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How to Style a Console Sink


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Console sinks are essential for a vintage or traditional bathroom because their open style offers the right style. But these fixtures won’t blend into the bathroom on their own.

There are plenty of accessories that make the most of a console sink design. Style a console sink to maximize its functionality and beauty without giving up valuable floor space.

Order Matching P-Traps

Since the console sink doesn’t obscure the plumbing with a cabinet or decorative cover, it’s important to buy decorative P-traps and water lines.

A matching finish on these parts ensures that they match the faucet and other fixtures in the room. There’s no need to settle for bland PVC or chrome plumbing parts when finished accessories are available for a more attractive look for the under-sink area.

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Choose an Eye-Catching Faucet

Without the bulk of a cabinet or pedestal to distract the eye, the console sink can look a little minimalistic in a larger bathroom space. An eye-catching bathroom faucet that is taller or larger than the usual designs is often the best way to balance out this effect. This could be a deck-mounted model with a particularly high Victorian spout for an elegantly traditional appearance.

Maximize Storage Space

Removing the storage space of the cabinet vanity frees up floor space for a more open feeling to the room. But where are the hand towels, extra toilet paper, or cleaning products going to go? Add in some storage accessories like freestanding and wall shelves to redistribute the storage burden around the room without distracting the eye. Another option is a floor storage option like a basket or crate, which can even fit under the console sink.

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Mount the Mirror Low

The flat and relatively thin appearance of the vanity top on a console sink makes it a good pairing for large and ornate mirrors. If a basic bathroom mirror is preferred, consider mounting it lower than usual to mirror the rich appearance of the vanity top. Make sure the faucet won’t clash with the sink and use a short model if more space is desired for lowering the mirror.

Shop Kingston Brass

Console sinks are great for more than just traditionally styled bathrooms. They free up floor space and give the room an open feeling. With so many tricks for styling, there’s no need for them to all look the same. Find the perfect console sink for completing any remodel or new construction here at Kingston Brass.


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