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Hi, friends!

I’m hitting publish on this post a little early this week, so I guess it’s technically the “Thursday 5,” right? It’s actually a special edition of the Friday 5 (uh, Thursday 5) since it focuses on affordable fleece pullovers. (Yes, I’m obsessed!) You might remember my (intense) love for this cozy fleece, which I can’t wait to wear as soon as the temperatures really start to cool down. It’s hanging in our hall closet ready to be worn ASAP!

You guys have really loved my recent Amazon fashion blog posts and try-on videos, so I wanted to do a round-up of affordable women’s pullovers. I actually own the first one featured and wear it ALL the time, especially to and from the gym, walks with Murphy, and even around the house on chilly mornings. It’s my “I don’t mind if it gets sweaty or dog fur on it” fleece. The one mentioned above is my “fancy” fleece! 😉

Each of the fleece pullovers mentioned below is equally as stylish as it is affordable – many of which cost less than $30! I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a totally reasonable price for sprucing up your Fall wardrobe! That said, I hope you find something you love! 🙂

PRETTYGARDEN Button Neck Splice Geometric Pattern Fleece Pullover
The fleece is THE FLEECE. I love everything about it, and I wear it ALL the time – probably too much. Ha! Mal has actually commented more than once about just how much I wear it. It’s just so comfy, and I’ve seriously considered buying it in white with the green pattern on the chest. Love, love, love! Also important to note: The fleece is washable and holds up really well. I’ve probably washed it a half dozen times since I bought it last year, and it still looks great!

BTFBM Sherpa Sweatshirt Soft Fleece Pullover
I love this cozy pullover because it’s so roomy and snuggly. The color block is also great, and it comes in a number of different colors, so you’ll definitely be able to find a combo that you love!

AlvaQ 1/4 Zip Camo Pullover Outwear Sweatshirt
How adorable is this top?! Ok, it’s not technically a fleece, but camo is so popular right now, I figured I’d give it a shout out. The fabric is thicker than a regular shirt, but definitely still lightweight. It actually comes in some other colors and fun patterns, so be sure to check them all out!

onlypuff Sherpa Jacket Women Pullover Sweaters Fleece
I’m obsessed with this fuzzy fleece. The white is amazingggg! It also comes in lots of different colors and only costs $23, which is a great alternative to the more expensive one from L.L. Bean. Woohoo! 

Eytino Oversize Fleece Sweatshirt Pullover Outwear Coat
I’m lovvvving the fleece! It comes in a bunch of different color options as well as a black and white checkered pattern, which is super cute! Some color options are priced as low as $9.99! It’s definitely worth a look for that price! 🙂

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