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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Some things were just made for each other. And that’s exactly how we feel about the pairing of black and khaki. Separately, they are their own powerful neutrals, but when combined, they become something extraordinary: a palette that speaks to today’s minimalist aesthetic while also channeling timeless elegance. Below, we explain how to chicly pull off this absolutely perfect pairing. 
Put Your Face On A Pedestal
The Emiko top, the Beebe belt, the Dorchester skirt, and the Bezel earrings.

Nothing elongates the neck and frames the face better than a simple black turtleneck (there’s a reason it’s so iconic). But a black turtleneck can look a little monochromatic without a supporting character. To break it up, cinch your waist with a wide belt, and balance the look with a khaki skirt. Throw on a pair of trendy sunglasses, and you’re basically an incognito movie star. 
Go Undercover
The Jensen trench, the Celeste top, the Oshima pant, the Grace loafers, and the Bezel earrings.

What are you hiding under there? Nothing is more alluring and mysterious than a perfectly fitted khaki trench coat. Paired with black pants and any top of your choosing, you’ll look like someone who has somewhere important to be, but won’t tell us exactly where that is. 
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The Giulia top, the Para pullover, the Foster pant, the Grace loafer, and the Bezel earrings.

We love the classic ways to mix black and khaki, but we’re fans of the new ways, too. Why not bring this perfect pair up to speed with an oversized pullover and a pair of comfy flats? They’re proof you don’t need to wear heels and a blazer in order to look polished and put together. 
A Word from Our Stylist, Nyjerah:
“I love a great black and khaki outfit—it works for every season and pretty much every personality, depending on how you style it. Go monochrome with a full khaki look, paired with your favorite pumps and a statement belt in black. Or add a fresh component, like white, to a black-blazer-and-khaki-pants combo (my favorite route to go!). And I know: Khaki can be tough for some skin tones. In this case, I suggest styling it as an accent, away from your face. It works for most women.” 

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