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Record-Speed House Cleaning Tips From Your Thousand Oaks Storage Experts

Sometimes you just feel like spending all day cleaning your house, right? Just kidding! Our Thousand Oaks Storage team certainly would rather be out enjoying all the things to do in the Conejo Valley than sweeping and mopping, and theyve agreed to share their plan of attack to cleaning house in record speed.

Record-Speed House Cleaning Tips  From Your Thousand Oaks Storage Experts

Before getting started, grab all your cleaning supplies and stash them in a cartable container to take with you room to room. Dress down in something that lets you move and keeps you cool. Then crank up some motivational music and its time to make it happen!

9:00 am

Clear off all tabletops and pick up items that have been left on the floor. Use a basket to collect items so you wont need to make multiple trips returning them to their appropriate rooms.

9:15 am

Dust ceiling fans and furniture tops. Just let the crumbs and dust fall to the floor; well get to that later.

9:25 am

Hit the bedrooms and make all the beds.

9:35 am

Bathroom attack! Visit each bathroom with spray cleaner in hand. Spray counters, showers and toilets. Grab your window cleaner and spray the mirrors. Then let the wipe downs commence.

9:50 am

Ready for the kitchen? Load all the dirty dishes into the dishwasher and then fill your sink with hot, soapy water. Spray your stove top with grease-fighting cleanser. Grab a sponge and dunk it in the water, squeezing out excess. Wipe down your appliances, countertops and cabinets, rinsing your sponge out with clean, hot water periodically. Wipe down your stove top last so you can give the cleanser some extra time to soak in. Drain and wipe out your sink.

10:10 am

Floors come last. Vacuuming works well on carpets and hardwood floors or tile and takes less time than sweeping. Steam mop high-traffic, solid-surface areas and your floors are complete!

10:30 am

Hit the gym, or grab a book because youre done!

Keeping your home clutter free will always help lessen your cleaning time. At Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks, storage units are reasonably priced, making it affordable to store items that you use infrequently and take up too much space in your home.

We realize our homes need a deeper clean every now and then, and on those occasions blocking off several hours is a must. But, when youre time crunched or just have better things to do, this plan will get you out the door in 90 minutes.

What are your tips for getting chores done speedy-quick? Wed love you to share your thoughts! And if you put our 90-minute whole house cleaning plan into action, let us know how it worked out for you!