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How to become more ECO-Friendly in 2020.

If youre keen to start being more eco friendly then read on! We have a few ideas on how you can lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle in the home!

Our ideas will help to conserve resources like water and energy whilst preventing pollution. Just a few small changes in our everyday life can help to make a huge difference.

Read on to find out how you can become more eco friendly in 2020!

Buy Re-useable Bottles.

Plastic waste is a huge concern for our environment as clearly illustrated in our Reduce Plastic Waste Infographic. Using re-usable bottles is a great way to help reduce plastic waste.There are over 12,000 re-fill stations dotted around the UK which provide free water for those using re-fillable bottles. Treat yourself to a good quality re-useable bottle and youll find you will soon knock the habit of buying single use plastic bottles on the head for 2020!

Consider A Filtered Water Tap or Carbonator.

If you plan to keep healthy during 2020 drinking plenty of water should be on your agenda. If you buy bottled water for the taste wed really recommend investing in a filtered water tap. A filtered tap removes any little nasties from the water whilst still retaining all the essential minerals. Filtered water is great for children and their developing immune systems too, in fact, it is an excellent healthy option for all the family! Plus, if you stop buying bottled water youll create less plastic waste pollution which is much better for the environment.

We have an extensive range of filtered water taps at Appliance House starting from as little as 100. If you fancy filtered water but dont wish to change your existing tap then the Abode Swich Water Filter Diverter would be a superb choice. The Abode Swich allows you to quickly switch from normal cold water to cold filtered water with the twist of a dial.

Perhaps you purchase bottled water because you enjoy carbonated water. Recent developments in tap engineering have seen the arrival of sparkling water taps for the kitchen. Sparkling water delivered straight from your tap will save you heading to the shop to stock up on bottles of fizzy water. Many carbonated water bottles go flat when unused and are then thrown away, wasting water and money. With a sparkling water tap, each glass will be fresh and full of bubbles.

Grohe Blue Home Duo
Grohe Blue Home Hot, Cold, Filtered, Chilled, and Sparkling Water Tap.

The Quooker Cube is also a great investment if you enjoy filtered sparkling water. It can be added to any existing Quooker Boiling Water Tap manufactured from October 2017 onwards. Sparkling water produced via the Quooker Co2 cartridge costs just 29p per litre delivered. On average a bottle of sparkling mineral water costs around 90p per litre. Thats a saving of 61p for every litre you drink!So it saves you money and is better for the environment as youll no longer need to buy it in plastic bottles!

For those who love to combine style and function and enjoy a sparkling drink or two, look no further than the beautiful Aarke Carbonator II. This fabulous sparkling water maker is built to last and is really simple to operate. It is available in a range of colours including copper, brass, black, polished steel and white.

The Aarke carbonator can be used with Sodastream and AGA Linde gas cylinders.Its available for a great price and its incredibly stylish too! An excellent choice for any kitchen. It comes with a re-useable PET water bottle with a lid so you can take sparkling spritzers out and about, wherever you go!

Invest In Bees Wraps.

Most kitchens will have a roll of cling film lurking in a drawer, ready to wrap leftovers. An excellent natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage is a Bees Wrap.

Bees Wraps are recyclable and plastic-free making them an eco friendly choice. The majority of Bees Wraps are made of beeswax, organic cotton, organic jojoba oil and tree resin. When you need new ones you can cut them up and add them to your compost heap or wrap around kindling and use them as a natural fire starter so theres no waste, unlike cling film!

Youll find a good selection of Bee Wrap sizes that are suitable for covering different sized bowls. Theyre great for wrapping sandwiches, cheese, fruit, vegetables and more. A durable, versatile and sustainable choice.Bees Wraps are reusable too. Simply wash in cool water with a mild washing up liquid and let them air dry ready to use again and again.

Clean With An E Cloth.

Cleaning with an e-cloth is a really easy way to become more eco friendly around the home! It will save you money in the long run too. An e-cloth allows you to clean with just water and the results are amazing. Chemical free cleaning means youll no longer need loads of expensive cleaning products, the majority of which come in plastic bottles.

The e-cloth has been engineered in a special way so the cloth is capable of locking mould and bacteria within the cloths fibres. These germs remain locked away until the cloth is rinsed. According to statistics on e-cloths website over 99% of bacteria and mould are removed during cleaning. After rinsing with warm water an e-cloth re-introduces just 0.01% of bacteria back onto a sterile surface.

OurE-Cloth Home Cleaning Setincludes 8 cloths for cleaning all around the home without the need for chemicals. The set includes a bathroom cloth, hob and oven cloth, stainless steel cloth, kitchen cloth, window cloth, duster and two glass & polishing cloths.Each cloth has been designed to perform the best it possibly can for the task in hand. The E Bathroom Cloth has extra absorbency while the E Kitchen Cloth features a scrubbing pocket to tackle stubborn residue.

OurBest Tips For Sparkling Clean Kitchen Appliancesis a great read. It provides eco friendly cleaning suggestions and important maintenance to ensure appliances continue to work effectively.

Invest in a Soap Dispenser.

Hygiene is important so every home needs hand wash situated around the home. A soap dispenser installed in a kitchen worktop or on a bathroom wall is a great starting point for a more eco friendly you! Once you install a refillable soap dispenser it can be filled using Eco refill pouches. Many companies claim this saves up to 85% less plastic.

The elegant Quooker Nordic Soap Dispenser is designed to compliment the Quooker boiling water tap range. Engineered to exceptionally high standards and constructed with a solid metal interior and bearings, the Quooker soap dispenser will last for many years to come.

It is also worth checking out the ingredients in the hand washes you use. Avoid hand washes containing a cocktail of synthetic chemicals. When they get rinsed down the drain, some of these chemicals are hazardous to the environment. Look for all-natural, organic washes as this generally signifies the ingredients are not synthetic or chemical based and therefore better for the environment and water ways. Washes that are paraben-free and cruelty-free also help to support a sustainable environment.


Recycling is really important. Recycling waste in the home is easier than ever with a set of recycling waste sorters. Our Pull-Out Recycling Bins enable you to neatly separate your household waste into individual bins (paper/plastic/compost/general waste etc) which makes recycling even easier for you.

If youre planning a new kitchen refurb or have space to add a recycling zone in your existing kitchen then these bins are really worth the investment. Models are suitable for 600mm or 300mm kitchen base units and come in a range of configuration options.

Zero Waste Week - Reduce Kitchen Waste

Disposing of your old bulky appliances can be stressfulbut not when you shop with us! If youre looking for new appliances, we offer a recycling service where we will collect your old appliance at the same time as we deliver your brand new one.

We will remove and recycle your old appliance in an environmentally friendly manner for a small fee of 20. Simply visit ourRecycling Servicepage and click the buy button and the recycling option will be added to your basket.