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Thursday, my of my what a mess

 This is my shop, I think I need rescued.
Is someone willing to come and throw me a life line?  Or a noose?  I have piles everywhere and I can't see any end in sight. I  know if I make a list I can tic things off and make myself feel better, but golly gee what a list.

1. take up shoulders in those two dresses and reinsert the sleeves
2. hem 4 pairs of heavy work pants

That will clear off my chair and this area of the disaster I call my sewing room.

Here is a pile of 4 hunting coats that need new zippers.  I was going to do this last night but got tangled up in my Lil sis's wedding prep.

1. replace blue coat zipper
2.replace hunting zipper
3. replace another hunting zipper
4. replace yet another hunting zipper

  See the next pile of hunting clothes.

1. put new pockets on jacket, reinforce buttons
2. replace front pocket in pants, hem, reinforce all buttons
3. reinforce all buttons, mend jacket

Don't look at ironing basket as it will be bigger as soon as I finish two loads of laundry

Here is the pile.  I have no idea whats over here.  I guess I had better check.  I do see a pile of pants that need patching.  I think there is a pile of mending and hemming, a pair of pants to take in at the waist and under it all two formal dresses to hem and a couple of pants to hem.

1. take in waist
2. hem 2 pants and mend things
3. patch three jeans
4. hem two fancy dresses and hem two pairs of pants 

 Here are the hanging things most which have to be out by tomorrow.  Of course there is a set of dress blues, because that is my life right now. There are other things hanging here I will ignore until next week.

1. lengthen sleeves on a sport coat, lengthen pants, hem pants
2. put hash mark on dress blue, hem army rain coat to regulation length.

I also have a dress coming in today for a funeral tomorrow.  Lucky me!

I was going to take a whole brisket that we smoked and cooked for B's wedding to a church potluck tomorrow evening.  But the friends that we stored the brisket at are out of town. So I have revised my plan and took a large container of salmon  and a 1/2 gallon of heavy cream out of the freezer( also left over from the wedding) I will make a large pot of salmon bisque instead.  Then there is the question, when will I get the cookie dough made for the kids on Saturday?

     As the cream and the bisque have to thaw that will be tomorrow. I might be able to get hubs on that chore.  He likes interesting recipes and if I watch him so he doesn't cook everything on high he might be able to pull this off.  I did not use the pie crusts I took out yesterday, so I will whip up a cherry pie as I have several cans of pie filling that need to be used in the storage. That will take care of dessert for the potluck. Can't say if this will be done today or tomorrow.  The cookie dough?  Another question?  It depends on how much I get done in the shop today.

     Hubs has an ear infection (probably due to his hearing aids) and he has to work at the High school tonight.  So happy I have leftover, meatloaf and rice from this week.  I can make up a gravy and a vegetable for an easy dinner before he leaves. Hubs is at the walk in clinic as I type.

Well I am off to start sewing and I hope to get most of this done today.  I have to go over to Lil sis's tonight to help her with wedding things, so other than some hand work late this evening I will need to get most of this done. Yikes!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.