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You wouldn’t believe how many cool things you can craft for your lovely home if only you would have the time, energy and inspiration to actually do it

We’re huge fans of DIY home decor so today we’re sharing with you some of our favorite ideas gathered over the years. Sit back, enjoy and don’t forget to take notes.

This first project is so incredibly simple anyone can do it. Well, anyone with a hammer, some nails and a piece of wood. With these simple things you can make yourself a stylish key rack which you can hang in your entryway so you no longer have to look everywhere for your keys when you’re leaving the house.

Isn’t this pebble trivet adorable? It sure looks nicer than the majority of models you can usually find in stores plus you can give it any size and shape you want. To craft this you need river stones, a template or something to trace a circle with (if you decide to make your trivet round, of course), wax paper, glue, stiff felt and scissors. Check out diys for more details.

Want something cute to display on a table or a shelf? How about this test tube vase? It’s actually great both if you want to use real flower stems or faux ones which brings us to another cute idea: making paper flowers. In any case, use as many test tubes as you want or as many as you can fit in the piece of wood that you have. You’ll need to find a drill bit that matches the size of the test tubes you’re using.

Speaking of things you can put on display, if you have some small canvases you could make some dominos wall art. Use acrylic paint to get that rick, deep black and a circle stencil for clean lines. You can then use glue to connect two square canvases and make a domino piece. You can find the project on diys.

Don’t be too quick to throw away your empty cans. It’s not good for the environment plus you can upcycle them and turn them into lovely tin can planters. Be sure to make a few holes on the bottom for drainage. You can paint each planter a different color or you can wrap some rope or twine around it for a rustic look.

The votive planters are pretty cute too. They’re made using tea light candle holders and spray paint and they’re perfect for small succulents. Think of this as an opportunity to add some color and some greenery to your home without relying on the same old planters everyone else has. Check out diys for more details.

You could surely use an extra little storage basket, especially one that looks this nice and that you can craft yourself from scratch. All you need is some heavy rope, a hot glue gun and scissors. If you also want to color your rope basket you’ll also need to get some spray paint and painter’s tape.

Instead of buying your table runners you might want to try making them yourself. It would be a nice way to personalize your tablescape and a good opportunity for you to try something new. This right here is a pillow case table runner which basically means it was made out of three pillow cases. The rope tassels are a nice touch, giving it a nautical vibe.

Another lovely idea for a DIY project is to decorate a simple tray. You can use acrylic paints to create an abstract design and you can also use tape if you want to create a geometric pattern. Learn more about this simple project and the supplies that it requires from diys.

In case you haven’t tried this already, you can repurpose Mason jars into vases which you can fill with seasonal flowers. This can be your new fall centerpiece. You could also keep your fresh herbs in mason jars in the kitchen. Decorate each jar with twine and a silver washer.

Picture frames can make nice decorations around the house but they can also get a bit boring. There are ways to make them look interesting and unique in order to avoid that. For example, check out these paint-dipped frames. They sure stand out.

Using paint you can do a lot of cool things, including to decorate your walls with wood trim with X’s, just as a way to add some color and pattern to a room. You’re going to need a lot of painter’s tape for this project and paint in two different colors. Also, you can choose a different pattern if you have some ideas that you’d like to try.

What does half a log cut in half give you? Well, some half log bookends, of course. These could spruce up your bookshelves, add some color to the decor and also help you make your house feel more like home. Also, you could offer the bookends as a gift.

Boxes are great for storage. A herringbone box such as this one could be great for keeping toys, coloring books and other kids’ related things out of sight, under the bed. You can install casters so it rolls out easily. The most interesting part of the project is, of course, the herringbone pattern.

Using large baskets to conceal indoor planters is a great idea. An even greater idea is to decorate the baskets with tassels. All you need for making the tassels is some yarn of your choice, cardboard pieces and a big needle. The whole process is described in more detail on diys.

Proud of your jewelry? Well, why wouldn’t you be? You have it put on display and at the same time organize it using small artist canvases. Instead of little hooks which wouldn’t look too good you can use wooden beads with flat bottoms. Just glue a few onto the canvas and wait until the glue dries. This idea comes from diys.

If you’re the type who likes to decorate their home with framed pictures and other such things, you’ll definitely enjoy this project. It shows you how to make a picture ledge. You can have several of these installed on a wall to create a beautiful gallery.

It’s not just cute little decorations that you can craft for your home but also some furniture pieces and accessories, such as this pipe coffee cart for example. It’s easy to make, inexpensive and very useful once it’s done. If you want to you can paint the pipe frame and even the wooden shelves too.

A tiered dessert stand could also be a nice little idea for a project. You can make one out of three plates. It would be nice if they had coordinating designs and shapes and would only differ in size. You’ll need to drill a hole at the center of each one so make sure you don’t crate them. Use tape for that.

These leather tab jewelry holders are super easy to make a leather hole punch. They’re great for organizing your necklaces. They’ll no longer get all tangled up in your jewelry box plus this way you can also put them on display.

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