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Organizing Maniacs Stay Home Summer Organization Ideas

summer organizing ideasThese summer organizing ideas will help you welcome the warm weather and enjoy your space. The stay at home order here in Virginia has been extended, but even once the orders are lifted, a lot of us will be staying home more as a precaution. There are benefits to being more organized as we head into summer, especially during a pandemic.

More Organization Means Less Stress

Living with a lot of clutter or disorganization can be really stressful. There have been studies that demonstrate how our stress levels are impacted by disorganization and clutter. However, stress can also be increased by perfectionism, so finding a happy balance is key, especially with places like Salvation Army and Goodwill staying closed in many places. One of the best ways to be more organized without it being stressful is to simply walk through your home with a basket, like a laundry basket and grab everything in each room that doesn’t belong there. As you move room to room, you can collect the items that don’t belong and return items to their proper location. This is a great project where you can enlist the kids to help – make it a fun adventure to see who can collect and return the most items.

Beating Summer Boredom

By now, most of our kids are wrapping up the school year, so that will be one less stress to deal with, but in its place will be the “I’m boreds.” These summer organizing ideas can help you keep the boredom at bay.

  • Give your kids age appropriate chores that must be completed each day and week in order to have time to play video games and watch TV
  • Enlist your kids’ help with bigger projects like cleaning out the pantry. Let them help you take everything out and check expiration dates. Older kids may even have fun helping to develop an organization system for the space.
  • Use containers and storage bins and label everything
  • Don’t let the kids’ brains go to complete mush over the summer – encourage them to take a free online class. There are a variety of online STEM camps that can help your kids expand their minds this summer.
  • Recognize that your kids are dealing with a lot of stress and unknowns, too

Stay Home Orders Don’t Mean Stay Inside

One of the best ways to beat the pandemic blues is by getting more sunshine. So don’t let the stay at home order make you feel like you have to stay inside. Spend time organizing your garage. Plant a vegetable garden Do you some yard work and tackle some home projects you’ve been putting off, whether it’s washing windows or making repairs. Find and organize all the sporting equipment in your garage and let the kids burn energy practicing their favorite sports games. Buy a cheap net for your yard and teach the kids to play badminton. Take advantage of the time together.

This summer will likely be a lot different than ones we’ve had before. It would be easy to become depressed or stressed and forget to enjoy the time. But these summer organizing ideas can keep you active and looking forward – and help set a great example for the kids, too.


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