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Junior Year House Tour: Kitchen & Living Room

I am SO excited for my next few blog posts as I am sharing a tour of my house that I am currently live for junior year! I lived on campus for my first two years of college (in a dorm freshman year and then on my sorority hall sophomore year) but moved off campus for my junior year! My roommate from last year and I are living in a darling two bedroom house this year and we love having more space from our teeny tiny dorm.

Today, I will be sharing pictures from our first floor (living area, kitchen, laundry, and powder room) as well as bit of our shared space upstairs! I shared the inspiration for our downstairs area over the summer and I love how it came to life!

When you walk into our house, the first thing you see is our living room and kitchen. Our house came furnished, which is nice as we didn't have to worry about buying a couch or any big pieces of furniture. We wanted to have the space be pink and girly and I think all of the colors work super well together in our space and it's the perfect spot to hang out with friends!

(sorry that you can see the flash in my camera in the tv!)

Our kitchen is fairly big and has a lot of storage, which is super nice. We didn't have to bring a lot for this area but I love how modern it is!

Underneath our stairs, we have a closet that has a bunch of mechanical stuff but we also use as extra storage. I bought a cart from the Container Store to hold extra things so this is really just a storage space.

As you walk to the back of the house, we have a long wall with the door to the under-the-stairs closet. On one side, I have an abstract-ish canvas that my little and I made and the other has a bunch of pictures. My mom gave me this picture holder (for lack of a better word) my freshman year but I haven't had the space for it until now.

At the back of our house, we have the laundry room and guest bathroom. The laundry room isn't anything exciting but is super practical. The guest bathroom is super nice as whenever our friends come over, they don't have to go upstairs to go to the bathroom. We kept it fairly simply with the decor but I think it looks cute!

Next to our laundry room is our back door. Honestly, it is nothing too exciting as it is just a mulched area with our trash can with a view of our neighbors' back doors and trash cans.

At the bottom of the stairs, we had a bit of space that we weren't quite sure what to do with. I had this bookshelf at home so when my parents came for family weekend, I had them bring it and it works perfectly for the space! We jazzed it up with pictures on the wall and then some knick knacks!

When you walk upstairs, we have our linen closet, where we keep extra towels and cleaning supplies, and then each of our rooms. We have a wall in between our two doors so I took a bunch of art prints that I used in both of my dorms to make a small gallery wall.

As you head down our stairs, we have a small wall so I put a canvas that used to be in our sorority's chapter room there. It's not the cutest but it's more sentimental than anything!

Living Area Accent Chairs: Home Goods Square Frames: Amazon Accent Chair Pillows: Target (similar) Accent Table: An old table from my house that my mom and I repainted! Gold Picture Frame: Ikea Candle- Diptyque "Mimosa" Flowers in a Mason Jar: DIY (everything from Michaels) Couch Pillows: Anthropologie and Pottery Barn Lamp: Ikea Side Table Picture Frame: Ikea
Coaster: Anthropologie (found in the sale room at the Charlotte store) Rug: RugsUSA (under $100) Tray: Lilly Pulitzer (old Gift with Purchase) TV: Amazon Tassel Banner: DIY (blog post with instructions coming soon) Pebbled Picture Frame: Target (no longer available) Hourglass: Ikea Gold frame: from my bedroom at home Books: "Grace, Not Perfection", "All in Good Taste", "Whiskey in a Teacup"
Gold Candle- Capri Blue (bought at Anthropologie) Basket: Target
Curtains: Target (held up with a tension rod and command hooks)
Abstract Canvas: DIY
Kitchen "I really love carbs" Sign- Hobby Lobby Keurig Toaster- Target Utensil Holder- Target Tea Towel- Swoozies (available on Etsy) Paper Towel Holder- Target Letter Board- Christmas gift (similar) Candle- Marshall's
Storage Closet Cart- The Container Store
Guest Bathroom Power Room Sign- Target Canvas- Hobby Lobby Hand Towel- Home Goods Rug- Home Goods
Bottom of the Stairs Bookshelf- old from home Square Frames- Amazon
Picture Frames- Home Goods
Trays- Lilly Pulitzer (no longer available)

Upstairs Gallery Wall
Flower Print- Evelyn Henson
"work hard so you can shop harder"- Sweetly Sally Designs c/o
Clemson Print- Swoozies
Aloha print- a gift from when my parents were in Hawaii
Brunch print- Evelyn Henson (old)
Stay tuned for pictures of both Rachel and I's bedrooms! Thanks for reading! #College #Apartment
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