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Edit your home

These girls are guns when it comes to putting your house in order.

Meet Melissa and Jade — the dynamic duo behind The Edited Lifestyle, Adelaide’s newest answer to organisation.

Corporate powerhouses turned busy mums, they understand how a lack of time and a surplus of stuff can make your house feel overwhelming, which then runs into the rest of your routine. But help is here… and they come with arms full of storage containers.

Photo :: Wayne Pearson

What’s all the fuss about?

For Melissa and Jade, it’s all about creating calm and gaining control by transforming the busiest areas of a home. “People underestimate the impact of a disorganised home on the rest of your life. We help our clients create manageable systems, which empowers them to let that flow throughout their lives,” says Melissa.

For Melissa, there’s nothing more joyous than organising a playroom for littlies to explore, and Jade’s personal passion for organising pantries stems from her love of cooking.

How to get it happening in your home?

While they’ve got plenty of packages on their website, The Edited Lifestyle will take on anything thrown their way. “Bringing someone into your home can be a big step, so we’re happy to take it slow. If you want us to do a full edit, come at us, but if you’d rather some product suggestions or a styling moodboard, we’d love to help,” says Jade. Get in touch with the girls and they’ll come up with the perfect solution just for you.

Keep the momentum going

Don’t be mistaken — this is definitely not a once-off deep clean. The girls build systems that are organised but not perfect. “We’re all about building a base level of organisation, so you can live your life normally and then reset back to those systems and routines when you have the chance,” explains Melissa.

Style it up

Another one of their many passion projects is styling holiday homes and Airbnbs. “Organising and styling go hand in hand — so we figured, why not? We can help put manageable processes in place for the owners, while creating a beautiful space for a getaway,” smiles Jade.

Before. Photo :: Wayne Pearson 

After. Photo :: Wayne Pearson 

The Edited Lifestyle’s top tips

1. Dedicate 10 minutes once a day to completely clear the dining table and kitchen bench.

2.Use baskets — lots of them — around the home to hide things. Anything looks organised in a nice basket.

3.Categorise items and store them accordingly. You’ll spend less time looking for things, we promise!

Millie xx


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