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Give Your Entryway A New Look For The New Year

By now youre starting to feel the effects of winter on your entryway with coats piling up and muddy boots and drippy umbrellas creating a tripping hazard. Before you absolutely forbid the family to use the front door, talk to Tailored Living about enhancing your entryway with custom storage solutions that will save your floor, your home, and your sanity. Youll get through the winter months with much less mess and stress and start the New Year with relaxed, new style!

A custom entryway for the way you live will keep the family organized and prevent clutter throughout the house

Set a new standard at the front door

It can be discouraging to come home to a cluttered and messy entryway. Makes you want to turn around and just go to Starbucks! An efficient entryway can be both beautiful and functional, making it more of a joy to come home. Guests and family alike will appreciate the serenity of an organized space that makes coming and going more pleasant. A custom storage solution for your entryway from Tailored Living will organize coats, scarves, backpacks, laptops, jackets, purses, shoes, and boots, and make your entryway an integral part of your homes unique style. Every family is different, so what is helpful in one entryway may not be in another. Tailored Livings in-home, consultative process considers the specific needs of your family when designing storage and organization solutions for your entryway. Whether you prefer everything behind closed doors or an easily accessible open design, youll have a custom solution that works best for you and your family.

Color and style options ensure that your entryway design will be compatible with your existing home dcor whether traditional or modern

  • Decorative hooks quickly organize outerwear like coats and hats.
  • Shelves give wet shoes and boots space to dry out after wearing.
  • Individual cubbies or drawers help family members keep track of their personal items like keys, gloves, scarves, phones, iPods, etc., that need to be handy for coming and going.
  • Low hooks, cubbies and drawers let the kids can easily manage their own possessions.
  • Incorporate bench seating to assist with swapping out wet shoes or to download packages.
  • Students have a place to drop off books and projects, so they wont lose track of them.
  • A special pet basket or drawer can hold everything you need for dog walking: leashes, sweaters, treats, waste bags, and towels to dry muddy feet.
  • If sports equipment clutters your entryway, enclosed cabinets can hide larger items like rackets, hockey sticks and ice skates, with drawers for helmets, mitts and pucks.

Give your entryway its own personality

Just as you have special decorative touches in the rest of the house, create a unique, engaging space at the front door. Fully functional design can be fun with statement-making decorative hooks, umbrella stands, mirrors, and shelves that delight the eye. Be fanciful, colorful, dramatic, or elegant with accessories to add even more utility to your entryway. Pick a color, pattern, or style, and find art, accents, and furnishings that bring the theme to life.

Create an exciting space with entryway enhancements that reflect your personality

  • A standing coat rack can beautifully accommodate multiple items in very little space.
  • Character hooks can separate wet garments and, at the same time, be an art form.
  • An umbrella stand or large basket will keep wet umbrellas from puddling on the floor.
  • Distinctive mirrors can create the illusion of more space by reflecting light.
  • Add a decorative table, chair, or bench for style and utility.
  • Rugs can add texture and color as well as safety to prevent slippery floors, or place separate mats or rugs where wet shoes and boots can dry.
  • Paint the entryway a bold color.

Dont forget the other side of the door

An outside front doorway can often be overlooked, especially in harsh winter weather, with little thought given to its appearance. But the front porch is a prelude to your interior entryway and should be part of the rejuvenation. With a little effort, you can coordinate the outside with the inside for a warm welcome all year long.

Make your home more welcoming with an attractive, uncluttered front porch

  • Have a welcome mat that coordinates with the colors and patterns in your new entryway.
  • Sweep cobwebs out of corners and from over the door.
  • Keep your front porch area well-lighted and free of clutter. With steps, this is especially important to avoid trips or falls. Motion-sensor lights give added security.
  • Have a flowerpot or two by the door with winter greenery like evergreen boughs with solar garden lights added. After dark, they provide illumination and look very pretty.
  • A sturdy, big basket can collect and contain things that dont need to go in the house.
  • Depending on your space, you can have a bench, porch swing, or patio set. Seasonal and holiday decorations are especially inviting.
Dont live with a trail of clutter emanating from the front door. With a custom entryway designed for your lifestyle, youll be able to keep the whole family organized and your home more clutter-free. The front door and entryway create the first impression visitors will get of your home, so make sure its a good one. Plus, youll love coming home to a space designed for comfort and convenience. Thats the very best welcome home! Call 866-641-8958 (US) or 866-973-8221 (CAN) to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online to www.tailoredliving.com to find a designer near you and transform your entryway before the New Year. As whole home organization and storage specialists, our designers can bring calm out of chaos in any area of your home with closet storage systems, pantry design, custom home offices, Murphy Beds, entertainment centers, laundry room storage, garage storage cabinets and custom garage flooring.

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