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Any-way Basket

Any-way Basket

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Winner of Red Dot Award 2019 Product Design

Add-on to Any-way Coffee Table

Slides out from either side
Can serve as standalone storage bins
Easy to assemble with two options:

Option 1: Large. Instantly ready to use
Option 2: Small (set of 2, track accessory included). Install track for use

Big or Small

Basket or Drawer

What’s different about any-way basket?

Perfect Fit

Designed to fit any-way coffee table
Slides out from either side

Everything in its Place

Space for everyone

Light, not a Lightweight

Pulls out completely
Doubles as a storage basket
Easy to carry
Sturdy compressed felt

Understated Chic

Soft felt adds wooly warmth
Works anywhere in your home

Two Options, Two Sizes

Anyway You Choose


This is the label you will see on every PUPUPULA product. We believe that Made in China does not mean compromising on quality or design. We strive to use the best materials, original design and reliable manufacturers to offer the best products that you and your family deserve.

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Sold out

Product Specs

+ Measurements

  • Dimensions/mm: Large , 502 L x 315 W x 112 H (25.7”x21.3”x10.1”); small (set of 2), 360 L x 269 W x 256 H (14.2”x10.6”x10.1”)
  • Weight: Large, 910 g (2 lb); small (each) 390 g (0.85 lb)
  • Material: 100% PET Fiber


Small (set of 2, with track accessory)

+ Packaging

Product is shipped in a sturdy packaging for maximum furniture protection.


Small (set of 2, with track accessory)

+ Care Guide

Use vaccum cleaner or lint roller to clean.