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Tips to Organize the Kitchen and Free from Clutter

Since the kitchen is the most important place and center of activity for the family, so organizing and decorate it well is very important. The kitchen is a special space to save all cooking utensils and cooking necessities, especially various cooking ingredients. For that reason, you have to provide a smart organizer to store your herbs and other food supplies. It is very important to store and arrange well, so that easy to find. From transparent bins to making a specific place for each type of food, there are a few tips to follow to organize your kitchen effectively.


The first tips that you can do in organizing your herbs or spice are to label the jar. Label each spice jar so it will be easier for you to pick it up. This will be very useful when you cook. You will avoid taking the wrong spices so that you will not spoil the dish.


To maximize storage in the kitchen pantry, you can add a black label on the surface of the container that is used to store all your food or beverage stock supplies. Not only a transparent container, but you can also add a larger size wicker basket for more storage as well. Place this basket on the bottom shelf according to its size to make it look neater. Kitchen pantry with a black label from countryliving.


Woven baskets have a non-transparent surface so they require labels to easily identify what’s inside. If you use a black label surface, then you can apply the writing in white to make it look more contrasted and clearer. Stainless steel jar with several sizes and equipped with a lid so that it can be used to store sugar so as not to get disturbed by ants that will enter the jar. You can try this kitchen pantry idea as best you can. Woven basket with a label from countryliving.


Organize all your food stock supplies as best as possible so that they are safer and easier to find when needed quickly. Instead of storing food stocks with plastic, you can divert them into transparent containers such as glass mason jars and some containers with lids. Labels are important accents that can be attached to the surface of the container or mason jar according to the contents inside. Perfect labeling from countryliving.

Open Rack

Another idea to organize your herbs is to place them on the open rack. You can install an open rack in your kitchen. If you have an open rack, you can easily see the herbs and make it easier for you to know which ingredients need to be replenished. The open rack also more comfortable and efficient rather than the cabinet.


If you have a kitchen pantry decoration with limited space, then you can use the L shape floating shelf as a storage area that you can use to store all the raw material equipment you have safely. Add rattan wicker baskets to store fruit or bottled drinks from falling and causing chaos. This shelf is made of white melamine wood which makes the kitchen pantry look cleaner. L shape floating melamine wooden shelf from housebeautiful.


Take advantage of the wall tile area to hang an open shelf made of teak wood. Use black metal to support the shelf firmly so that you can put a larger amount of spices. Usually, this open wooden shelf is used in modern farmhouse kitchen decorations, the advantage of using this shelf is that it is faster to find the intended kitchen ingredients so that it is more effective and efficient. Floating open teak wood shelves from housebeautiful.


Match the use of open shelf materials with your kitchen decorating style to present a more harmonious atmosphere. If you have a modern kitchen style, then open shelves made of melamine are the right idea that you can easily imitate. This shelf is hung on a marble wall which makes it look even cleaner and certainly never out of date. Use a shelf to store food or drinks as needed. Modern melamine wood shelves from housebeautiful.

Use Transparent Jar

The easiest tips but efficient to avoid clutter situations in your kitchen is by using transparent jars. The transparent jar is easy to find and very useful to store your food supplies and make your life easier. Because you can easily find the food supplies you need without opening all of the jars.


To make it easier for you to get the kitchen needs you are looking for, move all your spices or dry food into a transparent jar equipped with a lid so that it is safer and avoid the entry of animals such as ants. This jar has a variety of sizes so that you can use it according to your needs. This kitchen has a lower kitchen cabinet that you can use to place several bottles of drinks for better organization. Transparent jars of different sizes from housebeautiful.


A transparent jar will be more useful when it is equipped with a white label according to the contents inside. You will easily find the ingredients or powder food that you are looking for according to your needs. Put this jar on an open shelf in your kitchen and arrange it neatly to avoid any mess. Transparent jar equipped with a label from abeautifulmess.

Adjust the Placement

The last tip that you try to make your kitchen more organized, you have to think carefully about the placement of the herbs or food supplies. You should separate the materials you use often or rarely. For example, you can put the herbs/spice that are often used in the lower cupboard and the food supplies such as flour, pasta, noodles, etc that rarely cook put on top.


The kitchen pantry cabinet becomes a safer container for your food and beverage stock without the disturbance of animals or dust. In this cabinet, there are several storage rack arrangements that can organize all food stocks according to the needs that are often used or rarely used. On the top shelf, there are spices and all the herbs that are used every day for cooking, while the bottom shelf is a set of bakery ingredients that you occasionally use when you have spare time. Cabinet kitchen pantry from goodhousekeeping.


This kitchen pantry decoration with open shelves is equipped with a pull-out drawer and a large woven basket that is placed at the bottom because it is too large. The top shelf can be used to put some kitchen utensils and the next shelf can be used to store all your food stocks safely and in a clearer look. Try this idea to organize all your kitchen utensils and utensils into a more organized manner. Open shelf kitchen pantry from goodhousekeeping.

Having a neat and organized kitchen will bring different nuance to your home and surely boost your mood to cook. By applying those ideas above, hopefully, will inspire you.

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