
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