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The Perfect Backyard Picnic Requires Splatter-Paint Tupperware

Temperatures are finally rising across the country, which means summer is right around the corner. We’re all itching to get outside, and the safest way to do that right now is to have a picnic at home with your family or your roommates. Go ahead, soak up the sun in the comfort of your own backyard (or on a balcony, if you have one). 

Our style team gathered their favorite picnic products meant to be enjoyed outdoors—from must-have cutlery to a speaker that will create the perfect afternoon ambience. So choose what catches your eye, plan your menu, and head outside to welcome summer at home. 

Think of the picnic blanket as the event’s main player, setting the tone for the meal. We’re loving this ’70s-inspired golden throw that reminds us of sun-kissed summers past. 

Picnicking is fun for everyone except your sitz bones. A cross-dyed cotton floor pillow allows for pain-free lounging as you enjoy a long afternoon in the sun.

No party, no matter how small, is complete without the perfect playlist. Let Sonos’s wireless smart speaker take charge with long-lasting battery life, easy-to-use voice control, and weather-resistant design. It will even adapt the sound quality for your specific environment automatically. Music to your ears? We thought so.

Cloth napkins are not only the environmental choice but the chic one. The fabric’s soft texture and earthy color options will bring your rustic vision to life. 

Keep your beverages cool with an ice bucket that will blend right into your lush surroundings.  

Sure, it would be nice to picnic on the beach, but when that isn’t an option, an ocean-inspired serving platter can bring the salty breeze to you. 

Stay hydrated with French-made drinking glasses durable enough to withstand any spills. 

Cutlery is often the first item to go missing during any outdoor affair, so a colorful utensil holder designed to keep everything in one place is as practical as it is eye-catching. 

Pop these in the above utensil holder and suddenly you have a makeshift centerpiece. 

Made from melamine, these unbreakable plates are ideal for any clumsy picnicker. Not to mention the painted rooster makes for a friendly mealtime companion.

Hawkins New York’s ergonomic cutting board may look simple, but its large, easy-to-grasp handle makes prep work a snap on the blanket or in the kitchen.

If family-style isn’t your thing, opt for individual storage bowls for side dishes or snacks.  

When you’re so close to home, a typical picnic basket isn’t necessary, but if you’re craving a classic wicker moment to complete your setup, these woven salad servers will bring the look to your meal.

Graphic and fun, the plate version of the gingham tablecloth will make you want to reach for seconds (or, okay, thirds). 

Refreshing lemonade or fruit-infused water belongs in this clear-glass pitcher made for quenching summer thirst.  

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