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How to Decorate Your RV for Summer

Whether your RV is permanently parked or you’re a camper looking for a summertime makeover, it would be pleasant if you decorate it according to the current season. It doesn’t mean you have to change the whole of your RV decorations. With a simple touch, you can bring a summer vibe into your RV. It is a simple to do. First, summer is identical to the bright vibes. In this case, you can change your RV in a vibrant shade. For another option, use wall decals that synonymous to the summer season. Moreover, you can embrace a natural vibes. A nautical theme or beach style is also great for summer RV decoration. Don’t forget to place some plants or greenery in your RV. You can choose tropical plants to strengthen the summer vibes. For other ideas, you can replace your RV curtain with the sheer ones, use floral bedsheet, place flower centerpiece, colorful pillows to use summer ornaments. Furthermore, here are some ideas for you.

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Summer Grennery Wreath


Decorating an RV summer by adding a garland of greenery complemented by the American flag will create a different design. Jam, adding yellow flowers in this ceramic vase will liven up summer throughout the room. An old sign placed under this wreath would make a beautiful and eye-catching decoration. Place this summer ornament on the kitchen counter for a trendy design.  Grennery Wreath Summer RV from lifestorage

Monstera Plant


You can use monstera plants to give your summer RV a fresh air and botanical theme look. Placing it between the armchairs will create plants as the focal point of the room. Choosing these large frameless windows will also let sunlight into the house and will brighten up the entire room. This white color scheme and wooden floors help you decorate a spacious and warm room.  Monstera Plants from sofamaniausa

Yellow Curtain


To make your RV room look more summery, you can use yellow flower-patterned curtains to enliven the summer in your RV room. This is easy for you to try so that it will be a beautiful room decoration and will give privacy to the design of this RV room. This beige color scheme will add an eye-catching décor and a warm touch to the entire room.  Yellow Flower Curtain from greystonecrochet

Summer Boho RV


This bohemian themed RV living room will add a great look to your summer RV décor. Pair it with white pillows and patterned pillows for the best look. In addition, the tassel accents in this living room decor will add style to any of your RV décor and will make the design perfect. These black and white striped curtains will create a beautiful home decor and provide privacy throughout the house.  Boho Living Room RV from trucknorristravels

Pink Bedding Set


This bright pink bed adds to the decor of this RV. Pair it with a boho and floral pillow for a more perfect look that will brighten up the summer in this bedroom decor. This white color scheme and some hanging ornaments will make the home decor beautiful and will steal the eyes of every guest who comes. These small windows on each wall will let the sunlight into the house and will make the room bright and airy.  Pink Bedding Set from adventuringwithlola

Summer RV Living Room


Adding a U-shaped sofa in the corner of an RV is a great idea for spending time on the road. Complete the look with pillows in a bold color scheme for a unique design to bring summer to the whole room. This beautiful decoration will produce a comfortable home decor and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. This cactus plant in the middle of the coffee table will make the living room decor fresh.  Summer RV Living Room from gomighway

Earthy Tone


Decorating this summer RV in earthy tones will make the decor beautiful and look more stylish. Opting for a white color scheme and wood accents on this floor and table will make a pretty décor and will brighten up the room. In addition, this brown bedding set will also produce beautiful home decorations that are similar in shape. Windows everywhere are able to provide a bright room and sunlight into this RV. Earth Tone RV Summer from vanlifelifestyle

Summer RV Dining Room 208782901_860372181503849_7259199516884204588_n

The blooming flowers on this dining table centerpieces are able to give a fresh and natural feel to the entire RV this summer. Assembling yourself and placing it in a glass vase wrapped in lace can give a beautiful look. In addition to flowers, you can add strawberries and some empty glasses to complete the look of this table. This macram-hung greenery will also complete the dining room look this summer. Bloom Flower Centrepieces from min_lilla_adria_305

Bright Orange Pillow


Adding color to the décor of this all-white RV living room will make for a pretty décor and provide some pretty lighting. A few of these orange pillows would make a lovely RV living room decor with summer splendor to the rest of the room. This blue cabinet will also be a bright and charming decoration.  Orange Pillow from lightravelers

Pastel Blue Cabinet


Choosing this blue cabinet will make your summer kitchen décor brighter and look stylish. You can try adding additional storage to your RV kitchen to maximize space. The white color scheme and a few windows here and there will make the home decor spacious and look brighter. These hardwood floors will keep your RV warm at night. Blue Cabinet from beyondpaintdiy

Summer Bedroom


If you have a farmhouse-style RV décor, try using these white walls to brighten up your summer RV bedroom. Not only that, this wall is also equipped with a wooden table so that it will make the room decoration beautiful and look brighter. Some old furniture can also give it a vintage look, and the greenery in this small vase can complete the look of your RV. White Color Bedroom from landontroymcafee

