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Simple Ways to Create a Welcoming Entryway

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Maybe this is a quote that commonly used when judging something for the first time. But in a special case, such as a home, I think it’s fair to judge a home by its foyer or entryway. Your entryway is the first thing where visitors are greeted when they come to visit you. This is your first impression of you when they enter your home. This is your way into your home and you want it to say welcome. So make it look dramatic, aesthetic to the cozy is very important. Here are a few ideas to help you create a welcoming entryway.

Choose the Right Furniture

When decorating the entryway, you should pay attention to the furniture. But before you have to determine the main purpose and theme of your entryway. You can place a bench with storage underneath, a console table, a freestanding cabinet, etc. The important thing is you have to know what you want and what you have to do.


To get more and more floor area, you can choose a bench that has built-in storage underneath. This bench idea is perfect for decorating the farmhouse entryway because it is made of wood which is repainted in white. The wicker basket underneath becomes a storage area that makes all the items stored more organized. Farmhouse built-in storage bench from homebnc.


Natural wood tables equipped with storage drawers are functional furniture ideas that are highly recommended for rustic entryway decorations with limited floor space. This table serves to put some decorations such as sign frames, flower vases, and candle holders that will decorate the entryway to the maximum. Take advantage of the floor area under this table for pillow storage ideas by adding wooden boxes and wicker rattan baskets. Wooden table with storage drawers from homebnc.


To perfect your entryway design, add some functional furniture that matches the size of the room. For example, using a wooden bench equipped with storage underneath, you can match the color of this bench with the color tone of the room so that it blends in more perfectly. Floating shelves and hooks are additional storage ideas that don’t take up much floor area. Wooden bench with storage from homebnc.

Install a Large Mirror

The simple way but can bring a different effect to the whole entryway look is by installing a large mirror. The large mirror will reflect the light so your dark or small entryway will be more bright and wide. The mirror comes in various kinds, shapes, and styles. You can adjust them according to your entryway theme. If you like a minimalist style, the round mirror can be your option. But if you want an attractive look, the geometric shape of the mirror frame is a good idea. You can also choose the repurposed mirror frame to achieve the rustic farmhouse look.


Cover your round mirror with a wooden frame that forms a starburst that is unique and different from the others. Hang this mirror right above the industrial table to reflect sunlight or light throughout the room to the maximum so that it makes the entryway decoration seem brighter and wider. This table leg is made of iron so it is more sturdy when used for storage ideas. Round mirror with starburst wood frame from homebnc.


Complete your entryway décor with a half-moon mirror that features a tassel underneath. This mirror can be used to check your appearance before leaving the house, besides the tassel accent also gives a natural vibe that is not excessive. Hang the mirror ornament on the wall that is still empty and unused. Half-moon mirror with tassel accent from homebnc.


For a more elegant mirror appearance, you can coat the sides with a wooden frame that has a unique shape. Don’t forget to repaint it in gray and then hang it on a clean white shiplap wall area to make it seem newer and never boring. Green plants and flowers around it become additional accents that beautify and refresh the room to the maximum. Unique frame mirror from homebnc.

Hang Wall Galleries

Not only the large mirror that can be used to make the entryway looks more inviting but also you can fill the empty wall of the entryway by hanging some wall galleries. It sounds good and simple idea to decorate the entryway. All you have to do is just hanging some painting collections, photo galleries, or anything else in your artwork collections. It is surely will enhance your entryway look.


If your entryway decoration has a farmhouse style, then the right wall decoration is some wooden signs that have different shapes and sizes. Photo frames are perfect that you can hang simultaneously at a distance that is not too far away. Classic benches and woven baskets are an interior that you can use as best as you can. Combination of wooden sign and photo frame from homebnc.


Don’t let your white shiplap walls look plain and boring, you can hang some vintage wall decorations such as photo frames and paintings. Not quite up here, you can also hang a world map right next to the wooden shelf. Green plants placed on the bench and floor area become additional decorations that have lower maintenance so they don’t burden you when caring for them. Vintage wall decoration with a world map from homebnc.


Align the color of your wall decoration with wall paint so as not to cause a contrasting color tone that makes the room look boring. This photo frame is dominated by white so it will be more suitable when placed on a floating hook with a matching color. In addition, family photos are also special memories that you can enjoy every time you see them. Family photo wall decoration from homebnc.

Add House Plants

Bring a fresh ambiance to the entryway decor can be an alternative choice to create a welcoming entryway. In this case, you can place some house plants. Whether on the table or place them at the corner of the room. All you need to do is just picking the right indoor plant that easy maintenance and the right size. Don’t let it overwhelmed and cramped.


Green plants become decorations as well as ornaments that give a fresh impression to all types of rooms, including entryway decorations. You can use a rubber tree that is placed next to a wooden bench with a large white pot. This green plant has low maintenance so it has always been an indoor plant choice that many people like. Then you can coat the floor with a classic patterned rug. Indoor rubber tree from digsdigs.


Include two or three types of greenery that have different types in the entryway decoration as a refreshing decoration and certainly not cost a lot of money. You can take this green plant in the garden decoration behind the house and then move it into a ceramic pot that has the same color. Place these green plants randomly but still look elegant and of course neat. Several types of green plants with white ceramic pots from digsdigs.


The combination of greenery with hanging vines is an entryway decoration idea that never fails. To make it look clearer, you can use a standing planter with a wicker basket pot that looks more natural and beautiful. A hanging mirror with a round shape becomes an ornament as well as a wall decoration that is very useful because it can reflect light throughout the room to the maximum. Combination of greenery with vines from digsdigs.

Use a Daring Color

Decorating the entryway is not always focus on a neutral color. You can try to use a daring color to get a strong statement and different from the others. The bold color or uncommon color used can be your options. Such as pink, blue, yellow, red, etc.


The yellow door applied to the entryway decoration is the most prominent color and is brighter than the others. For other interiors, you can use a combination of black and white so that it can blend in better and maximally. This entryway décor also has a modern and minimalist vibe that never goes out of style. The most prominent yellow door from hgtv.


Install and use a striped carpet that has a mix of dark blue with bold red. This carpet becomes a focal point that makes the entryway decoration more colorful and certainly cheerful, don’t forget to add a sofa pattern that has blue color as well as a sitting area that you can use when in use. This classic lamp made of black metal is a bright light that can be used at night. Bold color striped carpet from hgtv.


The pastel color applied to the wooden door and the hexagon pattern on the floor and walls provide a bold color that is beautiful in its own way in the entryway decoration which has a floor area that is not too large. The blue color itself gives a fresh impression and makes the room brighter, combine it with a splash of white paint for a color combination that can blend in more perfectly. Bold color blue entryway from hgtv.

If you still confuse and wondering what you should do with your entryway, those ideas above can be your guide to help you create a welcoming entryway. Follow these ideas and have a nice to try.

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