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Folding Water Hyacinth Storage Basket Wood Color

Folding Water Hyacinth Storage Basket Wood Color

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  • Length(cm)£º67.00
  • width(cm)£º34.00
  • height(cm)£º5.50
  • weight(kg)£º1.40

If you want to make your room clean and tidy, you can't miss this folding Water Hyacinth Storage Basket. The basket combines straw weaving with iron wire, which makes this basket more sturdy and durable. It has a hollowed handle in the side of the basket, which is ventilated, eco-friendly and breathable, and makes the basket easy to move. Moreover, with folding design, this basket is space saving and it's easy to store. So what are you waiting for? Don't heitate, it's worth buying!

1. Combined straw weaving with iron wire, more sturdy and durable
2. Ergonomic hollow handle design, ventilated, eco-friendly and breathable
3. Folding design, space saving, easy to fold and very convenient
4. It can make your room clean and tidy
5. Can be placed in living room, bathroom, bedroom, etc
6. Can be used to organize cosmetics, snacks, tea, sundries, toys, remote controls, etc

1. Material: Water Hyacinth
2. Color: Wood Color
3. Folding Dimensions: (25.2 x 7.87-12.2 x 0.2)" / (64 x 20-31 x 0.5)cm (L x W x H)
4. Handle Dimensions: (2.76 x 1.18)" / (7 x 3)cm (L x H)
5. Overall Dimensions: (13.19 x 13.19 x 7.87)" / (33.5 x 33.5 x 20)cm (L x W x H)
6. Weight: 2.65 lbs / 1.2 kg

The product size is manual measurement, which exist a little error, please refer to the physical object. Please understand!

Package Includes:
1 x Storage Basket

1. Please check and confirm whether the accessories are complete. If any accessories are missing, please contact our after-sale personnel in time.
2. Unlike machine made products, the knitted fabric is simple and practical, but also have defects that manual products can't avoid. For example, chromatic aberration, not neat, splicing, broken bars, etc. And there may exists a little odor, which is a normal situation. If mind, you can place it in ventilation area and then use.
Installation Steps:
1. Lay the bottom panel flat and fix it, and the basket installation is finished
Use and Maintenance:
1. Do not put it in a wet environment for a long time to prevent it from being moldy caused by the humidity.
2. You can keep it in the sun on a regular basis, and it's good for the maintenance of the product.
3. If there is mildew, please do not wash them with water. Only need to use the brush to wipe moldy gently, and then put in a place with sunshine.