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Personalizing a bathroom is about more than just the decor hung on the walls. Every single detail of a bathroom comes together to create a homeowner’s own unique design. One small detail that can add a touch of personality to a bathroom is a bathtub basket.

Shopping for bathtub baskets and other finishing touches for a bathroom is made simple with Kingston Brass. Kingston Brass offers a quality selection of bathroom accessories, available in a variety of styles and finishes.

For the homeowner considering the addition of a bathtub basket or tray, the following are all benefits that make this piece a worthy enhancement.

Keeps a Tub Space Organized

A bathtub basket or tray helps to keep a tub area decluttered. This is particularly helpful in the case of clawfoot or freestanding tubs. Often, these bathtubs do not have a deck space that can hold shampoos, soaps, and loofahs.

A bathtub basket creates a movable shelf where toiletries can be easily stored. Additionally, many bathtub baskets are equipped with individual soap trays and other handy storage spaces.

This not only keeps soaps and other items easily accessible, but it reduces the risk of slips in the tub. Bars of soap and tipped-over shampoo bottles can create a slick surface, which is why it is best to keep these off of the floor of the tub.


Adds a Spa-Like Experience

Nothing is more enjoyable than relaxing in a hot bath. A bathtub tray allows homeowners to bring the spa to their own bathroom. Envision relaxing in a hot bath with a candle burning, a book propped up, and a cup of tea or favorite beverage.

A bathtub tray makes it easy to do just that with its ample space for resting items during a relaxing soak. Rather than reaching over the edge of the tub to grab a book or a drink, a tray allows the user to soak in comfort with everything at finger’s reach.

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Offers Easy Customization

Creating a custom bathroom is simple with the right accessories. Bathtub baskets are designed in a variety of styles and finishes. Homeowners can choose from the following finishes, picking the ideal match for their design preference:

Polished brass
Brushed nickel
Polished chrome
Oil rubbed bronze


Shop Kingston Brass for Bathroom Accessories

A bathtub tray is just one of many options for customizing this space. Homeowners looking to add personality to their bathroom should spend some time perusing Kingston Brass’s collection of bathroom accessories. Featuring luxury designs and stunning finishes, there are countless options for adding elegance to the home.

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