Shiny Blue Backsplash


This modern RV kitchen features an electric blue glossy backsplash to bring a bold, summery look to the entire space. Opting for this white backsplash color scheme stands out. This wooden table will also make the room decor look more natural and sturdy. Greenery in a small vase in the corner of this counter will add beauty to the design of the room and a touch of freshness to the entire RV. Blue Tile Blacksplash  from pretty.little.rvs

Coastal Bedroom


Not only in decorating the RV living room, you can also use the beach style in your bedroom. The choice of a white color scheme on the walls and blue on the headboard will strengthen the beach style while giving a bright and airy feel to the room. White curtains equipped with blue pom poms are able to give a different look as well as a beautiful design for the entire room. This wicker basket placed under the bed will beautify your RV bedroom and will create a natural feel to the room. Coastal Bedroom from pretty.little.rvs

Modern Coastal Dining Room


The modern beach design in this RV dining room is capable of giving a different design and will make for a beautiful design. The choice of a natural color scheme and wood accents on this floor will make the decor beautiful and different. This dining table and side table set will produce a beautiful home decor and look more stylish. Modern Coastal Dining Room from  lovethatrv

Natural Summer RV


The white color scheme in this RV kitchen decor will make the room decor attractive and eye-catching. This white color scheme gives the room a spacious and bright look. The small windows in this backsplash will provide natural light and will make the RV look bright and airy. Green plants in small vases here also give the impression of a fresh and cool room. Natural Summer Kitchen from  lovethatrv

Blue and White Bedding Set


Decorating your RV with a beach theme can’t go wrong for you to try. Simply using a blue and white color scheme on this bedding set will create a different design and will steal the show. Choosing a pillow with this shibori pattern will also strengthen the marine style into your RV bedroom decor. The cabinet above the bed has a blue color that will provide a perfect contrast to the rest of the RV bedroom. Shibori Bedding Set from stagecoachdetaildesign

Paddle Ornament


Decorating an RV in a beach style is not a bad idea for you to try. Using accent paddles as wall hangings is a simple way you can try to give a summer vibe to the whole room. Pair it with some wood furniture to give this RV a beautiful decor and natural touch. Orchid flowers blooming in this vase bring freshness and a natural feel to the entire room. Paddle Wall Art from stagecoachdetaildesign

Geometric Wallpaper


Designing an RV bedroom with a blue and white color scheme on this wallpaper will give a beautiful look and a different design. Choosing to apply it to an RV interior and pairing it with this white cabinet will balance the look of your RV. This copper wall lamp also offers dramatic lighting and will add a touch of elegance to the entire room. Blue Geometric Wallpaper 

Natural Bedroom


This bedroom design using natural touches provides a distinct and summery décor throughout this RV. Choosing wooden furniture and wicker baskets will add natural style to the entire room. This blue wallpaper with a geometric pattern is able to provide a different decoration every year. This bamboo curtain also gives a natural touch to the whole room. Natural Bedroom from pretty.little.rvs

Natural Summer RV


This TV decoration in a natural style will give you a calm and warm impression for you to try this summer. Opt for a white color scheme and this wood finish adds a beautiful and eye-catching look. The oak floors and some of this furniture give a distinct design and a natural touch to your entire RV home. The right lighting and sunlight entering this RV will provide a bright room design. Natural Summer RV from pretty.little.rvs

White Color Scheme


Using an all-white scheme in decorating an RV bedroom this summer, give it a different design and create a bright look. Combined with this oak floor will look attractive and a great contrast to the room. This white bedding set, complete with striped pillows, will reinforce the beach style throughout this RV bedroom. This niche lighting will give a spacious and airy room design.  White Color Scheme from pretty.little.rvs

Pastel Pillows


Complete your white sofa with some pastel cushions to spice up summer in this RV. The selection of this type of pillow will also enhance the appearance of this small summer living room so that it becomes a stylish room decoration. Add a small Scandinavan-style coffee table to enhance the look of this RV. The white color scheme and windows on one of the walls of this RV will give the illusion of a bright and spacious room. Pastel Pillow from wisco_flip

Flower Bedding Set


Flowers are the hallmark of summer style in your home decor. Applying this pattern to a bedding set will liven up summer throughout your RV bedroom. Plus some pillows and soft blankets, this will provide a warm space when you’re traveling. This white cabinet and wooden pallet headboard brings a rustic style to your summer RV décor.  Flower Bedding Set from wisco_flip

Geometric Backsplash


Decorating the kitchen with a geometric pattern on the backsplah is not a bad thing for you to try. Choosing this blue and white color will look bright and add beach style to the entire kitchen. This white color scheme will also make the home decor wider and look brighter. This is a simple way to decorate the kitchen with a summer vibe in your RV. Geometric Backsplash from pretty.little.rvs

Striped Curtain


This new RV decoration brings beach style to the whole space. Choosing to use these blue and white striped curtains will give this RV a distinct look and beautiful design. Pairing them with white windows and walls will bring out the color in these striped curtains and add color to the entire room. This wooden furniture and plush sofa provide extra comfort when you are traveling. Striped Curtain from wisco_flip