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Operation Organization The Kitchen Pantry

So here we are more than a week well into the January Organization Challenge and I dont know about you, but I feel SO much lighter after clearing out my master closet, home office, junk drawers, nightstands and more. A big high five to myself for staying on target and actually completing my mission [so far at least]. If youre just tuning in, Ill link the challenge calendar belowyou can always dive in and join a bit late!!!

Earlier this week, I had the priviledge of having Holly from Neat Method Nashville over to my home for a little pantry refresh. Tomorrows agenda calls for all things KITCHEN PANRTY so I thought this was the perfect time to share some of her incredible knowledge + know how so than you can get prepped and primed to tackle your pantry to make it a happy space where everyone in your family knows how to snag their snacks, essentials, paper products, etc.

AND because everything is easier to interpret via a graphic, I whipped up this handy dandy cheat sheet with Hollys Five Steps to an Organized Pantry:

Lets drill down a bit more with each specific stepof course I took notes when she was with me so that I could pass on her genius to all of you as well!

Yes, everything. Remove all the boxes + bins, random nonsense cluttering up the space, and get your pantry spic and span. Wipe down the cabinets/shelves and get that dust gone and if youre like me, whip out your beloved Dyson to do the job for you. Once you see your space you can better understand how it can function for your family!

I think this might be my favorite step duh! I know this can seem daunting to categorize everything in the pantry, but make it work for you. Im pretty organized already, but Holly saved me with some new options to utilize for various items we use each and everyday and I think these small changes will make a big difference. For instance, dont just use a basket for breadin that same container you can store tortillas, muffins + pastries, etc and label it bakery [more on that in step 5]. Here are some of the top titles we used for my space:
Pasta + Grains | Dinner Prep [all those soup mixes + crock pot packets] | Pasta + Grains | Seeds + Nuts

Even though I am an avid cleaner-outter [not sure thats a word, but I made it one!]], I couldnt believe how many random things I had in my pantry that had expired. My baking powder was overdue to be tossed and so were a few of the girls grab-and-go snacks be sure to check those baking products, sauces, spices and such toothose are ones I tend to overlook! Also, if there is a random item youve had in your pantry forever in the hopes you might use it or cook with it, but have yet to do so, toss it. You forgot it was there for a reason ;).


I want to preface this for my personal space as we didnt do it for me, JUST because of the fact I already had a ton of baskets and storage options already on-hand and we didnt need to duplicate efforts just for the pretty factor. Now you know I love pretty, but functional and budget-friendly is also important and its not all about the aestethic sometimes it needs to be about usefulness and making your days easier! Holly was great in utilizing items I already own and now Ive got a tiny shopping list to hit up on my next Container Store run [mainly Click Clack Storage Canisters for cereal, pancake mix, etc]. She also mentioned using baskets + bins that work well with your home, so when she does a consult she always asks for what types of containers you prefer, go with your home, etc.

So back to the issue at hand measurements! Get your measuring tape out, check depth and width for cabinets and shelves, quantities for what you need and formulate a game planit can get overwhelming when youre looking at 37485 organizing options so when you know an estimate of what you need to purchase, itll be easier [and less expensive] to knock out.


OK, spoiler alertI lied. This is TOTALLY my favorite topic bring out the labeler, Cricut, and paint pens. Music to my ears I tell you. Holly has all the professional labels you could ever need, but I love making sure everything has a home and is properly labeled. Expert tip time: on the back of canisters where you house pasta, grains, etc, use a chalkboard marker to write how long you cook them for, date of purchase/expiration, and you can easily wipe off once you use and/or change out contents. Why hadnt I thought of that??? I love these little changes that even husbands can interprettalking to you there Jeff.

Voila! My pantry masterpiecenow only if my kids can help me keep it looking like this day in and day out. My girls love to help me undo groceries and put everything away [hello chore $$$] so this will certainly help them get acclimated with where things go and save me some time, too!
For all of you local friends, be sure to head to Instagram this weekend Holly and I are hosting a giveaway where shes graciously offering a free consultation [in home for about an hour] where you can map out your mayheim and get it all organized and happy for 2020! And I am throwing in a $50 Container Store gift card to help you shop, too.
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