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DIY 2 Layer Moving Storage Trolley

DIY 2 Layer Moving Storage Trolley

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2 Layer Storage Trolley Basket for Laundry, Clothes, Towel, Toys etc. Storage Basket

Product Description

This Double Decker Laundry Basket keeps and stores laundry clothes in one place, keeping your house clean and tidy. Sort and separate your clothes and laundry as per your needs with this Double Decker Laundry Basket. Sturdy PVC tube construction provides a solid frame which lasts long. Easy to clean, Oxford fabric material holds dirty and muddy cloths, resists stains and odors and is easy to clean and wash.

The Laundry Basket can be assembled quickly and moved around on 4 flexible wheels. Tubes and wheels can be removed easily and folds flat for space-saving storage.

The Laundry Basket also stores children's toys, newspapers and other small items.