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Stylish Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

A stylish laundry room design is not just about decorating it with stylish furniture. It is also about how you use the space and items that you have to create the perfect space. There are many ways to make a laundry room stylish. You can mix and match different pieces of furniture or invest in a custom laundry room furniture set. Here are some tips on how to achieve a stylish laundry room design.

Rustic Decor

If you want to go old-school with your laundry rooms you should consider decorating in rustic decor. This type of laundry room decor features wood accents and basic decor. The distressed look from the cabinet brings the old-school nuance yet classic. You could use wood wall art or a few well-chosen photos to create a rustic look. You can even hang some old western posters and pictures around the laundry area for a unique look.


Choosing a rustic decor in this laundry room will make a room decoration that is attractive and has a warm impression. With depressed shabby cabinets will give a more stylish look. You can stack the washing machines to save space on this decor. The brown tones and wooden floors will make a room warm and inviting. Rustic laundry room decor from homebnc.


Decorating the laundry room in this rustic style will steal the attention of many people. Using this distressed wood pallet cabinet will make an eye-catching display for you to try. This beige color scheme and wooden floor will make you feel warm and comfortable when you are in this laundry room. Distressed wood pallet cabinet from homebnc.


This real wood cabinet will bring a rustic vibe to your laundry room. This white color scheme and wooden ceiling will complete the decor and will add a warm feel to the room. discount lamp lighting above this cabinet will provide dramatic lighting. You can also add some wall decorations to give the room an interesting look. Wood cabinet laundry room from homebnc.

Modern Design

If you are going for a more modern look then you can buy an open shelving rack that features multiple uses. These racks can be used to store toiletries or other appliances. Combine with a cabinet makes your laundry room not only stylish but functional at the same time. Consider using a bright color such as white to bring a modern and clean look. You can add some wall art to beautify the room.


Choosing a modern style in this laundry room decoration will make a stylish room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. Equipped with open shelves and cabinet storage to get a neat and clutter-free room decoration. Choosing a material from this wood will give the impression of a warm and inviting room. Modern laundry room from architectureartdesigns.


This white color scheme will make a room decor spacious and look clean. Complete with open shelves to store your various laundry tools. This cabinet will serve as additional storage space and provide a functional style. This white ceramic floor will balance the look of this modern laundry bill. White color scheme laundry room from thespruc.


The white nuance combined with this dark gray cabinet will provide the perfect contrast to the decor of this modern laundry room. This open shelf will also make it easier for you to store various kinds of equipment neatly so that your room will avoid clutter. Choosing this white marble countertop will bring a modern touch to this laundry room. Modern laundry room decor from nextluxury.

Install Wallpaper

One of the top design ideas for a laundry room is to choose stick wallpaper for the walls. Many people aren’t aware of the benefits of choosing wallpaper for the interior design. In fact, stick wallpaper is so popular that there are entire lines of it now available in a wide array of different designs. This item is very effective to enhance the interior design of the room. You can choose one side of your laundry room wall to be installed the wallpaper.


This classic wallpaper will give an uplifting room decor and steal the attention of many people. With this beige color scheme, it will make a warm room decor. This item is very effective to beautify the interior design of the room. Pairing it with a gray cabinet will provide the perfect contrast to this laundry room. Classic wallpaper laundry room from nextluxury.


Linen wallpaper in shades of lavender, pink, coral, and orange for a colorful and textured setting. You can combine it with a blue bench to make a perfect and stylish room decoration. This abstract wall decoration will provide an interesting room decoration for you to try. This built open shelving will give a stylish look. Colorful wallpaper on laundry room from hgtv.


Using a blooming flower wallpaper on one of the walls will make a perfect room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. A bright pink hallway leads to this stylish and functional laundry room with blue cabinets. Combined with black marble granite, this will make your room decor more stylish and will steal the show. Blooming flower wallpaper from hgtv.

Add Greenery

Another idea that you can do to make your laundry room looks stylish is by placing greenery. You can add some house plants to your laundry room. The existence of plants will make the room feels fresher and enhance the decoration at the same time. This is a simple way that you can do. All you have to do is make sure to the plant that it can grow well indoors. There are some house plants that you can choose from. Such as snake plants, succulents, ferns, Monstera, anthurium, and many others.


Adding green plants in this terracotta pot will make your room decor have a natural impression and fresh air. Choosing these low-maintenance plants will give your laundry decor a more stylish look. The presence of plants will make the room feel fresher as well as beautify the decor. This white color scheme and a wooden floor will bring spacious and warm decor to the room. Green plants in the laundry room from homebnc.


Dress up your modern farmhouse laundry room with some potted greens and wreath greenery that will bring natural and fresh air into the room. The white style is accented by bold black and white tile floors that are full of modern flavor. The wooden shelf above the washer and dryer is the perfect place to hold all your detergent boxes, tongs, and laundry essentials in the most organized and fun way possible. Potted greens and wreath greenery from homebnc.


Shape your farmhouse laundry room with stunning honeycomb tiles. Complete with some devil’s ivy greenery in the rattan pot, this will bring natural and fresh air to the room. Placed on top of this open shelf will create a neat room and will avoid clutter. Finishing the room with a wooden table for folding laundry binds the room nicely. Devil’s ivy greenery from homebnc.


These succulent green plants in pots and terrariums will complement the decoration of your farmhouse laundry room so that it will bring natural room decor and fresh air. Placed on an open shelf it will give a neat decoration of the room. This white color scheme and a few wicker baskets will complete the look of this bright laundry room. Succulent green plants from homebnc.

Add Baskets and Labeled Them

Finally, another way to make a stylish laundry room is to add certain items to the room. For instance, a basket can help to keep the area looking organized. A small hamper labeled with the contents can work as well. Also, putting some baskets filled with laundry detergent, fabric softener, and various other items on a shelf can help keep the area neat and tidy. With a few minor design changes, one can transform a small room into a stylish laundry room without much effort.


Keep it simple and to the point with this clever vertical laundry storage compartment. Using a plastic basket that is equipped with a label will make it easier to store some of your items and can easily find ingredients while in this laundry room. This basket will give a neat impression and avoid clutter. Plastic basket with label from homebnc.


A great way to organize all the little things in your laundry room. Charming chalkboard tags add a vintage touch while allowing you to see what’s inside at a glance in this laundry room decor. You can place this basket on an open shelf to give the room a tidy and clutter-free environment. Chalkboard tags on rattan basket from homebnc.

Having a stylish laundry room design does not have to be a laborious task. All you need to do is get creative and you will end up with something that will be pleasing to you and your family. After all, you want a place where you can comfort to use.

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