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The Most Stylish Side Tables With Storage For Any Space

Side tables may not be the most exciting pieces of furniture to pick out, but they serve a necessary purpose and can pull a room together when chosen wisely. Coffee tables take center stage in your living room, and night stands serve a very obvious purpose right before you go to sleep and right when you wake up. Side tables with storage, however, look great and have an added benefit of functionality that makes them an interior design no-brainer.

While you likely need some sort of side table in any living room as a surface for resting drinks, snacks, books or other trinkets, a side table with storage will also offer space to hide away or display additional items without crowding the tabletop. The extra storage can be in the form of drawers, shelving or an open cubby. Some side tables can even be hollow with a removable top for maximum hidden storage, but that can make it inconvenient to access if you like to keep decor items on the surface. There are plenty of options on this list that can meet your aesthetic or functional needs, whatever they are.

Don’t make your guests reach all the way to the coffee table every time they want a sip of their cocktail. Get a set of these side tables with storage for a practical and stylish addition to your home.


1. Amolife Round Side Table With Basket


With the solid wooden surface up top, modern industrial design and storage basket below, this is one of the best designed side tables we could find for a very affordable price. It’s got a grey wood grain surface with a black metal frame that’ll match a wide range of interior decor well. The frame is carbon steel that’s been sprayed with an anti-rust powder, and it’s designed to hold up to 120 pounds. The storage basket underneath is detachable and gives you a large container for miscellaneous items like books, magazines, board games and other living room paraphernalia. It’s easy to clean and lightweight enough to move easily as well.

Amolife side table with storage

Buy: Amolife Round Side Table $39.99


2. Mahogany Darcey End Table


This side table has one of the most unique, retro, aesthetically-pleasing designs we came across in our research and it’s also got some convenient storage opportunity. It’s got a midcentury-inspired silhouette that’s eye-catching and great for a variety of spaces. The angle legs hold up the two-tier storage surface that includes a smaller top surface for remotes and other small items, while the lower surface is perfect for books. It’s easy to set up and is made of solid mahogany wood.

Mahogany wooden side table, side table with storage


3. VASAGLE Tall Side Table


This tall side table from VASAGLE comes with three tiers of storage shelves and has a clean, simple design where your stuff shine through. It’s more tall and narrow so it saves space and is well-built and well-balanced so you can throw books, blankets, candles and other trinkets in there with no problem. It comes with clear instructions for putting it together and at just over $40 a pop it’s a very affordable piece of accent furniture.

vasagle tall side table, side table with storage Buy: VASAGLE Tall Side Table $40.99

4. Oasis Oval Wood End Table


For those who are willing to make a little more of an investment, this oval wooden end table is an amazing find as far as side tables with storage go. The multicolumn legs and travertine marble top create a nice textural balance within the elegant and simple design. It has a single drawer that sits flush to the table to offer some storage space, while still maintaining clean lines.

oval wood side table with storage

5. Sauder Vista Key Side Table


The top opens up on this hollow side table for one of the largest storage spaces you can find in a side table. It’s big enough to fit blankets, pillows or anything else you need to hide away in your living room. It has a navy blue finish for a classy pop of color, and the storage is completely concealed with the top down so it can serve as a surface for a lamp, TV remotes or coasters.

sauder vista key side table with storage

6. Alvis Cross Legs End Table


This sleek, compact side table is tall and slim, making it perfect for small spaces where you don’t have a lot of room for excess furniture. It’s made of metal and coated in gold, silver or black depending on the color you choose, and it’s got a contemporary look that makes a statement without clashing with other furniture. It’s got straight legs and a tray top that can be easily removed for cleaning, and it can also be used as a defacto cocktail tray in a pinch. It’s the perfect height for most sofas and it has glides attached to the bottoms of the legs to protect your floors.

alvis cross legs end table, side tables with storage


7. Nova End Table


This chic and stylish side table has two spacious drawers for easily accessible and convenient storage. The elegant design features black manufactured wood with gold finishes, and the top offers a large surface area for decor or resting drinks. It’s a great piece if you need storage but also want to add a touch of glamour to your space.

2 drawer side table

8. Spin Rotating Side Table


If you’re looking for something a bit more unique that still serves the same purposes of a traditional side table with storage, this is one to look into. It has two elements that can rotate independently to rest in your shape of choice. The rich acacia wood and spinning capability create a cool, warm geometric design. The top is an open shelf and the bottom a drawer to offer both displayed and concealed storage options.

rotating side table

9. Oak Charmant End Table


This modern oak and stainless steel side table is sturdy and aesthetically designed. The cool shape creates two large shelves for creating a little decor display next to your bed or couch. It’s still very stable despite being hollow, and tabletop is waterproof and scratch-proof.

charman oak side table

10. Thousand Oaks Wood Scalloped End Table with Drawers


The scalloped drawers on this oak side table with storage give it some textural flair that makes a subtle statement in any room. Both drawers are deep enough for ample storage space, and the tabletop also offers a large surface area to hold a variety of magazines, candles or snacks. The solid wood construction is reliable and the unique textured detail makes it all the more attractive.

scalloped wood side table with storage

11. Industrial Storage Side Table


This industrial side table with a storage drawer is made from richly grained mango wood that makes each piece one of a kind. The drawer is plenty deep to hold anything you need it to, and it sits on sturdy steel legs to create a cool modern vibe. It comes in four different wood finishes, and the sleek grey happens to be on sale.

industrial storage side table