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Steal This Look: A DIY Scandi-Style Mudroom by Jenny Komenda

When our family of four (half of whom were then under 7, the other half overstressed) lived in a two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, I used to dream about having a mudroom that would be the depository for all our shoes, outerwear, and get-out-the-door essentials. What I had in real life was a front door that unceremoniously led straight into our kitchen and dining area.

I have a feeling Jenny Komenda, the founder of Phoenix-based interior design firm Juniper Studio, would have been able to solve our layout conundrum. She posted about a project, in which she turned a space off the dining room into a mudwall (yes, I’m coining a new term). With just one wall, she was able to create a functional, stylish entry—for a lot less than it would have cost to build an entirely new mudroom. Here’s how she got the look.

Photography courtesy of Jenny Komenda.

The How-To
Above: Jenny had her contractor line the wall with shiplap and add crown molding to two Ikea Pax wardrobes to mimic the look of built-ins. Above: She also had the contractor build a simple bench out of mahogany wood left over from other projects for the same house. The door on the right edge of the frame leads to the garage. Above: Jenny’s daughter, Margot, enjoys the finished product.The Elements

Above: One of Ikea’s most versatile and popular products—the Pax Wardrobe Frame, $105. Above: Ikea Grimo Door, $70 each. You’ll have to get two per wardrobe closet. Above: Jenny used eight-inch boards for the shiplap. For something similar, try Home Depot’s Premium Kiln-Dried Square Edge Whitewood Common Board, one inch by eight inches by six feet, $10.72 each. Above: The trim and shiplap wall were painted in Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. Photograph by Mel Walbridge for Remodelista. Above: Jenny loves Ikea’s wrought iron Borghamn Handles, which she also used in the kitchen of the same home; $12.99 for two. Above: The Matte Black Iron Wire Hooks that Jenny used are no longer on Amazon. For something similar, try the Rustic Entryway Hooks; $10.90 for 10. Above: Crate & Barrel’s Aspect Walnut Open Bench is similar to the one Jenny had made; currently on sale for $359. Above: This Beachcomber Basket from Pottery Barn resembles the two Jenny chose for under the bench; $99 to $199. Find additional mudroom/entryway inspiration here:

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