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Tray Ideas for a Creative and Stylish Home Decor

Finding fantastic tray ideas for a creative and stylish home decor is really not that hard. Many people like to make trays from scratch for special occasions like their birthday or a holiday dinner at someone else’s house. It comes in various shapes and materials. Trays are not only functional, they can be used for decorative purposes. You can also use these in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom or another space to enhance the home decor. In this article we’ll go over a few different ideas for using trays in different areas of your home.

Wooden Tray

One of the best wooden tray ideas for home decor is to create a look that is reminiscent of bygone eras. Wooden trays are always a great way to tie in an accent color or even just to get a brightly colored piece on your table. Wood is a beautiful and natural material that really screams country. So if you like a rustic decorating with this sort of feel you can never go wrong.


This farmhouse-style white wooden tray complements your living room coffee table decor. Complete with flowers blooming in a vase, stacks of books and other ornaments will provide an interesting table design for you to try. Candles in this jar also provide dramatic lighting and a fragrant aroma throughout the room. White wooden tray from homebnc.


This recycled wood tray adds a touch of vintage oak decor to your safe room. Putting it on the dining table which is equipped with blooming white flowers in a clay pot will be the perfect focal point of the room. Combined with a wooden dining table will give a warm and inviting touch to the room. Recycled wood tray from homebnc.


This vintage soda chest with vase and decor completes your dining table. It’s a brilliant idea to make use of your old stuff. Leaving natural colors will give a rustic touch to your dining table. Don’t forget to add a bunny figurine and pillar candle which will be the perfect focal point of the room. Vintage soda chest tray from homebnc.

Galvanized Tray

If you are trying to come up with new ideas to enhance your home decor, you might want to consider some of the many galvanized tray ideas for farmhouse style are available today. This tray fits to be placed on the kitchen or dining room. You can use it to display your decorative items or some fruits. It’s very functional and stylish at once.


This galvanized basin with plush pumpkins and topiaries is eye-catching as long as you place it on your kitchen island countertop. It is very functional and stylish at the same time. Combined with this reclaimed wood table, it gives a rustic feel to the room. You can also add vintage ornaments for a stunning display design. Galvanized tray from homebnc.


This galvanized metal tray with a beautiful cotton bouquet will give a charming look to your kitchen counter. You can also add green pillar candles and vintage ornaments for a dazzling décor. This piece of wood will also strengthen the rustic feel of this tray decoration. Galvanized metal tray from homebnc.


This stylish kitchen organizer with tiered galvanized tray will allow you to store your cooking utensils with ease. Adding some ornaments and candles in this jar also makes for the perfect design and grabs everyone’s attention. You can place it on a kitchen island countertop so that it becomes the perfect focal point of the room. Tiered galvanized tray from homebnc.

Woven Rattan Tray

Rattan has been a popular choice for decorating homes for centuries. Rattan is a very attractive material, and as it is made of natural fibers, it looks great in any room where you want to add an element of style. Then using it for the tray material is a good idea. Rattan tray is the perfect choice for adding a touch of natural and cozy charm to your home.


The chunky basket tray fits perfectly into the style of this coastal home. You can use it to store flowers in vases and some other ornaments that will give a stunning room design and look neater. Placed on this white coffee table will produce an interesting room design for you to try. Chunky rattan basket tray from completely-coastal.


This rattan tray gives your coastal living room a rustic vibe. Putting it on the coffee table will produce an interesting room for you to try. You can store flowers in vases and stacks of books so that your coffee table is kept tidy. At the bottom of this coffee table you can also add a tray for extra storage ideas into the room. Woven rattan tray from completely-coastal.

Crochet Tray

This is one of the DIY tray idea that you can try to your home. You can use your creativity to make an awesome tray ideas. You can use your knitting hobby and improve your home decor. All you have to is just find the tray that you want then cover it with your crochet mat that have been made.


This DIY crochet tray gives a different style to your bedroom table design. You can use your knitting hobby and enhance your home decor. These blooming flowers in a vase also add a fresh and inviting touch to the room. You can store your makeup tools easily and stylishly. DIY crochet tray from craftionary.

Tiered Style

Tiered tray ideas for home decor give you plenty of different things to work with. It will keep your place looking stylish and well organized. It comes in wood, galvanized, and iron materials. You can use it to display or store all of your small things. With a leveling visual it can make your home looks attractive.


Choosing this multilevel wooden tray will make your home decor more stylish and will steal the attention of many people. You can fill it with small green plants in galvanized pots and skeins of twine to complete the look of the room. Placing it on the kitchen island table will be the focal point of an attractive room. Multilevel wooden tray from homebnc.


Adding a three-tiered white bread tray with this ornament will give the kitchen the perfect look and will catch the attention of many. Adding these potted greenery and succulents brings some fresh air into the room. This initial letter also completes the design of this wooden tray. Burlap tablecloths bring a rustic touch to your dining table. Wooden tiered succulent garden from homebnc.


This tiered tray adds a stylish touch to the room and becomes the focal point of the room. Adding some potted greenery and accents this little wooden name gives it a unique and inviting look. You can place this tray in your farmhouse kitchen for a stylish design. White tiered tray from homebnc.

Acrylic Tray

For the glamour look home decor, you can use acrylic trays. This tray is suitable to be placed on the coffee table. Fill the tray with elegant flower vases, fragrances, and some candles for an interesting centerpiece idea. The acrylic tray also can be used for a make up organizer idea.


Look elegant and luxurious on the living room coffee table with a touch of this acrylic tray, giving it a different design. You can use them to store flowers in vases and stacks of books to give your room a neat design. combined with this marble table presents an attractive room design. Acrylic tray with pink flower from apartmenttherapy.


These acrylic trays are trending these days. You can buy it at a slightly more expensive price so that you give the coffee table an elegant and luxurious appearance. Adding a black flower vase complete with baby wreath flowers gives a contrasting look. Acrylic trays with black vases from blueistyleblog.


This acrylic tray gives your coffee table a more stylish look and will steal the attention of many people. You can use it to store glasses and other ornaments. Combined with an oak coffee table it creates a stunning look. Acrylic tray storage from decorpad.

Utilizing tray for a home decor is such an interesting idea. You don’t need to pay more budget but it can make your home looks stylish. Isn’t this an interesting and creative idea to enhance your home decor?

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