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The Top 3 Organization Tips We Learned From Amber Lewis’ Hall Closet Redo

When it comes to streamlined, aesthetically-pleasing organization, Amber Lewis is high on our inspo list. The interior designer recently partnered with The Container Store to redo her home’s closets, and we took note of pretty much all of her space-saving tricks. But it’s the hallway that really caught our attention.  “I wanted something very specific for every space,” Lewis says. Her secret for tackling those hardworking, high-traffic areas: “Customize every inch.” Below, we outlined three key takeaways from Lewis’ hall closet design that sets you up for storage system success. 

Wrangle Those Misfit Items

Random oddly-shaped accessories like hats and gloves don’t hang neatly, so another organization tactic Lewis utilized was placing a larger, decorative basket at the base of the closet to house those difficult-to-store necessities. The method makes it easy to throw your things into the closet on your way in, without losing a stray mitten to the depths of your coat pockets. 

Keep Calm and Carry-All


The common denominator of most homes? An overflow of shopping bags. Stuffed in a drawer or under the sink, they often turn up in places they don’t belong (cue the umteenth time you’re already out of the house and realize you didn’t bring a tote). Lewis had the smart idea to place a wicker basket on the top shelf of her closet labeled specifically for shopping bags. That way, when she’s rushing out to the store, all she has to do is reach up. 

Take It From The Top

Of course maximizing layouts is a must when planning out storage, but don’t forget that vertical space is also your friend. Lewis designed shelves to reach the tippy top of her closet, making sure all available space was put to good use—the perfect spot for putting bulkier, less-used, and seasonal items (such as a big suitcase or sports gear) higher up, so you only have to pull out the step ladder once in a while.